Porsche 911 (992): First data, information, pictures

Auto Insider: Porsche 911 (992)

In 2019 the Porsche 911 also drives with electricity

Porsche 911 (992): First data, information, pictures-data
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design This is what the next generation of Porsche 911 could look like (from 2019) – as a hybrid

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Porsche is slowly preparing for the series version of the electrical mission E, which should attach Teslas Model S. But much more exciting for many fans of the upcoming Porsche 911, who also celebrates its premiere in 2019.

The most important thing in advance: Fortunately, the Porsche 911 will continue to be saved. After the Zuffenhausen team at the 718 Boxster / 718 Cayman with the four-cylinder boxers in the beetle style, almost grew down, the big brother 911 of the 992 series is saved by the cylinder loss.The end of the suction engines seems to come for this. At the upcoming 911 in 2019, all engines-including the GT3 sports engines-should be provided with a turbocharging in order to meet the strict exhaust gas regulations. So six cylinders remain – and four -cylinder where they belong to a sports car: on the shelf.

Four cylinders remain on the shelf, but also vacuum cleaners

But the increasingly harder exhaust gas regulations make life increasingly difficult for developers. It can be assumed that at least some of the engines are partially electrified in the medium term. As with all 911 generations of the last series, the new engine technology should only come with the model maintenance, since Porsche is reluctant to change the entire drive portfolio for the new model. So only came at the 991.2 The turbo technology for Carrera and Carrera S and the predecessor 997.2 Only for model maintenance The combination of direct injection and double clutch transmission.

In the fastest plug-in hybrid in the world you feel like in a roller coaster

Porsche 911 (992): First data, information, pictures-porsche

Site In the fastest plug-in hybrid in the world you feel like in a roller coaster

The current generation of the Porsche 911 was already intended as a hybrid variant for some time. Technically, the effort was powerful and the demand for hybrid models, once more than sports cars, has so far been tiny small. So the Porsche 911 of the 991 series was only launched as a combustion engine with suction or turbo technology.

Electric modules must be on board

In the future, however, the partial electrification will no longer be able to avoid. Depending on the model, this can consist of a 48-volt technology, as is currently the case with the Mercedes S-Class or the upcoming Audi A8. In a second step, however, a larger electric module should be used, with which the upcoming Porsche 911 can also drive a few kilometers purely electrically.

This is how you want to prevent porsche in -city bans in city centers. A completely electrical Porsche 911, as the prototypes of the completely electrical boxster once, is not planned at first. Instead, you can imagine Porsche to put on a purely electrical version as a two -door sports coupe after Porsche Mission E.

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Porsche 911 (992): First data, information, pictures-information

Site/Wochit Daimler brings an electric luxury convertible with 750 hp

Unlike some expected, the next generation of the Porsche 911 remains a tail operator. Means that the six -cylinder boxer moves a few centimeters forward, but a mid -engine concept like the touring car of the Porsche 911 RSR is on hold. However, it is quite possible that Porsche will lie on the long bank for the longest after next. The technical effort to make a vehicle with a rear engine into a mid -engine is gigantic. The time will be worth whether this would be worth it for the 911 generation that would start at the earliest in 2025 at the earliest in 2025.

The 911 does not get a mid -engine

Visually, the most of the Porsche 911 of the 2019 year of construction remains the old. According to the criticism of many customers of the proportions of the current model, the 992, unlike the 991 compared to the 997. For more driving dynamics, there is only more width in order to bring more grip onto the streets, especially on the front axle. The wider track on the rear axle should better bring the engine power to the floor better. In any case, the trend for the powerful Porsche 911 models has been going to all -wheel drive and double clutch transmission for years. Both are noticeable in terms of weight again in terms of weight. When consuming the standard, the new 911 should scratch the seven-liter brand.

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Porsche 911 (992): First data, information, pictures-first

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  1. Heading is misleading
    It would be nice if the next Porsche 911 would drive with electricity. But he continues with % … It would be nice if the next Porsche 911 would drive with electricity. But he continues with an internal combustion engine. He gets a modula for this, so that he "a few kilometers" Purely electrically roll. The report is strongly reminiscent of Volvo’s recent headline: "All of our cars will drive electrically from 2019." If you look closely, it is meant that no Volvo should be delivered without a small e-electric module. However, you drive 90 % and more with combustion engine. Before Porsche, who brought a main suspect to the board in the diesel scandal, becomes a miracle from the combustion engineer Saul, a miracle must be done. We’re not that far yet. But comes. If it’s not too late.

  2. Dear Mr. Roth
    Regardless of the fact that it is rude lovers of a 911 with "Potency" You should take note that we just enjoy cruising with a 911 over beautiful Alpine streets or driving a hardcore via a racetrack like the Bilster Berg. And yes, luxury is something beautiful and you have worked hard and it pisses me off in a envious society in the people as you believe, under the hypocritical coat of the "reason", To be able to mob drivers of a Porsche. Or do they belong to the hangover of the cat that completely relaxes and only go through life in a sense -oriented manner. Then I’m just sorry. The world lives through its diversity.

  3. Porsche Tesla!
    Tesla overtakes Porsche in everything Porsche made big! And rightly so, since everyone who has driven once electically knows what is being talked about here. Fortunately, this old way of thinking is getting more and more out of its minds. Until the German auto industry only has two ways to build toys and perish or build sensible cars and then perhaps have the opportunity to overtake Tesla after decades of deep creature. You can hope

  4. Not interesting
    Either or, now it will be a plug in hybrid, the electric modules are likely to make the sports car a good 200 kg, in the world of super sports cars a hurdle. The seven liters are never realistic, clearly to see that Porsche does not know in which direction it will go. Politics would be used for an honest word.

  5. Potency…
    Exactly the same nonsense as acceleration, top speed and luxury to the drop in electric vehicles also dominates. Who is faster at the traffic lights? I do not give a shit!!! Arriving is the goal and this works with much more sensible vehicles. Whether a vehicle in 2.5 seconds at 100 kmh is completely irrelevant in practice. If electric range and 130 kmh top speed are then as large as possible. It is enough to get overfeit.

  6. Mr. Roth
    Which vehicle do you drive? In their eyes, all other drivers are wasted because they drive faster and expensive cars than them. Whoever actually can be the maximum acceleration? How often did you see a Porsche 911 driver who accelerated his car at the most? Probably never because 911 drivers are very prudent and shit around the expensive car.

  7. Porsche purely electric?
    Not only Porsche but also other manufacturers of luxury sports cars should have problems finding customers. A hybrid drive can be made tasty for the customer if it is used in a similar way to the KERS system in the F1 of the performance increase. Ferrari and Co are bought not least because of their engines and the associated sound. Who wants to gondolate through the landscape with a whisper -free vehicle? Even the great acceleration mentioned again and again does not tear out

  8. A
    Porsche with electricity is like an ice cream on the stem without ice. There can be no greater nonsense. Does that and the shop goes into.

  9. Porsche Stromer
    That will come. It’s only a matter of time. You can see again how people hold on to old braids. Nothing is as safe as the change. You will see.

  10. Who needs a Porsche with electricity?
    Answer: 1. Anyone who wants to drive Porsche in the future. 2. The workers at Porsche and in the supply industry who want to keep their workplace. 3. Anyone who does not want to have a 7-seater-tesla in insane mode when accelerating as a Porsche driver when accelerating.

  11. 911 as a car
    Never drive a 911 only because of the sound I would buy again as a combustion engineer . I tested an e car in my driving school what a lifeless scrap and I also advise my learner drivers from an e car. Range are simply too short of 300km, it was actually about 150km . Great show.

  12. Porsche with electricity
    Who needs one"Porsche! "with electricity!? Definitely not a Porsche fan, the 6 cylinder boxer engine, is used to a great sound !


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