Polestar and Cake reveal limited electric motorcycle

Polestar and Cake reveal limited electric motorcycle-limited

The automaker Polestar and the E-Motorcycle Startup Cake announced their first collaboration for a special version of the new compact Cake Makka electric motorcycle. The Makka – Polestar Edition by Cake will be shown the first time at the IAA 2021 in Munich. It is based on the latest Motorcycle Platform of Cake and has unique design and component features as well as technical upgrades. The project should continue to underline the common struts of the brands to accelerate the change towards sustainable mobility.

The lightweight electric motorcycle has been specially designed to be more versatile in combination with the Polestar 2. Via a trailer hitch on the stern, the motorcycle can be transported and even charged directly to the car while driving. Once parked, the motorcycle can be used as commuter vehicle for the last mile, as a general transport solution in the city or even for adventures in the terrain.
Polestar and Cake reveal limited electric motorcycle-revealPole

“The Makka Polestar Edition by Cake is the next step in our brand cooperation and gives us the opportunity to master broader mobility challenges,” says Polestar CEO Thomas IngenLath. “Together with brands like Cake, we set impetus for a more sustainable future.”

The Special Edition is a tailor-made version of the new motorcycle with numerous styling adjustments: a slim LED headlight, a lighter rear damper, black details as well as a frame and a battery cover in polestar snow matt. Fully electric drives of Cake and minimalist design features of Polestar connect even further to the brands and vehicles.

Polestar and Cake reveal limited electric motorcycle-polestarPole

“Instead of wasting time in a traffic jam, to seek a parking lot or squeeze into a crowded train, together with the team of Polestar, we want to make the future of mobility flexible, accessible and emission-free – with the aim of creating cities for people, No longer for cars that pollute the environment, “says Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and founder of Cake.

To the technical data Polestar so far still does not provide any information, but they are likely to match those of the normal Makka. This is available in two versions – with 25 and with 45 km / h top speed. The 25 km / h version Cake Makka Range with 60 kilometers range is available from 3500 euros, the faster variant Makka Flex with 50 kilometers range costs from 3800 euros. It is well possible, however, that the prices of the higher-quality Polestar version differ.

Be a flagship product in the new Polestar Additional Webshop, who now opens for a broad audience after a first exclusive pre-launch for the Polestar Community beginning of summer. The webshop offers lifestyle products such as t-shirts, hoodies, bags and water bottles as well as the Makka – Polestar Edition by Cake.

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  1. “Motorcycle” is a big word for this moped (that’s how cake calls itself!), even creates the fast version only 45 km / h!
    Among the changes for the Polestar Edition:
    The battery cover mounted here should become a series!
    But that for polestar the luggage / accessory carrier has been removed, is not wise ..

  2. Only the statement: “Create cities for people, no longer for cars that pollute the environment” Like this article. The motorcycle is prosperically, uninspired and nothing for the practical application.

  3. What is exactly the sustainability at a 2.1 ton vehicle with a small electric two-wheeled lifeboat and canvas 30 kWh consumption per 100 km (according to ADAC)?


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