Porsche 718 Boxster comes as an electric car

Auto Insider: Porsche 718 E-Boxster

Six cylinder flies out: the Porsche Boxster only drives with a battery

Porsche 718 Boxster comes as an electric car-porsche
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design The next Porsche Boxster comes as an electric racer

Clear conditions in the Porsche model program: The 911 remains with the combustion engine – the 718, on the other hand, is electrically. It remains with a coupe and a roadster version called Cayman and Boxster. Site has the first information.

The design of the 718 Cayman is based on the Mission R Mission R Mission R Mission Presented in Munich – of course without the gigantic spoiler work, but with the oval headlights inspired by Taycan and the new one "Electrical face" Define the brand. The 718 Boxster remains with the compact and light fabric cod.The interior will perform a clear design jump and designed much more futuristic than the relatively conventionally designed Taycan. Porsche wants to explicitly contact the expected young buyer, which places high demands on digital user interfaces.

Porsche wants to be younger and digital

As a fully electric sports car, the new 718 – like all electric cars – fights with many hurdles. These include the high weight of the batteries and the limited range. 400 kilometers are the acceptable minimum for the developers, but more would be better. Because when choosing a route, sports car drivers are happy to depend on the pleasure principle – and not according to the available residual range. Incidentally, the possible loading speed should also be increased further.

Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Porsche 718 Boxster comes as an electric car-comes

Site Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

In weight, Porsche strives for a target value between 1650 and 1680 kilograms. Although this is considerably more than the current 718 with an combustion engine, which begins at 1335 kilograms, but at the same time considerably less than with most other electric cars. For example, a Taycan weighs empty between 2050 and 2320 kilograms despite its modest space offer.

Elektro-718 with rear and all-wheel drive

The vehicle architecture of the new 718 is said to differ significantly from the regular PPE platform, which includes the next Macan and the Audi models Q6 and A6. Because the seating position in a sports car must be as deep as possible. If the driver and passenger takes a seat above the battery, the much -touted low center of gravity of electric cars is made of waste.

Porsche’s new entry-level model in the video test

Porsche 718 Boxster comes as an electric car-comes

Site/Wochit Porsche’s new entry-level model in the video test

Insiders expect the 718 to be offered both pure rear -wheel drive as well as with all -wheel drive and additional front engine. The starting variants should be significantly below the 911, but there will be significantly more overlaps in the higher -motorized versions. Incidentally, it can be assumed that the 718 has a one -step translation – like the mission R. The Taycan’s two-speed concept probably has no future.

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Electrical or classic?

It should be practically excluded that the more motorized 718 718 customers take away from the 911 customers. Because buyers have to make a fundamental decision, namely between classic drive and electric drive.Earlier speculation that the 718 is also offered with hybrid drive have no substance. But it could be that the current series with an incinerator engine continues to run in parallel for a while. Last but not least, the upcoming EU 7 limit values decide how long that will be.

More power than Taycan, load under 15 minutes: Porsche will soon build its own battery

Porsche 718 Boxster comes as an electric car-electric

Site More power than Taycan, load under 15 minutes: Porsche will soon build its own battery

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12 thoughts on “Porsche 718 Boxster comes as an electric car”

  1. Porsche with vacuum cleaner engine
    No one needs, you can buy any chin box right away. And who now Taycan … drives, probably never had a Porsche before. I prefer to stay with mine "old" 911 and Macan.

  2. No panic !
    They will probably also manufacture it in parallel with a correct engine. Porsche cannot do without potential customers. However, E-Porsche is similar to that "Formula e" ! Actually, nobody needs it, it also runs just as successfully…..

  3. Oh
    The Taycan sells great and Formula E is getting more and more encouragement. People are definitely looking forward to an E-Porsche that is under the Taycan in terms of price

  4. E – Porsche
    Is like a little pregnant, and always sex without a happy end . You should now secure a real Porsche, if financially possible, it will be becoming more and more expensive, almost like a reaction .

  5. M3 + Porsche on the highway
    Muahaha ….The combustion engine is as dead as nuclear power. Only the world savior are out. Is now an agricultural land in which the plows of donkeys are pulled.

  6. E Porsche ?
    For me, an e-Porsche is not a Porsche that is missing sports feeling, no sound, nothing is not only a lot of horsepower, there is more behind it.The tradition is no longer available.But of course the price increases ? What actually for battery and 2 wires as with children’s vehicles :)?

  7. A quiet Porsche
    Drive the shopping street silently along the Porsche and nobody looks anymore. This will be frightened by many drivers.

  8. According to the Federal Environment Agency, almost as loud
    Compared to vehicles with combustion engine, e-cars are up to 25 km/h at speeds "much quieter" it says in the somewhat older study in 2013. However, because the tires of the tires are increasing on the road at the pace increased, they are comparably loud at higher speeds and conventional cars. So you just have to drive quickly enough.

  9. Of design
    The new has almost nothing to do with the conventional porsche design, you could think that it is a completely different manufacturer. Speaking of the name boxer, who actually comes up with something like that, has nothing to do with it when the part drives electrically. You should have come up with something else.

  10. Looks really good!
    I never got warm with the Cayman and found the 911s much nicer, although they became too big for me from the 991. The Taycan is also a number too big for me, but an electric cayman in the design, maybe a little less beefy at the front than Spyder, yes, I could get weak there. Even if that currently made no sense with two small kiddies … but by 2024 there is still something there. I’m curious to see what the final series will look like, but Porsche was quite close to Mission E with Taycan.

  11. That’s how it looks !
    Chic speedster, no question. Porsche just, they can "killer" then put the industry back. The report naturally has some question marks ! When should that come at all ? How long is the combustion engine being produced ? Probably the combustion engine is not set at all, since Porsche can sell it very well. Not every country has a doomsday mood or wants/can only drive around electrically….


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