Polestar 3: This is how the E-performance SUV looks like

Polestar 3: This is how the E-performance SUV looks like-polestar

In 2022, the electro-perfomance SUV Polestar 3 is officially presented. Previously, however, we get another teaser image that reveals a look at the first SUV of Polestar. The Elektro-SUV drives at the plant in Charleston, South Carolina in the US from the band. No less than one of the “climatic cars of all time” is to become the stromer, as CEO Thomas IngenLath investors and press at an event series in New York.

Equipped with the industry-leading Lidar sensor of the US technology company Luminar and central Nvidia computing power, he will enable autonomous driving on the highway. Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar, arranges the Polestar 3 as follows: “We will build in Americans for Americans. Polestar 3 is expected to come to the market in 2022 and define the design of SUVs in the electrical age as Premium Elektro Performance SUV. It will also be the first polestar vehicle built in the USA.”

The Polestar 3 is intended to represent the debut of a new generation of the Volvo Car Group’s electric car architecture, which was developed from scratch for complete electrification. The aerodynamic electrical performance SUV is to have industry-leading connectivity functions based on Google’s native infotainment system Android Automotive OS.

With the third model of Volvo’s performance subsidiary, Polestar deliberately decides on a model in the Premium SUV market, the fastest growing segment in the US automotive industry. According to the brand, this also becomes the segment, which will transform the fastest on fully electric vehicles.

From IngentLath, Polestar is fundamentally different from other E-Auto companies: “We are not a virtual company that is waiting to build factories and sell cars. We are a real company that produces and markets cars around the world. Our two award-winning vehicles drive on the streets of 14 markets worldwide and we expect that this year we expect around 29.000 vehicles sell.”

Over the next three years, a new vehicle was planned every year, starting with the Polestar 3. Also, the brand will expand its presence by the end of 2023 to at least 30 global markets. By expansion to the new markets, the introduction of three new vehicles and the further expansion of existing markets Polestar plans an increase in the global sales of around 29.000 vehicles in 2021 to 290.000 vehicles in 2025. Say, the focus is clearly geared to growth.

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