Poland: Despite lack of promotion, E-Auto paragraph rises

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Poland: Despite lack of promotion, E-Auto paragraph rises-e-auto

The extensive promotion announced last year for the purchase of e-cars in Poland was stopped shortly before their introduction in mid-December 2019. The program saw a purchase bonus of up to 8600 euros, provided the purchase price of the electric vehicle 125.000 ZL (CA. 29.000 Euro) does not exceed. Since then, the legislator has emphasized several times at the funding project in principle, but significantly reduce the purchase bonus. Industry experts go from a halving of the amount.

In the last months of 2019, the buyers, but also the car dealers in Poland, had set up to the conditions of the original promotion and made appropriate orders. The Polish industry expert and editor of the online magazine WWW.Electrowoz.PL, Łukasz Bigo, notes that the rising sales figures in January and February 2020 can be seen in connection with these orders. The Polish Association for Alternative Fuels (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Paliv Alternatywnych, PSPA) gives monthly overviews of the development of e-mobility in Poland. In the first two months of the current year, in Poland 609 BEVs were redesigned.

In most Polish statistics, BEVS and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) are collapsed and led as electric cars. This indication makes it difficult for the exact analysis of the paragraph purely battery powered electric cars. Included, the presence of BEVS and PHEVs increased by 1.166 to 9.803 cars. This increase goes back to 45% on Phevs. Compared with the same period 2019, the registration of BEVS and PHEVs increased by 181%. However, if the development is considered over the entire year and the effect of the promotion of purely battery powered cars is retracted with, the result is subjected to strong fluctuations and should be subjected in detail to a precise consideration.

Elimination of sales tax on E-cars as a growth accelerator

At the same time, the general conditions of the Polish car market must also be considered in more detail in the analysis as the paragraph of electrical cars are significantly influenced. In the new registrations outweigh in Poland to 2/3 fleet vehicles. Only 1/3 of the new cars with internal combustion engines is acquired by private individuals. Accordingly, the PSPA assumes that as a staggered purchase bonus for private car buyers in Poland will show less effect than a lifting of the VAT on E-Cars. Only through this measure, so the assumption, the e-car market can develop on a meaningful level.

Łukasz Bigo explains the increase in new registrations in February after a significant burglary in January 2020 with an interesting marketing. Accordingly, many dealers have ordered the e-cars, the end of last year for their clients were interesting. These included Z. B. The Renault Zoe, Opel Corsa-E and the Skoda Citigoe. These models have aligned at the time of the announced funding program priced. With these models, appropriate offers were made, which were under 29 000 euros, because below this price the promotion could be used. In the first months of the year, the delivery of the models began to the dealers. Many of the traders took advantage of this moment to organize test drives and demonstrations of the models. For this purpose, they reported the E cars. The portal www.Electrowoz.PL reports from popular “e-auto-meter events”, which have developed from these actions. The demand was Z.B. In the Renault Zoe Ze 50 considerably, so the portal performed 23 car dealerships presented by the Renault Zoe Ze 50.

Carsharer as driving horses of e-car sales

It is the e-car models that enjoy most of the media attention and led to new registrations in the last few weeks of February. The extent these events of the Polish car dealers will lead to increasing sales remains uncertain. Furthermore, however, the carsharer in Poland remain the driving horses of e-car sales. There have been big changes here since the beginning of the year.

On the one hand, Panek develops the market leader and even expands in the difficult environment of the Coronavirusion Pidemistry in other Polish cities. The company as the first carsharer in Poland recorded the Smart EQ Fortwo in his offer. On the other hand, Vozilla gave the first big loser of the e-autocarsharingoffesive in Poland. Vozilla announced in January to end the business model. At the end of April, Vozilla will fully hire service and offer half of its e-auto fleet for sale.

Aleksandra Fedorska Is Polish-German Politologist and Publisher. She works as a correspondent for Polish and German media in the fields of energy policy and e-mobility. Fedorska lives and works in the Schleswig-Holstein jail and in the Polish city of Poznań.

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