Polestar 2 by “Equipment & Price of one of the best overall packages”

Polestar 2 by

The Swedish Perfomance Strainer Polestar 2 has gotten two more variants. With the Polestar 2 Standard Range Single Motor and Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor, the model series of the fully electric sedan is now complete. How to understand Polestar, these two variants open the way to a new customer circuit. Since the entry into the electromobility will now also be more attractive in the premium segment.

Still in September, the first new models should be delivered. Polestar starts with entry-level prices of around the 35.930 euros – for the announced entry-level model. Depending on the variant, the electric driver receives with the single motor version 224 hp and a 64 kWh battery or 231 hp and the large 78 kWh battery a powerful premium vehicle. The unmistakable design, the intuitive Google Android infotainment system and numerous security features belonging to the standard equipment. In addition to a delivery time of just 3 weeks, the fact also convinces that you benefit from the full environmental bonus / innovation premium.

“Electromobility still has to fight with some prejudice, including that electric vehicles are too expensive in the acquisition. Polestar 2 is not only a high-quality, powerful vehicle, but as electric car in the equipment and in the price of one of the best overall packages in the premium segment – especially in direct comparison to combusts, especially if you invoice the ongoing costs.”- Alexander Lutz, Managing Director Polestar Germany

Polestar has therefore deliberately decided on a slight price adjustment at the Performant Dual Engine Version with 408 hp and 480 km range (WLTP). This is especially pleased by the company car drivers, which the benefit of the current 0.25% taxation of electric vehicles under 60.000 Euro gross residue price want to use. The launch model with four-wheel drive and the 78 kWh battery now fills itself with the optional plus and pilot equipment packages these criteria.

Also, you have rebuilt in terms of leasing. Because “especially for new e-drivers but of course for corporate customers the leasing is particularly interesting. We see that the abomodel receives more demand to test the vehicle before the decision is made about buying or leasing, “commented on the managing director. In addition, Polestar sets cooperation with Finn.Car to bring the vehicle into the street.

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2 thoughts on “Polestar 2 by “Equipment & Price of one of the best overall packages””

  1. A polestar with performance and equipment of an e-tron for the price of an ID.3 is actually a dolle offer.
    The Chinese know how to crack the German car market.
    The price differences between combustion and BEV are not really available anymore.
    For small and medium-sized vehicles, there would be a price slide.

    But those who still move burners must slowly face the Shitstorm as an environmental polluter.
    Why motorists absolutely want to give off exhaust gases everywhere, especially in a city, should be clarified slowly. Carbon black and stink are avoidable.

  2. If that were the case, you would not have to emphasize it 1000 times. In fact, vehicles are based on MEB basis with 77kWh usable batteries for from 43.000 € available. Even the E-Tron Q4 still has a “4” in the price of the front. This is a problem for Teslas Model Y and that’s a problem for the polestar.


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