Porsche Landjet: comes there a three-row, seven-seated electric car?

Porsche Landjet: comes there a three-row, seven-seated electric car?-seven-seated

Going to AutomotiveEewseurope is Porsche once again, the limits of what makes a Porsche constitutes. Above the Porsche Cayenne, a new flagship model should set itself in the second half of the decade. With this three-row, seven-seated vehicle, it could be the “Porsche variant” of the Audi Landjet, which should set new standards.

Back to Porsche, the company, which is known for its sports cars and recently for his sporty crossover, develops a vehicle that is greater, longer and wider than the Cayenne, how US dealers learned at a meeting last week. “It’s a new kind of vehicle that is part of limousine, partly crossover,” said a dealer and described it as a “sleek” design. Officially this was not commented on pages Porsche deeper. It only fell the statement: “We are grateful for this creativity in our company, as we constantly explore new opportunities and check where we can compete in the future. Whether you go beyond renderings and ideas and create it into production – not to mention how it is powered or configured – is not yet decided.”

The new vehicle will come to the market in the second half of the decade and could offer three rows of seats – a premiere for a Porsche. Another dealer knew the concept vehicle as “Un-Porsche-Like” to classify. It has “a flat rear design; It is not comparable to the Macan and the Cayenne.”While Porsche did not know any details about the vehicle’s powertrain, the dealers expect it to be a plug-in hybrid during market launch. A fully electric vehicle could follow.

First concatenations to the Landjet were drawn. This vehicle with the Codename Landjet will run in the VW plant in Hanover on a new production line from the band. The three-row, seven-seated vehicle is developed by Audi as part of its Artemis project to develop and introduce new technologies for electrical and highly automated automobiles within the VW Group.

The self-proclaimed Tesla hunter comes from 2024 as a top class model therefore, which in series probably listen to the model name A9 and no longer his project name “Landjet”. The luxury current should then take it with the Tesla Model S and Daimler’s debuting electric flagship EQs. The electricity will have at least 650 kilometers reach. It is unclear whether the series version of the Landjet is a limousine, a commercial vehicle or a mixture of both.

While the introduction of a three-row Porsche may sound like a sacrilege for brand lovers, Porsche has shown that it does not shy to throw traditions overboard when it sees a market opportunity. At the meeting, the dealers were also informed about the strategy of Porsche to transfer from internal combustion engines to a purely electrical model series. The automobile manufacturer expects that in 2030 more than 80 percent of worldwide deliveries on battery-powered vehicles and plug-in hybrids will be omitted.

The mid-motor coupe Cayman and the Boxster convertible are driven purely electrically from 2025, was communicated to the retailers. The design of the Frontpartie of the Boxster eV is similar to that of Tycan Electric Fastback, while the tail picks up the design of the wide taillights of Tacan, so the traders to whom the convertible was shown. A battery-powered version of Porsches Bestseller, the Macan, is expected to come 2023 on the market. While a fully electric 911 was excluded, a hybrid version is expected towards the end of the decade.

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  1. I do not know what’s talking about a three-row Porsche. There is a trend with wealthy people to buy several children again. Where he does not question for me, but he does not have to do that because the future holds many other electrical Porsche.

    This is the best news for me, namely that the traders are constantly being processed by giving them appreciative with such events, on the electromobility does not pass through. I think these 911 speeches are just steps in a communication strategy that ends with that sports cars in a few years is purely electric. I would buy him then.

  2. Has already seen a jet with big reflect from the assembled readership? no? We neither. Actually, rearview mirrors in the age of electromobility mean the whereabouts in the Middle Ages. They are a symbol of missing progress. Especially with vehicles in this price range ..


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