Polestar drives project of the “really climate-neutral e-car” ahead

Polestar drives project of the

The Swedish Electric Performance Automarke Polestar peaks to develop the first really climate-neutral car by 2030 to the first really climate-neutral car. Led as a “polestar 0 project” in the company aims to reduce carbon emissions by changing the way cars are made, as cars are changed. Since April 2021 you drive the really climate neutral car without emission balancing through internal teams.

As Polesttar reports, the challenge is to eliminate emissions throughout the supply chain and production and logistics. However, the company seemed clear from the beginning that it will make a very demanding task of making such a complex product like a car really climate-neutral. An own internal project team has adopted this project, under the direction of Hans Pehrson, the former head of the research and development department. Pehrson is engineer and has been working in the auto industry for over 30 years.

Polestar now prepares a call to suppliers, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, universities, researchers, authorities and consumers in general to participate in this important and ambitious goal. For this you have divided the project into three phases, which are covered by 2030. The first phase will deal with research and primarily aim to the CO2E causes, which are most farther technological solutions.

For this purpose, the TaskForce focuses on the development of cooperations to jointly find technical CO2E sources throughout the supply chain to the smallest components – from material recovery (or recycled sources) to vehicle handover. Each step must be evaluated if solutions are already available or if there is still a need for research.

Hans Pehrson, arranges the whole thing as follows: “The achievement of climate neutrality in the future is an absolute must for all consumer goods. Cars are complex, they consist of tens of thousands of components and are based on a complicated layering of suppliers and sub producers. A car to make climate-neutral is therefore not only an extremely important, but an extremely difficult challenge. To understand and assume this is the first step. In order to achieve the goal, we have to work together in a way that has not existed so far. This is not a solo.”Polestar is currently looking for research and cooperation partners and initial discussions with existing and future suppliers have already begun.

Polestars Head of Sustainability, Fredrika Klaren, arranges the efforts of the Polestar 0 project as well: “We will now work to eliminate all emissions that arise in production. This is a historical and exciting time for automakers. We now have the opportunity to make it better and to realize the dream of climate-neutral, circular and beautiful cars.”Climate protection measures are already implemented throughout the company Polestar, and climate goals are integrated into the bonus system for the Polestar employees.

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