Porsche buys from the Artemis project

Porsche buys from the Artemis project-porsche

Granted, it sounded anyway a bit slanted: a Porsche running at Volkswagen commercial vehicles from the band. For example, it was originally intended for the future project baptized in the sports car manufacturer intern K1, which should actually build on the state-of-the-art Artemis platform of Group Nursing Audi, which debuts in 2025.

However, Porsche boss Oliver flower bothered at an ebene platform: too complex are the plans for autonomous driving, which Audi is pursuing Artemis. And there is no need for Porsche simply no need, the sports cars of the Zuffenhausen should continue to remain typical self-drive cars.

Porsche, however, must be deep into the pocket for the retreat of Artemis, in order to be able to resolve already signed contracts, as the automotive week reports: A small three-digit million amount is to go to the Non-Nursing VW commercial vehicles. And the K1 should instead build on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) developed jointly by Audi and Porsche. This serves, among other things, from 2023 to the Audi A6 E-Tron and the Electric Macan of Porsche as a mobile pedestal, as well as for its 2024 scheduled Audi version Q6 E-Tron.

These models are built in the Porsche plant Leipzig, where the Panamera and the Macan are so far from the band. There should even be new jobs. The workforce is to be increased by more than 4300 by 150 further places. In Timing, however, Porsche has apparently to make concessions: instead of 2025 as intended in Hannover, production in Leipzig should be able to start a year later.

The disappointment in Hanover should be limited, so the automotive week further. Not only due to the high compensation payment of Porsche. Because the VW commercial vehicle work has received other projects for this. For example, a camper version of the E-Bulli id.Buzz, the ID.California should be sold, as well as another plug-in hybrid version of the T7 Multivan plug-in hybrid variant with more range. In the sum, the package already approved by the VW Supervisory Board should be able to compensate for the Porsche failure.

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