Porsche: Burning leasing with CO2 compensation

Porsche: Burning leasing with CO2 compensation-burning

If you want to lease a Porsche, you can now do that with a better conscience. How to show from a company message, the sports car builders in Germany compensates for carbon dioxide emissions of the burners at each new car leasing via Porsche Financial Services. The new car leasing with integrated CO2 compensation is first for all contracts that in Germany up to 31. December 2022 will be activated.

The compensation happens according to Porsche by the purchase of CO2 certificates from long-term climate protection projects. The amount of compensation is calculated individually based on the agreed contract period and mileage as well as the average fuel consumption of the vehicle according to WLTP. This is done automatically and without additional costs. “We are pleased to be able to contribute with this offer as a financial service provider in the transformation phase for electromobility,” says Holger Peters, boss of Porsche Financial Services. If the offer is well received in the home market, an extension to other markets is conceivable.

For the project, three subsidiaries have worked closely together, it says in the message. Porsche Germany and Porsche Financial Services therefore carry the cost of compensation, Porsche Digital has developed the program “Porsche Impact”, which customers can independently determine and compensate for their CO2 emissions independently. They enter their average consumption as well as their mileage and receive their individual compensation amount, which financially supports certified climate protection projects.

All compensation payments are invested according to enterprises in the climate protection project “Kariba Waldschutz” in Zimbabwe. The project is certified with two internationally recognized quality standards – the “Gold Standard” and the “Verified Carbon Standard” of the Non-Profit Organization Verra by the Nature Conservation Organization WWF. Both projects would be regularly reviewed by independent third parties, it says.

Porsche pursues a consistent focus on more sustainability within the framework of its strategy 2030. “We are clear to the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement and reduces our emissions continuously,” says Porsche Financial Officer Lutz Meschke. “Our sites in Stuttgart, Weissach and Leipzig are already working at CO2-neutral. For 2030, Porsche is aiming for the balancial CO2 neutrality across the entire value chain.”Non avoid or reducible emissions would be detectable by certified programs.

Source Porsche – Press Release of 13. December 2021

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5 thoughts on “Porsche: Burning leasing with CO2 compensation”

  1. Nobody has the intention to pest the environment could be the words of Walter Ulbricht at this point.
    No, no, no, porsche, just pfui.
    Active environmental protection goes differently, certainly not with any climate protection projects somewhere in Africa. First, Africa will be suggested, then remedied by rabid financial / environmental jackers. Probably then in so-called climate projects avocados are grown and the population turned the water. Why does it have to be Africa if there is enough action in Europe. The hypocritical climate protectioners want to cover up something. Then deliver your old batteries from lamp battery into the African hinterland and speak of development aid.
    Then prefer to buy in a purebred BEV manufacturer than with OEMs who can not produce anything other than exhaust gases.

  2. If Porsche really could do something for environmental protection, they ensure that there is enough water in greenheage in a “environmental project” – there are vehicles that really make the environment do not just bring the CO2 values &# 128521;

  3. These fools leasing heroes do not know that in five years all will sit in electric Porsche. So you have to see that. Because with Porsche the electric train runs really well. Only one has to take some traditional customers on the way.

    D.H. not far that I find this drain trade well. I’m not like the Tesla fans who find it well as musk cracks upside down and then say, thanks, for the beautiful hat! How recently at the SUC opening or the cheap battery in my my. I say: I do not think so. But I see temporary, then I can endure it.

  4. Porsche, environment and climate protection. These terms should not be found in the same text. Because Porsche definitely has nothing to do with the environment and climate protection. Porsche builds pretty much the worst environmental dreaming. Especially the SUV would have to be banned. Huge petrol greater, terrain.

  5. To the everlasting crowdles: Please make a WhatsApp group up and “” Submit “you there, so to speak below 12, 16, 18.. eyes.
    That would be very helpful for the forum here and would make it worth reading.
    Many thanks.


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