Porsche Joint Venture Cellforce built production in Reutlingen

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Porsche Joint Venture Cellforce built production in Reutlingen-production

The Cellforce Group will build its development and production facility for high-performance battery cells in the Intermunal Economic Area Reutlingen-Nord / Kirchentellinsfurt. These have decided the committees of the shareholders Porsche and Customcells after thorough testing of all options. According to a message from Porsche, several locations in Baden-Wurttemberg stood.

The rash for the industrial area between Reutlingen and Tubingen have given the geographical location: “A clear commitment to the location Baden-Wurttemberg was a central criterion for us. In Reutlingen-Nord/Kirchentellinsfurt, we benefit from short distances to numerous important research and industrialization partners in the Stuttgart area,” says Markus Graf, Chief Operating Officer of the Cellforce Group. “The spatial proximity of as many project partners as possible is the central prerequisite for a quick success.”

Short ways to research and industrialization partners

Cellforce deliberately focus on working with several partner companies. “That was very successful in the area of cell chemistry, so that will be transferred to production,” says Graf. “In addition, it is about the nearby B27 only a stone’s throw to our present location in Tubingen and the development of Porsche AG in Weissach”, according to the COO. In the industrial area Reutlingen-Nord / Kirchentellinsfurt Cellforce acquires a good 30.000 square meter large area. On this should be built from 2022 to a production facility, which should first produce high performance battery cells per year for about 1000 electric vehicles. Their capacity is 100 MWh per year. The start of production is planned for the year 2024. It is conceivable that the cellforce battery cells are installed in an electrically powered high performance model of Porsche.

The original advised location in Tubingen was ultimately not selected because the planning has developed significantly over time. Despite the good cooperation with the city of Tubingen, this location could not be implemented. The city of Reutlingen then in agreement with the municipality Kirchentellinsfurt and the city of Tubingen a location in the industrial area Reutlingen-Nord / Kirchentellinsfurt actively offered.

Thomas Keck, Mayor of the city of Reutlingen, welcomes the location decision of the Cellforce Group: “Together with our very committed employees, we have succeeded in convincing Cellforce from our location advantages and the technology location. This settlement significantly strengthens the existing cluster of electromobility. In addition, the Oberzentrum Reutlingen Tubingen and our existing economic good cooperation are consolidated.”

The Federal Republic of Germany and the Land Baden-Wurttemberg promote the project with around 60 million euros. In the meantime, the Cellforce Group received from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs as part of the European IPCEI project Eubatin (Important Project of Common European Interest – European Battery Innovation). The aim of this support project equipped with several billion euros is to build a competitive European value chain for lithium-ion batteries.

Higher energy density than current serial batteries

The chemistry of the new high-performance cells relies on silicon as anode material. This makes it possible to significantly increase energy density compared to current serial batteries. The battery can be more compact with the same energy content. The new chemistry also reduces the internal resistance of the battery. This can record more energy in the recuperation and is at the same time more powerful at the quick loading. Another special feature of the cellforce battery cell: it should be more resistant to high temperatures.

The Cellforce Group first develops and produces high-performance lithium-ion pouch cells for automobiles special applications. At the company, Porsche AG participates with 72.7 percent, the remaining shares considers Customcells Holding GmbH. Managing Directors are Markus Gruf as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Wolfgang Husken as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Torge ThOnnessen as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). By 2025, the workforce of currently 23 employees should grow to about 100 people.

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