Porsche Cayman as an electric car: all information

Auto Insider: Porsche Cayman 2024

Boxer out, battery in: Porsche Cayman becomes a mini-taycan

Porsche Cayman as an electric car: all information-cayman
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design The next Porsche Cayman will be an electric car

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In 2024, Porsche launched his new Cayman on the market. The little two -seater will grow slightly and will probably be significantly heavier. The reason is obvious: the Cayman becomes a hot electric athlete.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More info-Porsche CEO Oliver Blume had indicated it a long time ago: Apart from the flagship 911, all Porsche models are electrically. Just because the dealers revolted, the current Macan was subjected to a second model maintenance and significantly extended again; While the new electric generation available from 2023 will come to customers from 2023. At the entry-level Porsche Cayman, customers still have a gallows period until 2024, because then the current combustion engine is also replaced by an electrical variant.

Porsche replaced the Cayman in 2024

Most recently, the current generation of the 718er had put on the late crown with the powerful six-cylinder sports models Cayman GT4 and GT4 RS. To assume that there should still be one or two limited special editions in order to keep the now in good mood for the now performance -weaning customers. With the latest sports versions, the Porsche Cayman was first able to scratch his large model 911 of generation 991.

Porsche Cayman as an electric car: all information-porsche
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design The next Porsche Cayman is scheduled to appear in 2024 – it will have an electric drive

In the future he will be more likely because he is the only electro athlete. While the 911 remains as a combustion engine in the model portfolio after the upcoming model maintenance 2023/2024 and is supplemented solely by a hybrid version, the upcoming Cayman is mandatory electrically.

Mission R showed electrical outlook

In the autumn of last year, the first indications in which direction the Cayman will drive in the future showed the series -related concept study of the Porsche Mission R. Its performance data read more than impressively, because in Renntrimm the all -wheel -bodied fleet produces 500 kW / 680 hp and a top speed of 300 km / h. It gets even wilder in qualification mode, because then 380 kW / 517 hp in front and 420 kW / 571 hp on the rear axle make the car for a torque beast that wants to banish its up to 800 kW / 1088 hp on the road. This is not only due to the powerful electric motors on the front as well as the rear axle, but also due to the 82 kWh battery package between them behind the pilot, which currently makes 1.5 tons difficult for the test subjects.

Porsche Cayman as an electric car: all information-basic variant driven rear axle
Porsche AG/DPA-TMN Fleet flounder: The racing car study Mission R could indicate a purely electrically driven Porsche sports car.

Electric car 2022 (display)

All electric car and plug-in hybrid models at a glance

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Tempo 300, rear or all-wheel drive

The upcoming Porsche Cayman is strong in the basic variant and is driven by the rear axle alone. Stronger versions with more than 500 hp also get an electric front axle and thus maximum outputs of over 650 hp. As a top speed, up to 300 km/h should be set as well as the image spurt 0 to 100 km/h in well below four seconds. The electrical range should always be 400 kilometers in it.

Porsche’s new entry-level model in the video test

Porsche Cayman as an electric car: all information-cayman

Site/Wochit Porsche’s new entry-level model in the video test

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16 thoughts on “Porsche Cayman as an electric car: all information”

  1. @Brink I don’t understand the problem…
    …and take the test report for it! "Sure, whoever shoots over the motorway with 230 consumes … A lot in a combustion engine and also in Model 3, namely around 60 kWh at 100 km. Conversely, however, very good 15.5 kWh are also feasible, we settled in between 21 and 22 kWh on average. Measured by the performance of the car, a good value." 22kWh currently costs € 10.12/100km at Teslacharger at € 0.46 at Teslacharger. According to the ECO test from the ADAC, a 530d 5.6l/100km needs. Currently make € 8.73/100km if you have max. Right speed drives. Without a tank break, a diesel is more economical than any electric car on the highway.

  2. Is correct
    This is how it looks… If you think an electric car is the stone of the wise ones is just wrong, or. lies into your own pocket or simply has no idea. Or both.

  3. View
    If you look at the value resistance of a Porsche in comparison, then Porsche in no way have "Fantasy moon prices". This is much more likely to apply to a number of other car manufacturers where you literally throw your money into the bin. But everyone is his and nobody forces them to drive a Porsche. Just let others enjoy it.

  4. Well
    What should be recognized is the fact that the Porsche builds beautiful, good and sometimes very stable cars. The numbers and success give Porsche undisputed law and punish all those lies the German car manufacturers dead. As long as we have such manufacturers, nobody has to make me know that a certain ami manufacturer would be ahead of the year. The times are over.

  5. Porsche belongs to VW
    You don’t really need to know more about the topic of Porsche. Here the past is completely reversed with state costs, the soul is taken apart, the esprit flutes, oh it is nice to surf a wave of the state cost. What the group does is the first thing to do with finance, the climate is secondary with luck because you don’t know where people are at where. What do you think what comes after this e-hype? Hope he is over before anarchy breaks under the people, does not know how long the people of these nonsensical costs (either I can afford it or not!) still participates without closing the eyes. Most of the votes in 2024 the party gets the e-subsidies out, but this ultra sympathizer is not turned.

  6. Already at 200 km / h
    The range of a current Taycan shrinks to less than 130 km! Then it has to be loaded for 40 minutes. After a year of experience with an electric car, I sold the Stromer and drive diesel again, BMW 530 D, 286 hp, range at average speed of 125 km/h (driven at night), 8.7 liters per 100 km. Mind you, speed 125 on average! This is hot that the free route was always set up at 200 and more. With a Tesla, I would have used 4 charging stops between Nuremberg and Sylt at the pace.

  7. From the Porsche to 5er
    What a change, two very different cars. An insane comparison. Yes, the combustion engines are even better in some things, but a Porsche is rather not built for the long trips.

  8. Chic
    Chic car! Drives into a new era. Driving values in all respects improved to the predecessor. The only thing really missing is benzinga and motor sound. If nothing else is …

  9. petrol
    I don’t need the smell. Very much it is as a stench. Good diesel is worse. Motor Sound is rather noise nobody needs either.

  10. well then !
    Porsche is certainly forced to build e-boxes. However, parallel to the proven drive technology. The mileage are secondary. If that were relevant, everyone would run to Tesla and buy their top model. Do the customers that ? Well, which Porsche driver is already in the garage……

  11. Forced?
    The Taycan is Porsche’s best -selling model and without funding. I predict that the electric cayman or. Boxster in Porsche numbers is quite a seller. The Boxster in particular as an electric convertible is very excited about me!

  12. Base
    You don’t buy such cars because of the sheer mileage. The main reason for buying is the fascination of technology and perfection and you will hardly find it at an electric car.

  13. The reader is icing up
    "The upcoming Porsche Cayman is strong in the basic variant and is driven by the rear axle alone. Stronger versions with more than 500 hp also get an electric front axle and thus maximum outputs of over 650 hp. As a top speed, up to 300 km/h should be set as well as the image spurt 0 to 100 km/h in well below four seconds. The electrical range should always be 400 kilometers in it. " Because at 300 km / h, the range will shrink to 55 km and then my old polo passes loosely to stand on the Porsche in front of the restaurant after 200 km long. I am only glad that my 911, which I bought in 2003, is still fresh and jewelry in the garage and I will continue to enjoy a lot of fun

  14. Yes and you drive
    Yes 200km daily to the restaurant. And of course with 300. So slowly I’m also for 130 when I hear some comments here. Although many shouldn’t have a driver’s license

  15. I see as a mistake
    As long as the power density of the batteries is so low. Of all things, the smallest and lightest sports car is to be electrified and therefore difficult to make it like a brick, hardly understandable. However, it has a good thing, current models will surely experience a safe increase in value. In addition, he will certainly not be the specified 1.500 kg is easy, that could only be an unaffordable racing study made of carbon fiber and would therefore no longer be affordable and that was the primary reason for buying a Cayman – a Porsche for little money.


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