Polestar Exponential Roadmap Initiative and Race To Zero Campaign

Polestar Exponential Roadmap Initiative and Race To Zero Campaign-race

Polestar was founded in 2017 as an independent car brand under the roof of the parent company Geely to accelerate the change towards sustainable mobility. A few days ago, the Swedish electric car manufacturers of the exponential Roadmap initiative joined. The initiative combines innovative, transformative and disruptive companies committed to taking action in accordance with the 1.5 degree climate goal through exponential climate protection measures and solutions.

The objective set out in the Paris Agreement intends to limit a global increase in temperature to 1.5 ° C above the pre-industrial level. This will be crucial to ward off some of the worst effects of climate change and avoid irreversible damage to society, economies and nature.

By joining the initiative, Polestar undertakes to go beyond the decarbonization of its own products and the reduction of the emissions of the value chain. The car brand aims to integrate climate protection measures deep into their business strategy and at the same time working to influence the company overall in the direction of net zero.

As a pure electric car manufacturer, it is the most important task of Polestar to increase the business exponentially to enable faster exit from the use of fossil fuels. The reduction targets are therefore relative and focus on reducing the emissions of each vehicle, so the manufacturer in a recent communication. Polestar also undertakes to lead the development in terms of a minimal carbon footprint for material and manufacturing, enhanced use of cars, environmentally friendly shop and a complete circulating economy.

In April 2021, Polestar announced a so-called Moonshot target with the Polestar 0 project: the vision to create a really climate-neutral car by 2030 without compensation through measures such as the planting of trees. Polestar strives to be completely climate-neutral by 2040 in its entire value chain.

“We listen to the science that tells us that we do not move fast enough to comply with the 1.5 degree climate goal. The automotive sector can have a big impact here, and we have to engage, “says Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar. The partnership with the exponential Roadmap initiative give the manufacturer the opportunity to work together with companies that share these ambitions on climate strategies. Polestar hope to be able to use this platform to influence decision makers and climate policy.

Johan Falk, head of the exponential Roadmap Initiative, commented that the Race to Zero campaign is a rapid decarbonization, “in which all companies have to help halfway global emissions to halve to 2030 and reach net zero at a global level “. Continue with exponential growth, in which innovators and disruptors through exponential climate solutions and measures play a key role “. He is pleased that a pioneer like Polestar connects the initiative.

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