Porsche only requires a platform strategy of the VW Group

Porsche only requires a platform strategy of the VW Group-porsche

In 2020, a third of all Porsche delivered in Europe were powered by full or partially electrically, it was 17 percent worldwide. In 2025, half of all reselled Porsche should have an electric engine; In 2030, more than 80 percent of new vehicles should be electrified on the road. Such sales figures should be based not only by the Porsche Toycer or Taconic Cross Turismo. From 2023, the Porsche Macan should also contribute its part.

But this is probably a lot of confusion in the VW Group. Because Volkswagen attracts the pace in the transformation to the electrical and fully crosslinked age. For this purpose, the Group will consistently develop its successful platform strategy. By mid-decade, the Group with the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) will develop the next generation of a pure-electric, fully digital and highly scalable vehicle platform on which models of all brands and segments can be built. But Porsche does not turn on it, at least not quite. There you first set to the PPE platform.

It is planned that next year, the Group’s first vehicles based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), which was developed by Audi and Porsche, brings together with more acceleration, higher ranges and shorter loading times on the street. The first model, which uses the PPE platform, will be the fully electric Porsche Macan SUV, which goes into production in the second half of the next year. The first PPE vehicle from Audi will be the Q6 E-TRON SUV, a sister model of the Macan eV. SSP is intended to replace the MEB platform of the VW Group currently in fully electric cars such as the VW ID.3, the VW ID.4, the Skoda Enyaq and the upcoming Audi Q4 E-Tron Compact is used. “SSP will be the only backbone for the Group by 2035,” says VW Group Chief Herbert.

Production and logistics board of Porsche, Albrecht Reimold, in turn gave to understand that the PPE platform is used for the premium market. And SSP will cover the mainstream segments of the VW Group brands. “It would be too expensive to develop a single platform that covers all market segments, including those [like Porsche], which require very high specifications,” says Reimold. However, Porsche will use software and technology elements from SSP. “Future platforms should not only be considered as hardware and geometry, but also in terms of functions, software and intelligence, and we will share these aspects in the future,” said Porsche about the software integration.

Audi and Porsche want to sell seven million cars on the basis of the PPE platform until 2030, Audi boss Markus Duesmann gave at the annual press conference of the brand on 18. March. to understand. The PPE architecture will form the basis for cars of the upper price range, while Audi uses the MEB platform of the VW Group for compact and medium-sized SUVS, he said. Audi said in his recently published annual report that there are “different PPE-based model series” tarpaulin, including SUV, Sportback, Avant (Combi) and Crossover models covering the segments “from the upper middle class to luxury class”.

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  1. Is foreseeable and logical.
    The 911er is not on the Polo platform.
    Audi (middle class and upwards) and Porsche will be own (if necessary. modified) holding platforms.


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