Porsche animates executives for switching to electric cars

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Porsche animates executives for switching to electric cars-switching

The management of Porsche is intended in terms of electromobility with a good example: From now on, the company car executives consciously increase on the fully electric Tacy and on plug-in hybrids, as the sports car manufacturer announces. Thanks to attractive offers, more and more leasing employees opt for appropriate models. For the Porsche fleet, the noticeable impact: By the end of this year, the proportion of sports cars, which are exclusively, to drive battery operations or equipped with the plug-in hybrid technology, to double 50 percent.

Porsche continues to pursue a trinary sound of conventional combustors, plug-in hybrids and fully electric sports cars in its drive strategy. This also applies to the company car fleet. In this respect, the executives continue to have the option to opt for a model series, which exists exclusively with internal combustion engines – for example, the sports car icon 911. However, with the development of synthetic fuels (effuels), Porsche is already working to continue to operate ottic motors nearly CO2-neutral in the future.

“Porsche wants to become the most sustainable brand for exclusive and sporting mobility. Therefore, it is logical that we extend our electro-offensive to company cars and employee leasing. With our employees as authentic ambassadors of e-mobility, we contribute to more sustainability.”- Andreas Haffner, CEO for personnel and social work at Porsche

With currently five plug-in hybrid variants in the Cayenne and Panamera model series and eight versions of purely electric Tacal and Tacal Cross Turismo, company car drivers have a wide selection of efficient and at the same time powerful sports cars. The change happens to the next vehicle change. This usually takes place after 15 months. As with the sports car with internal combustion engine, the company car executives for their electrified and partially electrified vehicles receive a tank card – in this case a loading card.

15 billion euros for the electromobility

Parallel to the conversion in your own fleet, Porsche invests in the construction of a worldwide shop: only a few days ago, an internal high-performance charging park with six DC charging pillars was put into operation at the site. There Porsche employees can load their electric vehicles with up to 350 kW. At his production site in Leipzig, the sports car manufacturer has already opened one of Europe’s most powerful rapid load parks in February 2020, including six internal fast load points. With the Porsche Destination Charging, at least 7500 charging points should be available worldwide by 2025.

More than 15 billion euros invests Porsche by 2025 in electromobility, digital transformation and sustainable production. The company expects that half of the delivered Porsche models will be electrified in 2025. Already today in Europe, a third of the customers order their Porsche with electric or partially electrical drive. In 2030 it should be even more than 80 percent worldwide. In addition, Porsche as one of the first car manufacturers has set the goal of being co2-neutral by 2030 over the entire value chain.

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  1. Great the managers increase so “voluntary” to the future. Enthusiasm and desire for new technology looks different.

  2. I think it will not fall the gentlemen up there really hard to change to e-cars. Porsche has the car for it.
    A positive side effect for the environment: the gentlemen will find that E-cars mean Gaudi Pur and ultimately the end of the burning era will come as planned as planned.

  3. With all these discussions, some are the fact that it may be possibly. But at a speed limit of 130km / h on the highway is coming and the charm for such vehicles decreases or.
    settled. The reduction of the accident numbers seem not to be interested in the main thing.


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