Polestar 2: Smartphone instead of car key

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Polestar 2: Smartphone instead of car key-instead

Thanks to an over-the-air (OTA) update, electric car Polestar 2 is now equipped with a digital key (beta). The new function allows the owners to use their associated smartphone as an alternative to the classic vehicle key. In addition, the latest update includes the activation of newly integrated vehicle functions (beta) in the Polestar app.

“The Polestar Digital Key is one of our most anticipated features, because comfort, no physical key to wear is enormous. Using the mobile phone as a vehicle key is absolutely useful, especially in an age in which the smartphone has become our everyday companion.”- Thomas Ingenlath, CEO Polestar

The security aspect has taken the highest priority in the development of Polestar Digital Keys (beta) as the manufacturer announces. A total of 18 Bluetooth sensors in and on Polestar 2 are therefore communicating with the coupled smartphone to support accuracy, secure authentication and ease of use when opening and starting the vehicle.

Strategically oriented sensors around the vehicle recognize the removal of the connected smartphone. From about an arm length distance, you capture the position of the device and thus enable the opening or activation of the doors, the tailgate or the charger with increased accuracy and safety. To start the Polestar 2, the coupled smartphone must be within the vehicle. This prevents an unintentional start.

“We focused on high reliability and ease of use,” says Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. The processes are easier than a classic vehicle key, as they are done automatically, “without the mobile phone to be kept to specific sensors or the app must be opened before use.”

Safer than a conventional vehicle key

The Digital Key itself is encrypted on the coupled device in the Polestar app and applied to extensive tests as far more secure than a conventional vehicle key. The Digital Key is also resistant to so-called relay attacks, as it does not work with a radio frequency. The encrypted Bluetooth signal is fully instructed that the connected device is in physical range of the sensors.

Thanks to the latest OTA update, the Polestar app now also includes other vehicle functions (beta). Battery status, remote control of air conditioning and remote locking are now available, additional functions are added over time.

“The updated Polestar app offers additional comfort for Polestar 2 owners,” says Ingenlath. “The simple way to preheat the vehicle interior from the distance or cool is something we know that it is a huge added value for everyday life and that Polestar 2 owners have already expected this feature with tension. Of course, future functions will be added in the future. We see great potential for the continuous digital experience in Polestar 2.”

In addition to the new Polestar Digital Key (BETA) and the updated Polestar app with vehicle functions (beta), the new OTA update for the Polestar 2 includes the possibility to pre-heat the battery to improve the range and adapt it to how the residual range (DTE) displayed will. In addition, in addition to further bug fixes and stability improvements, it includes updating the wireless mobile phoneade device for newer mobile phones with additional magnetic elements.

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  1. On the one hand (2 item quotations)

    “All in all 18 Bluetooth sensors in and on the Polestar 2 […] accordingly with the coupled smartphone [communicate] “

    and on the other hand

    “The Digital Key […] also resistant [be] against so-called relay attacks, since he Not with a radio frequency is working”

    and to the third (LT. Wikipedia) is clear that

    Bluetooth […] a […] industry standard for data transmission between devices over short distance by radio technology [is]”

    then I do not have to understand that, or? &# 128578;

    But a beautiful, New area of responsibility of the breakn off services, In the future not only the traditional 12V battery or even the driving battery but then the perfect happiness also the Charge Handy Battery .. &# 128539;


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