Polestar 1: The first car that can be bought with art

Polestar 1: The first car that can be bought with art-polestar

The Polestar 1 to drive me quite pleasure. However, it fails at the necessary change that the plug-in hybrid has found its way to me permanently. Could change at least with talented artists and art collectors. Because in the future, the Polestar 1 should also be paid with works of art. Interested parties can be the 155.000 Euro expensive strictly limited vehicle, which is already traded as a collectibles, exchange for art, which is in its possession.

Polestar CEO Thomas IngenLath gives you to understand: “The idea to pay Polestar 1 with works of art has immediately inspired me. It is a very special car and we wanted to find a unique way to celebrate it before we use its production end. It is handmade, valuable and emotional – just like a work of art.”Polestar manages to put a sign with the action in a time of the art boom. Currently, artworks are auctioned digitally as non-interchangeable tokens (NFTs), Sneaker of Kanye West will bring it to more than 1.8 million euros, and therefore it is certainly not the border at the art market. Lately, the auction prices for classic and contemporary art are shot up.

“Historically, many major art transactions have taken place outside of what we connect with the art market today,” says Theodor Dalenson, a leading private art consultant, which is polestar at this initiative to the side. “For several hundred years, the art trade takes place mainly between artists and conveyors. Painters like Picasso were known to exchange sketches against restaurant meals. The initiative of Polestar is basically a natural extension of the tradition that art is used as a means of payment for valuable goods.”

Understandably, the action is in a way a marketing stunt. But also shows that Polestar is ready to go other ways than other car manufacturers. All forms of art, paintings, sculptures, as well as photography, installations and much more should be considered. Offers are checked by Dalenson and obtained, if necessary as necessary, an estimate of their value through the two largest auction houses Sotheby’s and Philips. Polestar intends to sell the art again after a certain period of time, either through the above auction houses or about the dealers who represent the artists.

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  1. I would not exchange a unique artwork for something so banales like a car. I’m curious if one is heard how many times that is used.



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