Porsche: New e-models ensure employment growth in Leipzig

Porsche: New e-models ensure employment growth in Leipzig-porsche

Porsche obviously considered to build new electrical models at the Leipzig site, as the automotive week is reported exclusively. The production of the two models will create around 150 new jobs by 2024. In doing so, already available plans.

VW boss Herbert This had still been covered after the recent planning round of the Group and only confirmed that “two Porsche models should lift the synergies of the electric PPE module for the premium area”. According to the automotive week information, there are two completely new electro models, which are to be created in addition to the electric macan, which will start in series in series 2023: a fully electric successor to the Panamera, which is to start 2024 or 2025, and another model – Internally called K1 – where it should be about that model whose assembly was actually planned at VW commercial vehicles in Hanover. Serial production should now be carried out instead from 2026 in Leipzig.

It was speculated for the time being about an electric cayenne, the information about a crossover in the dimensions of the Panamera compress with which the model should share the platform. Porsche has developed the PPE platform of the E-Macan for it, the longer variant PPE6 for larger limousines should be used.

The Artemis architecture, which is developed at Audi, is probably the same for the new model. Porsche boss Oliver Flower had previously declared that the Artemis architecture never want to take over completely, but to see them as a construction kit from which one could serve themselves. Porsche has withdrawn from the joint project and therefore does not build the new model with VW commercial vehicles in Hannover, but in Leipzig. The 4.300 main representative in Leipzig are not only getting gain, but also because of a recent announced, stepwise introduction of the 35-hour week to 2025.

To the 150 jobs for the Panamera and the K1 could come again the same many. In the parent plant in Stuttgart, the 35-hour week is already lived reality. For both works, a job warranty was pronounced until the end of July 2030. After the investment of more than 600 million euros since 2019 in body construction and assembly, the plant in Leipzig is now finally expanded to the intragroup electrical location.

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