Polestar develops e-motors and batteries for new models themselves

Polestar develops e-motors and batteries for new models themselves-develops

The Swedish e-auto manufacturer Polestar gives neat gas: four years ago not at all on the market, should be up to 2025 290.000 cars are sold. This exponential growth is achieved with the introduction of Polestar 3, Polestar 4 and Polestar 5. It is clearly seen as “Porsche competition, in design, performance and innovation”, such as Gregor Hembrough, Head of Polestar America, explained.

The electric motors for Polestar models are manufactured in their own plant in Sweden. UNter the code name “P10” is built the electric motor for the new models, which should be 1.5 times stronger than that in the Porsche Tycan. The goal is a capacity of 475 kW (just over 600 hp). The new engines are no longer developed together with Volvo or Lotus.

The batteries for the three new models are constructed by the UK team with Volvo and Lotus, based on an 800 volt architecture. For battery cell type, supplier and maximum loader rate, Hembrough does not manage, it only confirms that the 103 kWh pack can be loaded to 80% in a maximum of 20 minutes. Bi-directionality and V2X charging scenarios are also thought. All components are sitting in a new alumunium frame, which Polestar is used as a platform for the Polestar 5.

The Polestar 3, which can be ordered from mid-2022 and to be delivered in the first quarter of 2023, is still based on Volvo’s SPA2 platform. 2023 follows the production start of the Polestar 4, 2024 that of the Polestar 5.

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  1. The headline does not match the content.

    The engines developed polestar itself (so without Volvo and lotus), but the batteries are developed together with Volvo and Lotus.

  2. The main thing is the principle of vertical integration is increasingly taking into account more – some learn to hold others at “outsourcing”.
    How that ends up?

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