Polestar and Volvo Loading to the Swedish coffee round

Polestar and Volvo Loading to the Swedish coffee round-coffee

In the future, one can engage in the immediate closer of the A8, south of Munich, a power stop. Because the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo and its Performance subsidiary Polestar store for the Swedish coffee round. The e-cars can store for free at four 150 kW fast charging stations for free. For the E-Motorists himself it says a traditional Swedish “Fika” with coffee and cinnamon tongue. And if you still want Volvo or Polestar Strainer?.

Decisive for the location of the Powerstops, since the everyday commuting or on the way to the holiday in the direction of Alps, Salzburg or Innsbruck more than 82.000 vehicles pass by. If you want to take a short or slightly longer break, the Upper Bavarian Irshenberg now finds another reason for the rest, as the brands give to understand in a recent message. In the parking lot of around 1.400 square meters of renowned Dinzler coffee roaster, build polestar and Volvo their common power stop. The presence planned for the time being until the end of April makes visitors immerse in electromobility and experience them.

Not only electricians of Sweden and their own performance subsidiary are welcome, but E-cars of all brands. These can be loaded at four quick loaders with 150 kW, which guarantees short service life. The 78 kWh batteries of the Polestar 2 or the Volvo C40 Recharge, for example, can be charged at such charging stations in less than 40 minutes to 80 percent.

“As an electric performance brand, our mission to make electromobility experienced and integrate this in everyday life of the people. Emotional cars like Polestar 2 with up to 476 hp and a maximum range of 540 km to WLTP must be tried! As part of our first power stop, all visitors can use their hold to inform about the e-mobility, as well as test our vehicles. And of course the shop is free for all drivers.”- Alexander Lutz, Managing Director of Polestar Germany

But in addition to E-cars invite you can also get this sample. In two modern, Swedish-style brand houses, which are open daily from 9am to 20pm, the two car manufacturers not only inform about their fully electric models. Visitors can also make a test drive. Here you have the choice between the Polestar 2 with front and four-wheel drive, as well as the Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric and Two Coupe-style Crossover Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric. As an alternative to booking on site, the test drives can also be easily reserved from home.

Fits the motto “Recharge Your Car, Recharge Yourself”, the two automotive marks in cooperation with the renowned Dinzler coffee roaster also offer a “Fika” called Swedish coffee break: while the electric cars are on the charging station, visitors can with their own batteries with a hot drink Charge a cinnamon.

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7 thoughts on “Polestar and Volvo Loading to the Swedish coffee round”

  1. Have a break, have a polestar.
    Great idea, and this in the middle of BMW and Audi, China in Bavaria.
    The free loaders will hopefully not only be occupied by cutting snoring loaders &# 128578;

  2. Please note or mention that Volvo is a 100% daughter of Geely. With Polestar, Geely has purchased Volvo so in Europe that they can sell their electric car as a Volvo subsidiary and thus not considered Chinese car. What it is in truth.
    By the way, the owner of GEELY also has approx. 10% of Mercedes. With the other Chinese partners, Mercedes belongs to approx. 20% Chinese companies.

    Why is you talking about coffee break? Nio has introduced the battery change system in Norway. This changes the battery in less than 7 minutes.

  3. @ Peter Bigge:

    “The free loaders will hopefully not only be occupied by cutting snoring loaders”

    Striking something of striking:
    Quor fasteners are gd. those who do not lock themselves, still a completely outdated eauto with technology from 4-5-6- … years to drive, of course the better people!!!

  4. Polestar I find interesting since the interview of Lutz in the last year and the rapid construction is rousing. So it’s about to do something in our rural. The 476PS thing I drive immediately! In doing so, loading is a successful action.

  5. @ Stefan Grob:

    “… In Norway, Nio has introduced the battery change system.”

    Lt. business insider.DE has not yet recorded the regular operation!
    And then sometime: who for a Baas (Batery-as-aSIf necessary, if necessary, pay monthly amounts to pay monthly amounts, can probably take the battery in the future in the future. After a description presented here, the respective parking in the station so far would probably still take place by a NIO employee ..
    Sales number NIO in Nor LT. business insider.DE (07. Jan 2022) are just 204 pcs. ES8.
    Which for manufacturers and customers cost-intensive change stations also need Permanently financed can be ..


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