Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life

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Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-stromer

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At the latest since the exchange with Alexander Lutz, Managing Director of Polestar Germany, at the beginning of the year 2021, the anticipation of a detailed test of the Polestar 2 has risen only further. In addition, the impressions of our authors Dirk customer, who has looked closer to the Stromer in winter something more precisely. At least from its consumption values he was not completely convinced. Time to make a picture of it.

For electric car news.net I looked at the first pure electric car from Polestar in March 2021 eight day. With this in everyday life was a few hundred kilometers on the way and could collect my impressions to hold them in retrospect for you. It has shown again, the energy consumption stands and falls with the person who sits behind the steering wheel, or the outer influences.

Otherwise, it can be found in advance that the first streamer of the Volvo daughter makes a lot correct. At other points but still potential for future improvements. In addition, in some places the comparison to the Volvo XC40 Recharge P8 AWD is on which I was allowed to drive in Hamburg sample recently. The reason for this is that Polestar 2 and XC40 sharing E-engine, battery and partly the software.

As always applies; If after reading the Test and Drive Report of the Polestar 2 from your side still questions open questions, just report and I try to answer them. You can send me your personal experiences with the e-car of Polestar, so that we share them with the other readers. About electric cars In general, you can inform yourself on this page.

Polestar 2 – more than a Perfomance Stromber: even a pioneer?

The Polestar a little different ticks, that does not notice that there are not tens of equipment or model variations of the Polestar 2. I was already allowed to determine at my time with the Polestar 1, whose plug-in hybrids. Even with the second vehicle from Polestar, the brand is limited to very few choices. Similar to the PHEV, the Polestar 2 should be brought as well as on the road, as he was considered by the designers and technicians.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-hitsPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-stromer

This brings with it the positive side effect that there is 100 percent price transparency at Polestar. Because Polestar makes no difference, whether the own Polestar is ordered from home on the computer, from a Polestar Space or online on the go, via the smartphone,. Influence can be influenced as a buyer of an E-car of Polestar 2 on the exterior color (six coils), three internal colors and a performance / or or. Tire upgrade, which can be missed to the electricity. Thus it works from 54.925,00 Euro going on; In the best facilities you land at 70.500,00 Euro – but in a later section of the Test and Experience Report of the Polestar 2 more.

Exciting are the idea behind the E-car of Polestar. Because nothing less than the transition to a more sustainable mobility you want to accelerate with this vehicle. This shows that the brand’s strict requirements for suppliers (ecological / ethical nature) is set as well as steadily looking for novel materials and manufacturing processes depositing on these goals. In addition, they have decided to publish a summary that shows the climate effects of the production of their own electric vehicles. The full life cycle assessment of Polestar is one step further and reveals the entire environmental impact of the vehicle during its entire lifecycle.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-stromerPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-hits

As a pioneer you can also view the Polestar in Puncto Interior. Because there he comes in the standard version purely with vegan materials. Say, no animal products were used for this. Instead, the brand sets on Weavetech textiles, which are considerably lighter than leather and are made using a high proportion of recycling materials. An approach of convincing white and simultaneously underlines the consequence of sustainability ideas.

Polestar has the advantage as a new brand on the market that the own brand face and design can be determined from the ground up. Without being caught in old patterns. Nevertheless, a certain proximity to Volvo can not be denied at the five-door hatchback model. Not surprising, both brands attack the Scandinavian design ethos of minimalism and modern. Depending on the brand, more, sometimes less pronounced. On the design of the 4.606 mm long, 1.859 mm (with exterior mirror) wide and 1.479 mm high we go in one of the following sections in more detail. But can already state that this has been implemented in order to ensure high efficiency. In the case of the Polestar 2, this manifests itself in an air resistance coefficient of 0.278 CD.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-hitsPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-polestar

The Polestar 2 underlines the technological pioneering role and thus its meaning as a pioneer for Polestar by being one of the first cars worldwide, which integrated an infotainment system based on Android. This will make it possible for the first embedded Google Services into a car – including the Google Assistant, Google Maps with support for electric vehicles and the Google Play Store -. For life, the infotainment system based on Android is brought to a natural voice control as well as the 11.15-inch touchscreen display in the cockpit center.

The electric car with the conscience something from the far north

Before we go to the fully electric driving feeling with the Polestar 2, its strong electric drive and the necessary energy storage and share how far one comes with the e-car from Polestar, we are dedicated to the catchy design of the Stromer. This builds on the proven “Compact Modular Architecture” platform (CMA) of the Volvo Car Group and can not deny its roots by this fact by this fact. Nevertheless, one has opted for an even cleaner, minimalist occurrence for the hatchback model when it is known from the SUVs of Volvo.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-thisPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-hits

The Perfomance brand describes the appearance of pure electric car as sober and modern, almost without ornaments, with a focus on the essentials. Could you also see it clearly with my test car in the color Snow. A high rear roof line and tailgate ensure appropriate spaciousness in the vehicle, resulting in comfort. In summer or at least in months in which the sun is often visible, driver of the vehicle benefit from the standard panorama glass roof, which is added in the Perfomance Pack still around a black high gloss element.

In addition to the modern, avant-garde design, especially the game with the light in the electrician is the eye. Because this relies on so-called pixel LED headlights. These consist of 84 individually controlled pixel LEDs per lamp. The currently highest number of all current vehicle headlight systems, such as the manufacturer. But how does the driver benefit from this? An example:

“A camera at the top of the windshield recognizes the headlights of counterfeiting vehicles or the taillights of a vehicle. Then, the headlights automatically switch off individual pixels to dazzen the light from the web of up to five oncoming or front vehicles while maintaining the full illumination of the environment.”


These small but fine details continue to sit in the interior of the vehicle; in a later section more. Above all, however, the free-floating central touchscreen display on, the standard used vegan materials as well as the sustainability approach, which is consistently drawn through the electric car. Before we go into detail here, we want to devote ourselves to the driving experience in everyday life.

Fully electric by the world history – so beats the polestar 2

Already when you approach the Polestar 2 at the parking lot the adventure starts E-motorist. Thanks to Keyless-Go function you get access to its electricity, even if the key remains in the pocket. Incidentally, this can stay there if you want to start the vehicle. It is enough to take place to close the door, close the brake pedal as well as select the desired direction of travel. Then you can go. Simply that way. However, if you have to get used to it, especially when you come from the burner faction. Since quasi no noise conclusions to allow the vehicle to be ready to drive or not. Also the lack of haptic turning a key or pressing a start button can provide uncertainty. At least at the first rides.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-stromerPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-hits

Then it”s called electricity. The polestar 2 is powered by a double motor drive system; The two motors are used identically in size and power. The stromer thus resorts to a combined power of 300kW / 408 hp at a maximum torque of 660 nm. The four-wheel drive of the vehicle is controlled by software and adapted to the respective driving situation. The so-called one-pedal driving is possible with the stromer, requires a little acclimatization, making it much more relaxed. By the recuperation – started after releasing the “power” pedal – the 78 kWh battery is returned to energy. The recuperation strength itself can be regulated in three stages; About the touchscreen, not by pedals on the steering wheel. Where there is a high and low recuperation stage, the third stage switches the recuperation completely. At the highest level, up to 100 kW can be fed back into the battery.

It should be noted: Who gives too much electricity, which is accelerated in the Polestar 2 massively forward. Riders have compared the feeling of sprint from 0 to 100 km / h (4.7 seconds) with the start of an airplane. Since one is quite pressed in the seat, if you do not get in advance to the immense acceleration. Where such sprints are probably the exception in everyday life. Here you then move in the specified speed window, which gets the electric car through appropriate feeling in the “power foot”.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-hitsPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-this

Exciting is related to driving in the urban everyday life of the so-called creep mode, this can be activated accordingly in the system. Is this actively begins the vehicle after loosening the brake pedal to crawl forward. Comparable to a conventional vehicle with automatic transmission. If you deactivate the creep mode, the stromer goes back to the “electricity” pedal until. Personally, I would always decide for the deactivation of creep mode, as in everyday life, the “One-Pedal-Drive-Feeling” can fully offer.

As mentioned, the Polestar 2 refers its energy from a 78 kWh lithium-ion battery, on range, energy consumption and loadability, I would like to mention below, but would like to mention that the battery system is modular. Which is particularly designed for any repair or replacement the whole process easier. 27 modules consisting of 12 cells each, in sum thus 324 cells are installed in the electricity to a 499 kg of heavy battery unit. The Battery itself gives the Swedish brand an 8 year warranty – 160.000 km or 70% of the “Health Condition” of the battery.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-thisPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-stromer

Still some subjective impressions from everyday life. You are addressed. Over and over again. Because the polestar comes with unused design and a certain novelty factor. In the E-vehicle this is not necessarily crucial, on the charging station or on the supermarket parking, you can then speak and answer. Sitting in the vehicle you are usually traveling anyway. And this prepares joy. When tenth time still as much as the first exit with the Stromer.

Which is just because he makes E-driving easy. Started in the greatly simplified startup process, a good overview of the inholding and offices through the sophisticated camera system and corresponding sensors on the vehicle to riding in urban traffic or overtaking supposed “top combustion models” on the highway. The Polestar 2 is easy to joy. This is supported by a deep integration with the Google Android system. As a user of an Android smartphone and appropriate Google service a true joy for me. Keyword: navigation with GMAPs. There is nothing negative to report about musical sonication by Spotify and appropriate podcast apps.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-stromerPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-this

The driving experience of the electro-hatchback model itself can be described as extremely pleasant. The response to the current or brakes follows noticeably fast. The steering itself can be set to its own preferences in three steps and is well configured in sporting mode for the Polestar 2. The possibility of “one-pedal driving” is no option in my view after seven days with the Stromer no option, but an absolute must. Easier you can not let the electric car can be slid on a red traffic light. The start when switching to green succeeds not least through the instant address of the E-motors without problems.

Reach and consumption of the Polestar 2

Up to 470 kilometers range (WLTP cycle combined) should be able to cover the Polestar 2. This was to prove this. However, before we devote ourselves to everyday reach or consumption, a few facts about our test car, clearly summarized.

  • Two electric motors with 150 kW / 204 hp each and 330 nm power, on the front and rear axle

  • Combined performance data of 300 kW / 406 hp, 660 nm

  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds

  • Top speed of 205 km / h

  • 78 kWh lithium ion battery

  • Energy consumption to 100 km (weighted) 19.3 kWh

  • Range (combined) 470 km to WLTP

  • Reach (city) 560 km to WLTP

  • 0 g / km CO2 emissions, combined

From pure city trips, over overland- to motorway rides everything was included. Thus, I had the possibility to map a very good cross-section through the routes, which the electro car of Polestar probably also master under “normal events”. In the end, due to the current Covid-19 restrictions were around the 325 kilometers on the speedometer, which I have covered. Nevertheless enough to get a first picture from the streamer.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-perfomancePolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-stromer

What stands and I already know from the XC40 Recharge P8 AWD of Volvo, a classic driving modes selection does not exist. Instead, the Polestar 2 is always in one and the same driving mode on the road. Fits in this just the driver accordingly. Say, with a strong kick on the electricity pedal he shoots forward. Used this was more likely to gently the electric car is on the road accordingly. You will always find the right mode with the Polestar 2 without having to choose this.

In reverse, this also means that the power of the stromer and the maximum torque is not artificially sealed. This can of course be interpreted both in the one and other direction. Because sparingly driving is then only possible if you have yourself under control. If you always tend to be rapidly on the road and rightly familiarize here on the performance of the Polestar 2, the range decreases accordingly quickly. Therefore, with meaning and understanding in everyday traffic to Cruisen.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-perfomancePolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-hits

Then the 19.3 kWh / 100 km can be reached, which are specified in the technical data sheet that it is important to find out. It was not possible for myself. May be because I have found interest in the sprayedness and propulsion of the stromer, as well as the fact that I was mostly on shorter routes that have not been a great driving experience. On average, I moved around the 23 kWh / 100 km, which is still fine for an e-car of this class for me too. Thus, the 335-350 km would have been realistic in it, with a battery charge. With potential in the direction of range enhancement.

Loading the Polestar 2 – These possibilities are available

It is clear, sometime the biggest battery is empty. Or at least so empty that he has to be loaded. For this case, the polestar 2 has a ringload device with a charging power of 11 kW. Thus, it can be charged via a standard network current connection of 230 V (AC) at home. Better still on a corresponding wallbox. For quick charging of public charging stations, the polesTar 2 can take up to 150 kW DC.

LADEDAUER Household socket

up to 22 hours

Standard mainstream connection, 1-phase, AC, Schuko
From 0 to 100 percent


up to 8 hours

Wall can, 3-phase, alternating current, type 2
From 0 to 100 percent

Fast charging station 150 kW

40 minutes

Public fast charging station, DC, CCS
From 0 to 80 percent

The Polestar 2 is supplied with two charging cables, which are suitable for use with a standard network track connection and a type 2 charging device. CCS cable for fast loading are provided by the charging station.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-hitsPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-stromer

Even I could only charge the Polestar 2 on a 50 kW quick loader. Here, however, this has completely loaded the full 50 kW after a short start-up phase. However, to draw a better picture for you, I subsequently inserted the data from Fastned, which viewed the stromer over a variety of charging processes.

“The following charging curve displays you the loading speed on both charging columns. On average, the Polestar invites 2 100 km to 10 minutes (150+ pillar) or in 30 minutes (50 kW pillar). At a 175 kW charging column, the charging speed drops off from 80%.”


Exterior and interior of the Polestar 2 in view

First experiences, described impressions and integrated photos hopefully have an impression of Polestar 2. Now we dive a little more together and look at the exterior and interior of the E-car of Polestar something more precisely.

Exterior: Perfomance at first sight

I have already lost enough words about the minimalist appearance of the five-door floating lighter. This should not be a topic anymore. Instead, a few general words to the exterior of the Perfomance Stromer. The Polestar 2 comes 4.606 mm long, 1.859 mm (with exterior mirror) wide and 1.479 mm high therefore. This is based on a body structure based on more than five different steel grades. This not only ensures stiffness, safety and robustness of the vehicle, but also that the steering behavior, the ride comfort and a low noise level can be guaranteed. Alleged little things that do not interest one more when you sit in the electrician.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-polestarPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-hits

The first stream of Polestar can come in six different coatings: Snow, Thunder, Magnesium, Midnight, Moon and Void. All more discreet and less conspicuous, which goes with the minimalist modern occurrence of the vehicle hand in hand. Also in punctto wheel and tire packages there is little selection. Three packages in 19 and 20 inches exist in this case to choose.

This is quite wanted by the brand, as you want to bring the stromer to the streets as he was geacled. It also allows Polestar to ensure comparability of vehicles in the trade, as there are not too many influencing factors through upgrades and choices. For me personally still absolutely comprehensible and sufficient. Since the most important details have been taken into account anyway. There are more only against appropriate surcharge.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-thisPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-perfomance

Who chooses the Perfomance Pack for his Polestar 2, gets changes in the following points: a tailor-made Brembo brake system with manually adjustable Ohlins Dual Flow Valve dampers, lightweight 20-inch alloy wheels and brake calipers Valve caps and seat belts in “Swedish gold” as an optical highlight.

Let”s take up the topic of storage space. This is independent of whether you have opted for the superconductive performance-pack or not. In the front frunk are 35 liters available. In the trunk 405 liters with folded seats or 1.095 liters with folded seats. Sufficient and enough storage space for leisure travel for two. Whether you are traveling to four with the electricity for a long time, anyway is questionable, because at least behind my driver”s seat only rather limited space would have been. At least insofar I would not want to compromise on my seat setting. Of course, it would be possible to travel fourth.

Small but fine detail in the trunk was a fold-up intermediate wall, which has divided the storage space twasy two. This is practical that if you can not fully unload the trunk, for example, water boxes from front to back.

Not unmentioned should one let the fact that the Stromer offers the highest tensile capacity in its vehicle class of electric vehicles. The optional trailer hitch is half-electric and can be inserted in a simple push of a button clean back under the vehicle. With a braked maximum load of 1.500 kg (or 750 kg unbraked) is the polestar 2 as practical and usable as conventional vehicles of this class, and is thus leading among the electric vehicles in its class.

Interior: Modern, minimalist and above all clearly scandinavian

Already mentioned in the exterior, the E-car of the Swedish Perfomance brand in the interior is equally minimalist and modern. In addition, it is of course here that the selection of upgrades / equipment packets is greatly reduced. So are three colors for the vehicle interior: Charcoal, Slate and Barley to choose from. As well as the mentioned Weavetech Textilie (Vegan) as well as the charmed NPPALEDER EQUIPMENT. If one decides then for the Perfomance-Pack, all occupants are safe in the seat by three-point straps in Swedish gold, which is unique for the brands Polestar and Polestar Engineered, securely in the seat.

Otherwise one recognizes as a “design-layman” that the designer of the vehicle for the design of the interior has targeted a modern theme with lightweight proportions. This is evident in that the room was divided into two dynamic main lines. This results in a “clear, contemporary interior, which combines clearly scandinavian themes of architecture together with dynamic proportions and a sporty appearance”, as it understands polestar flowery to rewrite.

Already mentioned at the beginning of the Test and Drive Report, the Swedish brand sets high value on carefully technically developed and crafted materials as well as not less than a leading scale in terms of quality to strive to. What the Polestar 2 at least in my view is well suited.

The centerpiece in the interior is without question the central 11.5-inch touchscreen display, which appears free-floating as above the center console. The effect is a display that is immediately a part of the open, airy and free upper half of the vehicle interior and at the same time attached to solid and securely attached to the lower part of the interior. This can be used by the navigation and infotainment system from Google already mentioned.

The touchscreen, which is designed as well as the remaining Polestar 2 for easy and intuitive operation, is divided into four practical squares or fields on its home screen. These four fields can be customized by the driver to display the apps that he preferences and would like to see and use. Quite a fine thing. But this is even more convincing is the over-the-air update capacity of the vehicle. As a result, the current n is the position to be updated wirelessly and automatically whenever updates are available.

It should be noted that however, the scope of the OTA updates goes beyond the Android HMI. Thus, the manufacturer is also able to make remote updates of the vehicle software, so that the driver has the soothing feeling that it always has the latest vehicle software instead of waiting for the next inspection to get an upgrade. If you already know from industry Primus Tesla.

Of course, I can not enter into all details in the exterior and interior in the test report, would blast the frame. However, I do not want to leave the inductive smartphone loading with a capacity of 15 watts that can be found in the center console. In addition, the streamer has four USB-C ports (two front / two rear), which can also charge the attached devices. Relative or is the passenger possible to stream music about Hardwire on the 600 Watt Premium Sound System of Harman Kardon in Polestar 2.

A look at the technical data of the Polestar 2

Before we look at the technical data of the Polestar 2 in detail, it should be said that they are based on the technical data of the Polestar website Stand 03/2021 and match my test vehicle. Furthermore, you will find further technical details / data distributed over the entire test report.

Polestar 2 – Basic version Technical specifications
wheel and tires 19-inch alloy wheels with Michelin Primacy 4 (245 / 45R19) or 20-inch light metal with Continental Premium Contact 6 (245 / 40R20) (surcharge)
Brake Standard brake calipers (front and rear)
Slice 345 × 30 mm front and 340 × 20 mm rear
Turning circle Edge to edge 11.50 meters
suspension McPherson strut (front) and multi-link (rear)
Powertrain AWD, up to 50/50 shared front / rear
transmission One-course gear
Electric motors AC synchronous, permanent magnet Valeo-Siemens
power 2 x 150 kW = 300 kW (408 hp)
Torque 2 x 330 nm = 660 nm
Top speed 205 km / h
acceleration 0 to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds
Energy consumption (weighted) 19.3 kWh / 100 km
Reach (Combined) 470 km to WLTP
Reach (city) 560 km to WLTP
Resistance coefficient 0,278 CD
Lithium Ion Battery 400 V lithium ions with 78 kWh capacity; 324 cells in modules
AC load capacity up to 11 kW (1- or 3-phase), on-board charger
DC charge up to 150 kW – 40 minutes from 0 to 80%
height 1.479 mm (1.473 with Ohlins suspension)
broad 1.985 mm (including mirror)
length 4.606 mm
wheelbase 2.735 mm
Floor spacing 151 mm (146 mm with Ohlins suspension)
Curb weight 2.123 kg
Weight distribution 51% (front), 49% (rear)
Staufach front 35 liters
Trunk volume 405 liters with folded seats (incl. 41 liters under the ground)
Charging volume 1.095 liters with folded seats, to the roof (incl. 41 liters under the ground)

Polestar 2: Prices & Promotion by environmental bonus

If you have convinced the previous impressions of the Stromer of Polestar, then it”s time to take a look at prices at the time. Also whether the promotion by the environmental bonus for the electric car of the Swedes is an option I do not want to be unnoticed.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-stromerPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-polestar

Since February 2020 there is more money when an electric car under a list price of 40.000 Euro is acquired. 6.000 Euro instead of 4.000 Euro will now be reimbursed by the purchase price. At plug-in hybrids in this price range, there will be 4 in the future.500 euros instead of 3.000 EURO. For electric cars with a list price over 40.000 Euro will be the subsidy for pure E cars in the future at 5.000 Euro lie, for plug-in hybrids at 4.000 EURO. So far, electric cars are only up to a net list price of 60.000 Euro promoted. This cover will be at 65 in the future.To take place 000 euros. Furthermore, with the latest economic package, a promotion of pure E cars amounting to a maximum of 9.000 Euro be possible; If the net list price below 40.000 Euro is.

Polestar 2 – standard version

57.900,00 Euro

Exterior color void, including pilot and plus package and 19-inch alloy wheels with 5V spokes, black, diamond cut.

Polestar 2 – full equipment

70.500,00 Euro

Exterior color, Nappa leather with reconstructed wood decor in the interior as well as Perfomance package, part-electric trailer hitch and forged 20-inch light metal rim with 4 y spokes, black, polished.

Based on the standard version you start at a list price of 57.900,00 Euro. From this, the BAFA environmental bonus manufacturer’s share of 2.500 (plus. VAT.) deducted. Furthermore, one gets another 5 from the state.000 Euro estate (environmental bonus / innovation premium), which can also be deducted. Finally, one ends up at a purchase price of just over 50.000 Euro, if the transfer costs of 900 euros are taken into account.

Conclusion for the test of the Polestar 2

Take farewell is always the hardest because you have closed an e-car or plug-in hybrids a little bit into the heart and has to return this. As already at the Polestar 1, the pure E-car of the Swedes fell the farewell hard. Could he convince on many levels. Think the criticisms have also come over.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-thisPolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-perfomance

For me, the hatchback limousine is quite an alternative to common e-cars of German manufacturers, eg. the Audi E-Tron. In addition, the general pricing and the manageable product variations appeal. Since you make it pretty easy to make a selection. Not to mention that one gets a transparency as a buyer who is awarded for other manufacturers. About all sales channels. In addition, the stromer convinces with its tidy, unused design, which shows the proximity to Volvo, but also subtle.

Personally, I strongly assume that you could already take a lot of the e-car from Polestar for you through the previous sections. All this together in a few lines is all overcome. Therefore,. Best read the respective paragraphs that are relevant to you and take what interests you.

Polestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-perfomancePolestar 2: This is how the Perfomance Stromer hits everyday life-polestar

Otherwise, I often hope that you liked my test and driving report. For questions about the vehicle, my impressions and my opinion, I am looking forward to a comment or a mail from you.

The Polestar 2 was charged for this review for this review, for the period of a week, by Polestar. However, this has no influence on my written honest opinion written here.

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  1. The consumption is quite high as I find. Would be nice if a “deeper” version comes with better aerodynamics.
    Whenever I see the Polestar 2, the I feel extremely high

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  3. Hi Sebastian,

    I would be interested in what Apple Fanboys do with an Android car?
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  4. Thank you electric car! A very nice report on a very nice car, finally no SUV. What we have yet read about Polestar was extremely positive. Seems to be a top company under heavy line.

  5. The only thing that disturbs me at the Polestar 2 is this keyless system. Who still has the experiments of the CCC in mind, in which several such systems of different premium manufacturers failed and the vehicles could be stolen? In addition, I think back to my Land Rover 20 years ago, when that did not start anymore, because the immobilizer did not get electricity more and at minus 10 degrees in nowhere at Munster / Westphalia. Luckily, the yellow angel came and bridged the immobilizer for me …But try this with such a keyless system. Since the towers can come …

  6. Before about. 3 months I went the Polestar to the test at Moll in Dusseldorf. When boarding I noticed directly the loose B-pillar cladding, which was no longer properly attached by cautious pressing – can also occur in a nearly new car … Nevertheless, I’ve ran away, of course, what was pretty fun. When I could quickly accelerate on the highway, I fell fully with 80 km / h of the gas pedal up to approx. 180 km / h. The acceleration was very “attractive” – which did not like me were the beatings in the steering. – I felt for 40 years back in my old Golf GTI with defective drive shaft (as a car – champion I can already judge that that was not just an imbalance in the wheel.). Otherwise, the car has surprised me positively. The fittings fallen much better than the Tesla. For me, the car is still out of the question currently, as it has unfortunately a big cardant tunnel that I had hoped away with three children (like the Tesla). In addition, I would have to offer me at least 5 years warranty so that I have the risk of accelerating. But when the quality is still something in the next few years …

  7. Am I also sampling. Standard and performance. Overall quite well. I fell negative: no thermal protection glazing all around, the rear doors sound quite modest when closing. The performance variant was too uncomfortable for me (would not be anything for me as a frequent driver). Standard variant is very good from suspension comfort. Rather conveniently designed. The nearest service point is very far away from Ohringen. Too far for me. I have received notifications since the test drive couples about further events for testing but no information on future service points. The temporally limited hol- and delivery service is good, but is not enough for me. The ventilation nozzles in the middle can not adjust the airflow (volume flow), no wheel turn. There are only on / off via the ventilation control or variation via the fan speed. In practice, ventilation is probably at “car”, so that the amount of airflow can not be regulated. The high center console disturbs in practice less than the pictures suggested (I am 1,75m big). The ride comfort of an E-Class is far away.

  8. I can fully connect the test report on the Polestar 2. As a longtime Volvo driver, I am more than convinced of the quality and design of the vehicle. Volvo-Oh Nee – Polestar brought a great and independent vehicle to market.
    Unfortunately, the way to a polestar is more than difficult. The ordering process is impossible. Support completely overwhelmed and the communication is the customer is an imposition.
    The customer is left with all alone and support is unable to take the customer in the ordering process.
    Also, to commit the support will not be a concentration and a concession of polestar is not recognizable.
    I find it more as a pity and disappointing, which is preceded by such a good and well thought-out vehicle such inadequate ordering process.

  9. I liked the report. Unfortunately I do not understand at polestar, why the information of WLPT reach (470 km) and stated consumption per 100 km (19.3 kWh) do not cover themselves. With a gross capacity of 78 kWh, you would only be 404 km far. If the net capacity is somewhere between 35 and 75 kWh, we have reached a good 382 km Recienne.

    Ultimately, I would be interested in whether and when the topic of heat pump is implemented in the Polestar2?


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