Porsche Boxster Spyder: lightweight rain dancer

Porsche Boxster Spyder

Lightweight regent dancer

Porsche Boxster Spyder: lightweight rain dancer-lightweight
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Makes 267 km/h great

Porsche Boxster Spyder: lightweight rain dancer-porsche

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Porsche Boxster Spyder: Take it easy

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff (Monterey)

Lighter is faster, is more sporty, is Spyder. Porsche makes the Boxster a lot of legs with a weight loss course.

Porsche knows how to keep your customers in a good mood with special sporting models. At the Boxster Spyder, the Zuffenhausen team made a lot of effort. Because otherwise there are often only thin modifications on the series vehicle, the Spyder gets its own character with its independent rear view. Instead of the usual tail flap, which is limited from the fabric roof to the center of the vehicle, there is an oversized lid with two characteristic roadster hoclers. You look in vain for a top box like the ordinary boxster.
In contrast to him, the Spyder is a purely open vehicle. Instead of the fabric hat, which otherwise can be driven electrically over the interior, there is only a fiddly manually to be assembled here. Better to leave your hands away and escape the rain shower under a bridge or you can protect yourself in style with a brisk driving style, hat and scarf.

Camel with two humps

But the neat rear view with bulbous humps and the brake light embedded in T-shape is not the only one with which the Boxster Spyder stands out from his anything but tired brother. Modifications on body parts and interior had the fun maker slim down by 80 kilograms. Instead of the usual 1355 kilogram empty weight, the mid -motorbolides only brings 1275 kilograms to the racing scale. "The power of the Spyder is 3.98 kilograms per horsepower," explains development manager Hans-Jurgen WOhler, "we got a total of 80 kilograms out of the car.“Aluminum doors alone, sports shame seats and the elimination of the roof brought 50 kilograms. Together with the changed sports suspension with a lowering, the focus was laid down by 25 millimeters.

Memories of the 550

So that the puristic character of the open two -seater is underlined and references to street racers such as the legendary 550s or a Porsche 718 are not too far away, numerous comfort details were banished from the spyder. Seat heating, air conditioning, radio or the electrical roof mechanism was simply left out. In order to really realize this, the pilot not only has to accelerate powerfully on a curvy run, but also do not become weak when ordering. Because details such as automatic climate control or a sound system can also be desired in the top -up list by means of meaningful crosses in the pure vehicle that is puristic. Then, however, hardly any more than the independent rear design.

After -light engine

The engine and chassis also sharpened. The 3.4 liter six -cylinder with direct injection makes 10 hp and 10 Nm more. This means that 235 kW/320 hp and a maximum torque of 370 Nm are available for the sunny weekend pleasure. The crunchy six-speed gearbox is particularly fun on stormy ride. If you want a trace more comfortable and economical, order the seven -stage double coupling. Then the average consumption drops to 9.3 liters of superplus per 100 kilometers. In addition, the Swabian traces from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds. At a top speed of 267 km/h, a windshield flies through the flattened windshield and the small side festival almost the ears despite wind gap. The best thing to do is to leave motorways and expressways right on the right and immediately turn onto the country road – the more curvier and mountaineer, the better the better.
Here the Boxster Spyder can play weight advantages, road holding and the standard limitation differential. Once the tires are warm and the driver is happy even without a radio underpaint, there is hardly any stopping. The Alcantara tax lies in hand with a handle and the pilot with it razor-sharp the direction. Only then do you take the excellent side attitude of the sports scarf seats. No thought of ever wanting to mount a roof with this pleasure bearer.

What can the spyder do?

Is the Spyder now a boxster or just a model variant? Both. In the design, he presents himself more independently than any other. But the differences when driving are not really big. The Spyder would offer even more driving fun if Porsche had more courage. Even less weight, even more purism and rich sound, then he would have cult potential. Then, however, the six -cylinder boxer would have to roar even wilder in the higher speed range and the chassis tuning would be a bit harder. If that would be too much, you still have standard boxers or the open 911. Porsche expects a Spyder sales share of ten percent in the Boxster/Cayman family. That’s something. Finally, the omission of equipment details is mandatory to cost a lot. With 63 404 euros, the Spyder is almost 7000 euros more expensive than the Boxster S at least 56,383 euros.

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  1. Fewer
    Is not always more. The new one can only be used as a second car without making everyday use. … The price is definitely too high.

  2. That "face" this car
    gives the state of Porsche wonderfully: "We don’t really know where we want to go and what we want to do, but for safety’s sake we make a stupid face".

  3. So I’ll plan it next to
    my S-Class and the Panamera to add the Boxter Spyder as a city linen. So for the small shopping around the corner (in summer!) is ideal, especially if things have to go a little faster. Porsche is on the right track with the vehicle!


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