Porsche should test hybridized 911 prototypes

Porsche should test hybridized 911 prototypes-hybridized

Porsche should currently test a hybridized prototype of the legendary sports car model 911 at the Nurburgring. The colleagues of car, engine and sport have identified the hybrid 911er due to his small yellow sticker on the rear window as such. In addition, the darkened side windows and the also opaque tailgate are an indication that in the area of the emergency seats, between the front seats and the burner motor in the rear, a battery pack is likely to be stowed. However, a charging socket on the body should not be recognized.

Porsche is already working on an electrified 911er, but closes for the sports car icon a purely electric version so far. A hybrid version, however, is possible, the additional components would still find space on the platform. A challenge in such a sporty model is the weight of the battery. Good 100 kilograms more bring the partially electrified 911s with. How this additional weight affects the driving behavior, the Porsche engineers seem to be tested.

Porsche boss Oliver Flower recently said that the 911 hybrid could hike towards the end of the product cycle of the 992-coded model generation from 2026 in the portfolio. He realized, however, clear that the 911er will have a combustion engine for a long time.

With which layout is an electrified 911er on the road, however, is still unclear. According to Porsche circles, work on multiple options that range from a more discreet electrified mild hybrid to a powerful plug-in version. For the latter are a good 700 hp and a torque of 1000 Newton meters in the room. And that would possibly be an argument for combustion purists, maybe at least partly on electromobility.

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