Porsche present Vision Gran Turismo concept

Porsche present Vision Gran Turismo concept-vision

Porsche announces the successor of Tacan Turbo S with the Vision Gran Turismo. “Projects like the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo are particularly valuable for us in the creative process. The further development of our clearly defined Porsche Design DNA as well as the exchange with designers of other industries is an important part of our work “, says Michael Wall, Head of Style Porsche.

That the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo concept is something very special, you notice at the latest that this will only be virtually on the go. Especially for use in a game the “Porsche Vision Gran Turismo” was developed. This will be experienced exclusively in the new Gran Turismo 7, which on the 4. March 2022 for the PlayStation 4 and the new PlayStation 5 appears. Mauer continues in this context: “A vehicle purely for the virtual room opens up for us exciting free spaces, which are strongly regulated in a regular design process of a production vehicle.”

Porsche present Vision Gran Turismo concept-granPorsche

And yet the stromer does not seem to act completely far from the reality. However, the vehicle has the brand-typical proportions with a very sporty height width ratio, the extremely low-tired front hood and the strongly pronounced fenders. The lights in the particularly puristic front and integrated air intakes create an optical connection to the design language of the TaryCan. They point to the purely electric drive. At the rear of the concept vehicle, a particularly narrowly designed lighting band is used – a further development of the light signature, which is already known from the models 911 and TaryCan.

In the interior, it means minimalism and modernism. The sporty character of the vehicle is clarified by the deep seating position, with a view of the tailored, tailored, Curvet Hologram display. The realistic surface representations in the interior play a major role. “We have long dealt with the right material concept consisting of carbon and titanium. The aim was to reduce the weight with simultaneous performance enhancement, “says Markus Auerbach, Head of InteriorDesign at Porsche. “In addition, sustainable aspects play a role in forward-looking projects. In the concept vehicle, for example, only purely vegan materials were installed.”

Porsche present Vision Gran Turismo concept-visionPorsche

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5 thoughts on “Porsche present Vision Gran Turismo concept”

  1. Wow, what a meaningless car from Porsche again. 1000% sensible tax would be appropriate. But there is enough “men” who like to drive with something through the 50s zones or stand in a traffic jam – and in every floor wave fear to have their anterior lumbar … Porsche flat. Nothing new from the Yesterday. Nice that you also consider sustainability aspects. Such words from Porsche ..

  2. 16 Setting / switching options on the steering wheel – David, please explain it – but very slowly and detailed, so that even I can understand it.

  3. Porsche is not alone and no initiator.

    on https: // www.Gran-Turismo.COM / DE / VGT / is to read:

    The project began with a question of Kazunori Yamauchi: “Would you be willing to design your version of a Gran Turismo for us?”The name of the video game,” Gran Turismo “(GT) refers to the designation customary in the automotive world for a certain kind of two-door sports cars.

    The manufacturers who responded to our reputation now deliver new Gran-Turismo models. “Vision Gran Turismo” was launched on the occasion of Gran Turismo, automakers and players all over the world celebrations for the 15th anniversary of the Spielerehe. The vehicles will appear in succession in the “Gran Turismo” series – and by driving them from more and more people, the celebration will grow bigger and bigger.


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