Polestar Plant Adventure Center at Frankfurt am Main

Polestar Plant Adventure Center at Frankfurt am Main-adventure

The Swedish electric car brand Polestar is planning a brand experience center at the Dietzenbach site, a good ten kilometers south of Frankfurt am Main. The construction application was set and the construction projects should start this year, so the company in a current message. With this further investment of Polestar in the German market, the company wants to provide even stronger customer loyalty in the focus and offer individual advice and support as well as experiences around the brand. The immediate vicinity of Dietzenbach to the Greater Rhein-Main is ideal to achieve many customers and interested parties.

Since the market launch of Polestar in Germany 2019 in addition to the Consumer Relations Center by Volvo, the Polestar customer service is also based. Polestar plans to expand the location now and uses the synergies to the parent company Volvo. Also events, trainings, test drives and customer deliveries directly on site are considered. Thus, the brand will be brought closer to the customer and interested parties can gain insights behind the scenes of the brand.

The Experience Center serves as a supplement to the Polestar Spaces and the handover centers connected thereto, in order to operate operational for the planned growth in Germany. For example, short delivery times and fast deliveries should be ensured. Polestar already operates seven Polestar Spaces in Germany and opened a temporary location in Leipzig.

The Polestar Experience Center is also a response to the needs of customers who want direct contact and exchange with the brand. Polestar therefore represents the customer advice for: Polestar Personal Care issues an individual contact person from the first contact to the customer. A trained employee, the Polestar Personal Assistant, actively accompanies the customer from non-binding advice, the purchase or leasing process and the subsequent delivery to the entire useful life of the car. Customer advice at Polestar will continue to be able to continue to live up to the growing need.

“With our online direct sales, we have entered into a commitment to our customers as a manufacturer. We are the direct contact person and therefore need to be personal in all matters personally – only so we can act really customer-oriented.”- Alexander Lutz, Managing Director Polestar Germany

The Swedish manufacturer deliberately consciously focuses on advice and brand experience through the direct business and the connected Polestar Spaces. Especially the current turnaround towards electromobility ensures questions among the interested parties that go far beyond the product. Polestar encounters this with transparency and education, the Polestar Experience Center set up here directly.

“Only about good customer service and above all about unique experiences that make the brand tangible, we create it to conquer customers to bind them in the long term and above all further train the community. The individual care is an important step here, because we want the community as well as you support us, “commented on Lutz.

In addition to the telephone Helpline, Polestar has introduced virtual advice in April 2021. Especially in times of pandemic, the additional service was very well accepted with a Polestar employee via a live videoconferencing. In Dietzenbach therefore creates a professional studio to further improve this service and set up for the future.

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  1. Strong and beautiful train! That’s serious. Management seems to me correctly and intelligently. Only with such experience centers can be established a brand. Will pay a visit.


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