Poll: Dad is the best – at least in the car


Dad is the best – at least in the car

Poll: Dad is the best - at least in the car-least

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The dream of driving a car: girls are into VW, boys are more into BMW.

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Poll: Dad is the best - at least in the car-Source Klartext-Verlag GmbH Source Klartext-Verlag

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The classic roles remain: as in the past, when small cars like the Fiat 500 were praised as the pride of the family, dad is seen as the chief driver.

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Poll: Dad is the best - at least in the car-consider their father better driver

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This is how the distribution of seats in cars was already in the 50s and 60s. The father drives, the mother in the passenger seat, the children in the back.

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Poll: Dad is the best - at least in the car-consider their father better driver

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Technologization has given wings to boys’ dreams of cars: boys sometimes want six wheels and a rocket drive…

Source: Autoscout24

Poll: Dad is the best - at least in the car-poll

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… Girls like it more playful and luxurious with a parasol and palm trees.

Source: Autoscout24

Most children think their father is a better driver. Boys rave about BMW, girls love VW. And some call a six-door model with a built-in whirlpool a dream car.

E.A question of upbringing or true feeling? The majority of children consider their father to be a better driver. This is the result of the survey “The children’s dream car”, which the online car market AutoScout24 commissioned. A total of 402 boys and girls between the ages of six and nine were surveyed.

According to this, 38 percent of the kids think their father is more suitable, 26 percent think their mother is better, but 35 percent say that their parents drive equally well. 48 percent of boys from Germany consider their father to be the better driver. For most girls of this age, parents drive equally well (38 percent); in direct comparison, however, the mother is 34 percent ahead of the father (28 percent).

When it comes to the subject of cars, the sexes already have different opinions in childhood: “Boys think of performance, coolness and the status that such a car provides. Girls want a car that fulfills their style wishes and is also functional, ”says Axel Dammler, head of iconkids & youth, an institute specializing in child and youth research.

Boys like BMW

Because it is well known that the younger family members also have a strong influence on the choice of a car, the children’s ideas of the dream car will be followed with interest in the manufacturers’ marketing departments. When asked about the brand of their dream car, 20 percent of the boys surveyed said BMW, followed by Mercedes and Ferrari with 16 and 15 percent. The Volkswagen brand, on the other hand, is girls’ dream (19 percent). In second place is BMW (14 percent), and Opel in third place (10 percent). Overall winner of all children is BMW with 17 percent of the entries.

Girls like their car red

When it comes to car color, too, children do not come up with a common denominator. 28 percent of girls prefer the color red, followed by pink (18 percent) and pink (13 percent). The preferred color for every third boy, on the other hand, is black, followed by blue (27 percent) and red (21 percent). While two out of three boys want a loud engine, eight out of ten girls want a quiet drive. 77 percent of girls prefer a round car, 58 percent of boys a square one.

Four-door with built-in whirlpool

Most boys and girls agree on the number of wheels (four), doors (four), seats (five), and that a car should be both taller and longer than a typical compact class car. But this is not enough for some children: two out of ten children want more than four wheels, three out of ten children want more than four doors, and almost half of boys and girls want more than five seats. In the course of the survey, children also painted their dream car, often entire houses with living rooms and whirlpools were shown in the pictures.

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