Porsche Cayenne S e-hybrid: This Porsche goes ecologically off-road

Porsche Cayenne S e-hybrid

This Porsche goes ecologically off -road

Porsche Cayenne S e-hybrid: This Porsche goes ecologically off-road-cayenne
Press inform / Porsche
Porsche Cayenne S e-hybrid

Porsche Cayenne S e-hybrid: This Porsche goes ecologically off-road-porsche

Press inform / Porsche
Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid: No Firlefanz

Porsche extends its portfolio of plug-in hybrid vehicles: After the Panamera and the 918 super sports car, the Cayenne with a double heart and socket connection is now also launched.

With the slight revision of the Porsche Cayenne, which has been on the market in its current generation since 2010, the electric motor from the Panamera S E-Hybrid is also moving into the off-road Porsche. The Zuffenhausen thick ship weighs a total of 2.4 tons, i.e. 200 kg more than the price of the same and strongest diesel in the Cayenne.

36 kilometers electric

The Porsche with socket connection costs just over 82.000 euros and is the cheapest electricity in the Porsche fleet. If the battery is full, you reach a maximum electrical range of 36 km – at least up to a speed of 125 km/h. Once driven empty, it takes 2.5 hours on the charging cable until the battery is full again. New, green-lit instruments and info displays inform the driver about what his hybrid drive is doing.

The Porsche also has one "Batch"-Key – Then the engine loads the battery via the engine while driving and you win an electrical range. However, this makes little sense in terms of energy, because the car consumes more fuel while charging.

Porsche Cayenne S e-hybrid: This Porsche goes ecologically off-road-this
Press inform / Porsche The poison green hands indicate that it is a Porsche Cayenne s e-hybrid

Plus points

+ Good driving performance+ low consumption

+ High quality interior+ (local) emission low+ sufficient storage space+ high travel comfort

Minus points

– High weight-high price- short electrical range- easy-to-easy steeringConclusion: Sporty elegant, but environmentally conscious you are on the road in this Porsche. The Panamera offers all amenities with the efficient hybrid engine. Unfortunately the whole thing still costs a lot and the pure electric range is limited.

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Manufacturer: Porsche
Type: Plug-in hybrid
Engine: V6 petrol engine plus electric motor
Perfomance: 306 kW
(416 hp)
Top speed: 243 km/h
further data…
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 5.9 seconds
Transmission: Eight-level automatic
Drive: all wheel drive
Battery type: Lithium ions
Range electrical: 36 km
Consumption: 20.8 kWh/100 km according to NEFZ
Loading option to household socket: Yes
Load options and types of plugs: Vehicle connection, Porsche loading equipment, electrified side aggregates
Length: 4855 mm
Broad: 1939 mm
Height: 1705 mm
Empty weight: 2350 kg
Pay: 700 kg
Seats: 5
Purchase price: 82.087 euros
Battery included in the price: Yes

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