Polestar 2 single engine: eye-catcher for beginners

Polestar 2 single engine: eye-catcher for beginners-engine

Sometimes life as a niche manufacturer is not that bad. You do not have to stare on the taste of the crowd, enjoys freedoms in design and technology – and with Volvo and the Chinese group GEELY in the back, the semiconductors are not so fast. At Polestar anyway, they seem to be highly satisfied with their role as a lifted electric provider. And with the result too. Around 3,000 cars sold in this country are more than a doubling of the paragraph of 2020. That too is an advantage rather small numbers.

Disadvantage of the premium strategy: The Nordmanner must prioritize market shares priority to those who carry in coat of arms star, rings or white-blue. Although the 4.60 meter long prelude model is available all-wheel drive, more than 400 hp and a maximum speed beyond the 200, but with at least 51.000 Euro (without deduction of promotion) just priced in the elevated area. However, one acquires a real eye-catcher for the money.

Polestar 2 single engine: eye-catcher for beginners-beginners

With the two single motor versions, the entry into the Polestar 2 should now be relieved. Means: Force comes only to the front wheels, the propulsion ends at 160 – and except the previous battery with 78 kWh there are now a smaller version with 64 kWh. The rest luckily the Swedes leave untouched. The Android infotainment system, which is clearly clear and reacted well on voice commands.

And so you are still in the sign of the northern star with the mixture of Nordic cool, sleek design and conscious understatement on the road. This starts with the long bonnet, goes over the classic-smooth outer surfaces and ends at the stubborn high-edge touchscreen over the nearly switchless cockpit. A bit old you are at polestar.

Polestar 2 single engine: eye-catcher for beginners-beginners

The interior presents itself high quality, spacious and thanks to well-shaped seats also to feel good. Even in the rear there is plenty of room for head and knee, even if the entry requires a small bow before the chic roof line. Small drawback: with 405 liters (with folded sites are 1095) the Polestar 2 does not necessarily deserve the predicate space-glider. However, the large tailgate also allows the invite bulky goods to – and in the 35 liter “frunk” over the front axle finds, for example, the charging cable place. New at the upholstery fabrics is a 3D fabric called “Weave-Tech” reminiscent of a wetsuit away. Maybe one should dive into the world of e-mobility law.

And in this world, it’s supple forward. The 165 kW (170’s in the big battery) have no effort with the good two tons. Who applies it to 7.4 seconds speed 100, and otherwise there is no deficiency. At most, the test day was rainy and the grip reduced a little. Otherwise, one would probably not have missed the four-wheel drive of the top model.

Polestar 2 single engine: eye-catcher for beginners-beginners

The vote is pleasantly taut without acting uncomfortable. The battery in the ground does its for a deep center of gravity of the car, on the other hand struts mass in narrow curves to stop direction Tangente. Total outlines, physics can not be out of the smartest helper.

Speaking of physics: the less pressure of the right foot, the further the ride. This is no different with electricity than the fuel. With the big store Polestar promises 540 kilometers Radius, in everyday operation and without continuous chambers towards consumption are around the 400. Who decides for the smaller battery, comes nominally to 440 kilometers, in reality so on about 300.

These are values that allow votes to live primarily. Especially since the power supply does not take eternity. At the DC-loader, 80 percent capacity were lasted in 40 minutes, at the 11 kW wallbox pass for a filling round eight hours. And who uses the one-pedal driving with strong recuperation to standstill, can also delay the visit to the plug too much.

Polestar 2 single engine: eye-catcher for beginners-polestar

From the factory, the Polestar 2 has an emergency brake system that recognizes cars, pedestrians, two-wheeler and wildlife – and also throws the anchor for oncoming traffic. Also on board is the “pilot assist”, which – temporally limited – drives self-employed, without needing a car in front of him. Threatens the drift towards the other side, the car engages in the volant itself.

The Swedes manufactured in China are intended for customers who maintain individual loves, understatement and appreciate the upscale. Also at the price. At least 45.500 euros (after deduction of the possibly ending in Baille promotion 35.930) If you have to create for the front drive with a small battery. The big costs 3000 euros surcharge – and then one is again only 2500 euros from the top model. In these dimensions a rather manageable distance. Orders by the way are only possible online. Currently there are seven “spaces” in large German cities as well as a changing showroom in which the car can be visited and to be borrowed.

Anyone who waits that Polestar lasts his models even the struts long – in the coming year a SUV should debut in the format of the Porsche Cayenne, one year later one in Macan size. A four-door GT should then have his appearance 2024. That’s a lot of program for a niche brand.

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  1. So I find the Polestar 2 now by no means “ugly”. Neither inside nor outside (the model 3 I find inside “ugly” because it looks “money did not affect reasonable controls and speedometer” in his minimalism).

    But a “eye-catcher” is not in my opinion either. An ETRON is an eye-catcher. The Polestar is Biedere Hausmannskost (as I said, not ugly) and acts with his small bikes in the huge wheel box so “high-legged” that I did not understand at the end of their article that no SUV should be.


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