Polestar cooperated for shop traveling with plugsurfing

Polestar cooperated for shop traveling with plugsurfing-shop

In the future, the electric vehicle manufacturer Polestar works in the future with the Plugsurfing supplier-based provider to improve public charging comfort for its customers in Europe. Even before the delivery of Polestar 2 in the coming months to the first customers, Polestar presents a solution that allows loading over the boundaries and takes the driver the rich border. At the same time, the cooperation with the Berlin company shows that Polestar is constantly strongly establishing itself to market launch, the manufacturer in a recent communication.

With more than 195.000 compatible charging stations in Europe, including more than 31.000 In Germany alone, Plugsurfing offers comfortable and nationwide access to charging columns. Payment of the stream of different public charging service providers is centrally via plugsurfing – for the user a significant simplification in everyday life. “This international European agreement with plugsurfing is only the beginning and paves the way for further partnerships, which will also include national and local solutions in the future,” commented Thomas IngenLath, CEO of Polestar.

An essential advantage of cooperation with plugsurfing In addition to the comfort, the flexibility is especially traveling abroad. Foreign currencies and the need for local mobile phone numbers for registration can often affect the loading in other countries. By plugsurfing these obstacles are completely eliminated. However, for which conditions Polestar customers can use the plugsurfing network, the manufacturer did not share with.

With the plugsurfing RFID day, which is delivered by default with any new Polestar 2 in Europe, owners can reduce the number of apps, accounts and authentication processes required to charge their electric cars to the countless loading service providers on the continent. Customers only need a user account with plugsurfing and thus benefit from a single payment and authentication solution instead of needing apps and accounts for a confusing variety of charging service providers.

The Google Maps integrated in Polestar 2 is optimized for owners of electric cars. To enable polestar owners to easily charge their vehicle, with the delivery of their Polestar 2 more information about the charging network and the use of the plugsurfing solution.

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