Polestar: Here Volvos Tesla -Killer sells ten times better than the Model 3 – News

In Sweden, the Polestar 2 sold ten times as well as the Tesla Model 3 in July. But that is at most a stages in the fight against Tesla.

Teslas Model 3 is one of the most successful electric cars worldwide. With the Polestar 2, the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has put a direct Tesla competitor in position. Now Polestar can celebrate a stages, because in his home country of Sweden the Polestar 2 sold ten times as often as the Tesla Model 3 last July.

A look at the absolute sales figures shows that the distance is actually very thin: only five Tesla Model 3 were approved in Sweden in July. Volvo, on the other hand, left 50 new polestar 2 in the same time.

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For Tesla, July 2020 was a slab month in Sweden. Last year the Model 3 sold 150 times in Sweden. Strong admission fluctuations are not unusual for Tesla in Europe, because Europe imports all Tesla by cargo ship from the USA. Nevertheless, Tesla has a high proportion of the electric car market in Europe.

This graphic shows how strongly the Tesla registrations fluctuate in Europe.

Polestar also imports its cars by ship. Volvo produces the polestar together with Geely in China. Volvo has been handing over European customers for the first time since July. First in Sweden. Other EU countries follow in August. Including Germany as well as the electric car nations Netherlands and Norway. At the end of August, Polestar opened his first show room in Dusseldorf. Locations in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt am Main should follow.

There are fixed customer orders in the four -digit range for the German market, said Polestar’s regional chief Alexander Lutz. For comparison: Tesla sold around 10 in 2019 in Germany.000 cars.

Polestar also wants to sell five digits in Europe in the future, said Polestar spokeswoman Anna Wesolowski.

Polestar against Tesla: This is how it goes on

The sales of electric cars in Germany, however, tripled in July compared to the previous year’s month. It will be shown whether Tesla or Polestar will take the race in the future.

In terms of range, however, Tesla is better off, as a motorway comparison of the Nextmove electric car rental company shows. At the speed of motorway 130, the model runs 3 328 kilometers – a whopping 50 kilometers further than the Polestar 2. However, both electric cars remain significantly under their WLTP standard range on the highway, which specifies 3 530 kilometers for the model and 470 kilometers for the Polestar 2 Performance.

"The design language clearly demands its tribute here", said nextmove tester Stefan Moeller with a view of the cooler grill of the polestar. The Precept, the successor of Polestar 2.

Efahrer has already tested the Tesla Model 3. You can see the test judgment here – in the video.

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6 thoughts on “Polestar: Here Volvos Tesla -Killer sells ten times better than the Model 3 – News”

  1. @Pattern
    Look at Norway, September 2020 1989 VW ID3, 937 Polestar2, 1116 Tesla 3. Self … In young October, the ID3 leads the field again. The dominance of Tesla wanes good for the customer when the selection increases. Norway will be the beginning of a development for all of Europe. By the way, the numbers for Norway January-September are also interesting, here the Audi E-Tron is at the top with a total of 7690 Norwegian approvals, followed by the E-Golf, Hyundai Kona and Nissan Leaf, which has now expired. Only in fifth place with 3197 new registrations does the Model 3 follow. Tesla will have to watch to stay leader on the local American market, abroad other manufacturers will do the business with a larger selection!

  2. @KOpnick Tesla was there something?
    Tesla hardly plays a role in Europe’s increasing sales! It is even more important that this record heel in Europe was reached without the typical Tesla back wind. Because the American automobile manufacturer "shone" in July 2020 with the lowest European monthly volume for one and a half years. In the seventh month of the year, Tesla brought only 913 vehicles that were sold on the market. In the comparison period of the previous year, 4.354 vehicles in Europe. Mercedes-Benz was able to do at the end of July 2020 (37.801 units) from PHEV (24.236 units) and electric car (13.565 units) – more vehicles than Tesla (37.565 units). Well, with VW and Polestar, two competitors Z.B. in Z.B. Norway Tesla immediately came from the tron!

  3. When Elon Musk lies
    … is a counter-tweet due, for example like this: “Model 3-Teslas Volvo-Killer 1 sells here.000 times better than the polestar ". Where? In California. Where 1.000 times is still understated at 19.000 Model 3 in a quarter.

  4. What month is it? July?
    You just pick the month in which the Polestar2 in Norway and Sweden is delivered to customers for the first time and thus thinks to draw a representative picture? Of course there is a peak in the month. How does it look current? In August the numbers have already adjusted. 268 approved Polestar2 and 235 approved Tesla Model3. Incidentally, there is not a single German vehicle in the TOP3. In August, Kia Niro (358), followed by Polestar2 (268) and then Tesla Model3 (235).

  5. If from the vehicle…
    Only 50 pieces in the home country are approved in one month, then that shows that something is wrong. Anyone who takes a closer look at the vehicle also quickly notice what that is. The pencil slide shape leads to unacceptable high consumption and thus to a non -necessary range reduction. If you compare the vehicle with the Model 3 from Tesla, the difference is very violent. The Swedes seem to have little desire for this box. That it is still bought more often than the competition from the USA shows that they are still big patriots,.

  6. Soso Mr. Hutzler!
    Already seen the figures from September 2020 in Norway? VW ID3 (1.989), Polestar 2 (937), Tesla 3 (1.116). On the market since September, VW has loosened into its barriers with the ID3 Tesla and Polestar 2 is within a punch to Tesla! The market is becoming stormy for Tesla, they are still amazed Mr. Hutzler!


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