Porsche: Tacal boom contributes sharply to record year

Porsche: Tacal boom contributes sharply to record year-contributes

Neither Corona crisis nor semiconductor deficiency have been able to bring Porsche out of tracks in the past fiscal year. The Stuttgart car manufacturer accordingly recorded the strongest delivery result of the company’s history. How to show from a message, Porsche has 2021 worldwide 301.915 vehicles handed over to customers. That means a plus of eleven percent.

The models with the greatest demand were also the SUV of the brand last year: 88.362 customers took a vehicle of the Macan type, according to Porsche, in second place followed the Cayenne with 83.071 units. However, an outstanding increase achieved the fully electric Porsche Tycan: The vehicle is at 41.296 customers, it says. This would have more than doubled the deliveries compared to the previous year. As often as never as the sports car icon 911 was delivered: 38.464 copies found buyer. The Panamera came to 30.220 deliveries. The models 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman took 20.502 customers counter.

All worldwide sales regions would have contributed to growth, it says. The greatest increase with 22 percent and almost 85.000 sold cars achieved Porsche in the American continent. China continues to remain the largest single market. Here, the increase was eight percent. Despite many challenges, the company has been able to fulfill as many customers as never the dream of his own Porsche, says Sales Management Board Detlev of Platen. It is also full of confidence in the year 2022. “Demand is still high and our order books are well filled.”

In the home market of Germany, the demand for information from Porsche has also increased. The Swabia delivered 28.565 vehicles, which corresponds to an increase of nine percent. In total, in Europe 86.160 vehicles handed over to customers – seven percent more than in 2020. Striking is in particular the high rate of electrified sports cars. Almost 40 percent of the Porsche delivered in Europe in 2021 were equipped with a plug – as plug-in hybrids or pure E cars. The overall result, is very promising, so from platform. “It shows: The strategy for the further electrification of our fleet goes up and corresponds to the demand and the preferences of our customers.”

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3 thoughts on “Porsche: Tacal boom contributes sharply to record year”

  1. 260000 exhaust shafts for sale is not exactly climate-friendly, with the ambition decades of durability.
    The last glacier will give you to your customers as ice cubes for champagne.
    The poppot is just underground ironic and no lobesthyme, other OEMs do much more.

  2. Good numbers for the electromobility! The Toycan is an absolute success model and that Porsche really made a smart. They have built a desirable electric car. The Tacyan is beautiful, he is technically awarded, but above all, he is a real Porsche. One has taken the staff in the Porsche center – by events and driving events with this electric car. You always keep the Taryzan present. The reward is a Tacal quota in Germany, ie a pure electroquot, from 17.5% in 2021.

    The important thing about it is the signal inward and in the industry. The electrification of the next two series at Porsche is decided: First of the Macan and then the Boxster / Cayman are electrically. Bentley has decided to become electricly electric, Roll’s Royce has decided to be fully electrically become, Ferrari is now just about considering how to become fully electric.

    These thoughts have been strongly inspired by the persistent sales success of Tycan. And that’s good. The rich are not the last change, because the environment does not matter, no, they are with the first when you give them attractive products. Bill Gates goes Toycan, Elon Musk maybe secretly.

  3. A really aesthetically great vehicle. Only no vehicle for the mass. It is definitely an eye-catcher. Also the sound design. Sounds from the distance discreet to Porsche. Recently put out late at the garbage when it was quiet outside, I heard a noise that somehow sounded like Porsche, but somehow too quiet. Then he went over and I saw that it was a Tacy and thought, “Cool made, also sounds electrically to Porsche“. That’s just the perceived quality that makes such a luxury car. Not that I would need something like that, but I just find such detailed loyalty.

    Now Porsche has to watch that you get rid of your burners completely.



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