Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test

Driving report Polestar 1

Volvos mega-fabric broken: 600 hybrid horsepower in the first test

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-test

Driving report: Polestar 1: On the way with the new star of the north

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

A sports coupe with a live weight of 2.3 tons, which only consumes 1.3 liters of petrol-not even Volkswagen’s software tricks could have come up with something like this. Nevertheless, the polestar of German hybrids is superior. why?

China cars? These are just cheap boxes with a copied design. So one thought for a long time about cars from the Far East. Today this applies to a few exotic brands, because China not only opened up technically, but also in the design of the top of the world. A look under the bonnet alone shows that the same suppliers are involved in many cars as with Daimler, BMW and Co. At Polestar 1, the first model of the Chinese Volvo mother Geely, the whole thing is raised to the next stage.

Polestar 1: Power hybrid with Volvo genes

That in one "Glass factory" In the high-tech metropolis Chengdu built luxury coupe not only shows his Volvo gene at first glance in the cockpit. This car can no longer be distinguished from the processing quality of German premium manufacturers. And with the drive technology it is now time: China has, at least in the area of plug-in drives, round the Germans. Site has already driven the China Swedish brummer – the first test.

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-Audi e-tron test great electric
Polestar Polestar 1

Body and interior

The carbon fiber reinforced body of the 4.6 meter long, two-meter-wide and only 1.3 meter high coupe cannot hide the fact that Polestar is a sister brand from Volvo. Apart from the Polestar logo on the hood, it could also be a coupe version of the S60 or maybe rather a kind of S90 Coupe.

Sweden steel with China gene: Volvo’s new compact SUV in the test

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-Audi e-tron test great electric disappointing

Site Sweden steel with China gene: Volvo’s new compact SUV in the test

In the cockpit, well -contoured, comfortable nappa leather seats receive the passenger. The roof spans in an elegant arc over the heads of the occupants and consists entirely of a glass element. The rear seats are tight, but the passenger has plenty of footwell. The center console between the driver and passenger is like a wall. The reason is simple: among it is part of the 34 kilowatt hour of large hybrid batteries. So there is only a small shelf in the console.

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-volvo
Cattle man Polestar 1: trunk

There is also a lack of space in the trunk of this hybrid, which is stuffed with technology. The large coupe has the cargo space of a small car, which is also reduced by the charging cable packed in a pocket. There is a direct perspective on technology for this: Behind a labeled plexiglass cover you can admire the orange high-voltage connections for the same and alternating current loader, the electrical rear axle or the battery.

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-test
Polestar Polestar 1: Cockpit

Operation and infotainment

The noble and tidy cockpit can hardly be distinguished from that of a Volvo V60 or XC90. All controls, the navigation system and the head-up display are known from the Swedish sister brand. All assistance systems from the distance control to the 360-degree camera are standard on board.

The cockpit and the entire operating philosophy differs completely from the next model from Polestar, the pure electric car polestar 2 (see video). There is a complete integration of Android Auto for the first time, and the interior does not look as high quality as that of Polestar 1. The Stromer does not even cost half of the China Sweden first work.

Volvos noble stromer in the first check: like Tesla, only without sloping parts

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-polestar

Site/Wochit Volvos noble stromer in the first check: like Tesla, only without sloping parts

Motor and drive

Polestar 1 thus becomes a kind of evolutionary transition level from the gasoline to the electrical age. It has a plug-in hybrid system with a system output of 609 hp. Under the hood, the two-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 309 hp and 435 Newton meters of torque, which is also ventilated by a compressor, is located under the hood. The power transmission takes over an eight-speed automatic. In addition, there is an electrically driven rear axle (Erad) with two 85 kW engines each, each sending a maximum of 240 Newton meters of torque to each rear wheel. The system torque of the complete drive train is 1000 Newton meters – as much as the famous twelve -cylinder diesel engine from Audi.

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-first
Cattle man Bossian Blick: Polestar 1, the first vehicle of the new brand

The polestar’s driving modes invite you to the gimmick and significantly change the character of the car:

  • Pure: In pure electric mode, the thick brummer glides gently and quietly, a maximum of 125 kilometers. This should even be done approximately after the first test drives. With this e-range alone, the car is literally ahead of German competitors for miles. The plug-in models from Daimler, Audi or VW usually make it limp after 50 to 60 kilometers. However, the hybrids from Volvo are no better on this point. It is irritating that in pure e-mode only the rear axle is really driven, because the two electric machines of the polestar are both on the rear axle. The car slips on wet road because when he bravely steps on the accelerator pedal so quickly that the ESP can only catch the rear with difficulty. 2.3 tons of weight cannot be hidden so easily.
  • Hybrid: Here the electronics automatically distribute the drive work between the petrol engine on the front and the electric motors on the rear axle. The car prefers to drive electrically here. Officially, the average consumption is 1.3 liters per 100 kilometers for the petrol engine and 25.5 kilowatt hours for the electric drive.
  • AWD: In all-wheel drive mode you move the car most sporty and safest. The response time of the system is impressively short, so that the 2.3 ton car remains impressively safe even in tight and fast curves.
  • power: Both drive systems are connected here for maximum strength development, 1000 Newton meters of torque and 609 hp system performance are available. The standing start does not go without any traction or brief intervention in traction control; The Polestar cannot offer the Carrera-Bahn effect of a Tesla Model 3 or Porsche Taycan with its madness accelerations. 4.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h are still an announcement.

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-Audi e-tron test great electric disappointing
Polestar Polestar 1

While the polestar rushes gently and quietly in electric mode, there is something on the ears in sports mode. And not with sound design, but "in real": The four-cylinder engine sounds powerful and robust thanks to the enlarged intake truck and a modified exhaust system. One is remembered by the sound of the good old fifteen cylinder.

Not a 180 km/h limit for polestar

The car also proves its qualities as a running -free glider on the highway. Incidentally, the Polestar from 2020 is the only way to buy a new car with Volvo genes that runs faster than 180 km/h. All Volvo models will be electronically limited to this pace in the future. Only the Polestar models, including the purely electrical ones, will be allowed to drive faster for the time being.

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One Pedal Driving

The interaction of the engines works largely smoothly. In electrical mode you can set the recuperation (brake energy recovery) in different stages. At the highest level you can enjoy the electrical "one pedal driving"-means that you move the car alone with the accelerator pedal and the delay is so great that you practically never need the mechanical disc brakes. This is perfect for city traffic or relaxed driving on the country road.

Chassis and driving behavior

In general: driving. Driving dynamics are not exactly a strength of the Volvo brand, and even the heavy polestar is not a Porsche despite its power. But he is a Gran Turismo in the best sense: fast and powerful, not brutal or nervous. The steering has succeeded significantly better than with other Volvos. Precise, directly and with good feedback from the street you conduct the Polestar 1 around the curves. The passenger then misses a handle on the door arch.

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-test
Cattle man Manual damper adjustment on Polestar 1

What the big luxury coupe is also missing is an adaptive chassis. Polestar chooses a bizarre alternative: the chassis with its front double cross-link axis and the integral back axle must be adjusted manually if you do not like the basic tuning. So you have to chop the car with the jack and open the bonnet to get the adjustment screws of the Ohlins dampers, which are then turned in 22 steps from soft to hard. The effect is quite noticeable and makes the polestar from the chimpered glider into a tight -tuned GT. However, the question remains why the driver of a 155.000 euro luxury coupes have to set its chassis like a tuner on the north loop if the competition simply does a pressure at the switch for adaptive engines.

Audi e-tron in the test: great electric car, disappointing range

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-Audi e-tron test great electric

Site Audi e-tron in the test: great electric car, disappointing range

Prices and equipment

155.000 euros demands Polestar for his first work. A proud sum, after all you can also get a high-end-tesla or a Porsche Taycan Turbo S and are then purely electrically traveling with even better driving performance. The Polestar 1 is at least fully equipped, there is nothing to be desired. There are no surcharges, you only have to choose from five paints (except for a subtle blue everything very covered) as well as different rims and interior colors. You can also decide whether the decorative strips should be chrome -plated or executed black.

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-test
Cattle man Polestar 1

The complete charging technology is also standard on board. You can charge the 34 kWh battery of the polestar either with alternating current (three -phase with 16 amps), then the charging process takes three hours. Up to 50 kW is even faster over the also direct current loader, the battery is then fully loaded in less than an hour. With the electrical range of over 100 kilometers, it is quite realistic to complete long tours with the fuel consumption of a small car.

First driving test: China SUV from Borgward – competition for Hyundai and VW?

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-volvo

Site First driving test: China SUV from Borgward – competition for Hyundai and VW?


The Geely Group shows two things with its new power hybrid. First: Even if the genes come from Volvo, the Chinese automotive industry is now producing vehicles at the level of western competition. Second: In hybrid technology, the Asians, at least as far as the e-range is concerned, are now even ahead of the. Only with this e-range in connection with short loading times does the concept make sense, because it should be really possible in everyday life to move the polestar 1 with very low consumption, even if you accelerate from time to time.

Tesla at half a price: with the China SUV in front of the BMW headquarters

Polestar 1 of Volvo: First test-volvo

Site Tesla at half a price: with the China SUV in front of the BMW headquarters

Ultimately, the Polestar 1 is a classic Gran Turismo despite its alternative drive concept. A powerful travel vehicle for style-conscious-the Maserati for the environmentally moving premium buyer, so to speak. Unfortunately, you also buy a large disadvantage with the hybrid drive, namely the tiny cargo space. The fact that the car does not have an adaptive chassis, but the spring hardness has to be adjusted manually, is almost bizarre for a car in this price range.

Inspection at the Volvo dealer

Even because of its price, the Polestar 1 will probably remain an exotic on German roads, while the purely electrical polestar 2 (from 59.000 euros) as a competitor for the Tesla Model 3 and the E-models from Audi could become a top seller. As a first work for the establishment of a new brand, the Hybrid Coupe Polestar 1 is always successful. Compared to other Chinese manufacturers, buyers also have a great advantage: you can’t buy the car from Volvo – there are special polestar showrooms in selected big cities, you can only order the car online – but all maintenance and inspection work will be at Volvo -Spower carried out. China manufacturers such as Borgward or the newcomer NIO ultimately have the problem that they lack exactly this dealer network as a basis of trust for buyers.The author traveled at the manufacturer’s invitation

Everything about electromobility

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Manufacturer: Polestar
Type: Plug-in hybrid
Perfomance: 447 kW
(608 PS)
Top speed: 250 km/h
further data…
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 4.2 seconds
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Drive: all wheel drive
Battery type: Lithium ions
Range electrical: 125 km
Consumption: 25.5 kWh/100 km according to NEFZ
Loading option to household socket: Yes
Load options and types of plugs: AC, 3-phase, 16 amps; DC, 50 kW
Charging time: 3 hours (AC shop with 16 amps); Under an hour (DC shop with 50 kW)
Length: 4586 mm
Broad: 1958 mm
Height: 1352 mm
Empty weight: 2350 kg
Seats: 4
Purchase price: 155.000 euros
Battery included in the price: Yes

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