Porsche should want to build 100 HPC locations until 2025

Porsche should want to build 100 HPC locations until 2025-build

There are news about Porsches projects to build a separate, Europe-wide rapid store network. According to a report of the automotive week, the distributors and dealers should assume an important role. Calling on dealers, the managing sheet informs that Porsche should be equipped to 2025 only 100 locations with rapid loaders.

Already in March on the VW Power Day, Porsche boss Oliver Flower had announced that every Porsche fast loading location between six and twelve charging points with a charging power of 350 kW and more should have. Conceptually, a three-stage system is considered, now the automotive week: from simple locations, which are equipped only with charging stations, to larger charging parks with a connected restaurant.

It was planned to start a pilot phase with initially up to 15 dealers. There, for example, access to the charging stations and billing of charging operations can be tested via smartphone app. Also introduce a reservation of charging points via app wool porsche. The goal is an above-average fast and comfortable loading experience without waiting times.

A separate fast charging station has already developed Porsche and already in use, for example, to the customer center in Leipzig near the trade fair city, where in addition to some conventional 22 kW-AC loads, twelve 350 kW strong HPC loaders have been installed.

Explicitly emphasized Flower already in March that the Porsche fasteners should be built in addition to the HPC stations of the joint venture ionity, where Porsche is also involved. To the current report of the automotive week Porsche himself did not want to comment.

In addition to Porsche, a second Volkswagen subsidiary works on its own shop: Audi wants to build a private high-speed network and start a pilot phase again this year. The Ingolstadter also set to Premium, such as a lounge offer, which should make waiting times as comfortable as possible.

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