Porsche Taycan is a car of 2020 – electric car

Five candidates competed against each other – in the end an electric car won: the Porsche Taycan fetches the coveted title "German Car of the Year". Site shows all candidates and the winner in the video.

The electrically powered Porsche Taycan Turbo S prevailed in the test drives against an internationally top -class competition and referred the BMW 3 to second place, followed by the Opel Corsa, the Mazda 3 and the Peugeot 208. The five finalists had been selected in advance from more than 40 international candidates for the final test drives. All relevant vehicles have been available on the German market since the end of 2018. Among the five finalists were represented with battery-electrical drive, otto and diesel engines as well as plug-in hybrids, a wide variety of drive concepts.

Porsche Taycan is a car of 2020 - electric car-taycan
Gcoty The Porsche Taycan is German car in 2020

Porsche boss sees electro strategy confirmed

When the winner’s award was handed over, Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche, said: “We are very proud that we were able to convince the top-class jury with the Taycan and have been awarded the German Car of the Year 2020 Award as the best new car in Germany. The price again confirms that with our strategy, we have taken the right path with our strategy, even with electric drive to put a real Porsche on the street." The jury of the German Car of the Year consists of 15 motor journalists of different nationalities active in German -speaking countries – including Germans, Austrians, Japanese, Australians and Dutch.

Porsche Taycan is a car of 2020 - electric car-taycan
Gcoty BMW 3 Series


Cross and longitudinal dynamics

The Porsche Taycan was ultimately able to distance the competition with its convincing overall package. The four -door luxury coupe in its top version Taycan Turbo S 460 KW / 625 PS, which even climb to 560 kW / 761 hp and 1050 Nm in overboost. The 2.3 ton competitor of the Tesla Model S accelerates from a standing start in 2.8 seconds and has a top speed of regulated 260 km/h. The power of the Porsche Taycan generate two electric motors on the axles. Details such as all -wheel steering, a differential lock on the rear axle and torque vectoring via brake intervention provide further dynamics. "The Taycan convinces primarily with an independent design as well as its transverse and longitudinal dynamics, i.e. its superior performance in the classic evaluation criteria," said Jens Meiners from the jury of the German Car of the Year. It was noteworthy that the criteria that were also included in the evaluation "Environment and sustainability" were not decisive for the victory of the Taycan, but rather classic qualities such as driving performance, driving dynamics and comfort.

Porsche Taycan is a car of 2020 - electric car-2020
Gcoty Opel Corsa

Mazda as the only one without a hybrid option

The excellent threesome BMW, which many had expected to win at the Gcoty 2020, did not surprisingly end up in second place. The Limousine of the G20 series convinces not only with design and technology, but in particular an excellent portfolio from economical diesel to efficient plug-in hybrids to the sports model of the BMW M340i. The Mazda 3 also convinced with design and technical innovation. The Japanese not only looks great, but is the first series vehicle to offer the drive mix of diesel and petrol engine, since the Mazda 3 is driven by an engine with innovative compression ignition.

Porsche Taycan is a car of 2020 - electric car-taycan
Gcoty Mazda 3, here as a assembly

With the new small car sister models Opel Corsa and Peugeot 208 at German Car of the Year 2020, it was enough to leave more than 35 competitors behind, but during the final test drives the two closely related models of the PSA group Porsche and Give BMW defeated. Both vehicles can be obtained either with petrol, diesel or electric motor.

Porsche Taycan is a car of 2020 - electric car-2020
Gcoty Peugeot 208

This is the Gcoty

The German Car of the Year Award (Gcoty) was awarded for the second time in 2019. The car price is independent of the manufacturer. The five candidates are selected from all newly released car models in a preliminary vote by a specialist jury from car journalists and bloggers. Part of the jury is also a sit-auto-editor Sebastian Viehmann. In the event of final excretion, the cars compete against each other on a test day and are assessed by the jury in direct comparison. The event is supported by the automotive supplier ZF. Last year the Elektro-SUV Jaguar I-Pace won the title. The cars are assessed according to various criteria, including driving fun and performance, environment and sustainability, design, comfort, significance and price-performance.

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  1. until
    On a envy commentary. Nobody has to buy it. Those who buy it will provide wages … On a envy commentary. Nobody has to buy it. Those who buy it provide many, many workers wages and bread.

  2. Congratulation
    Porsche. A well thought -out technology carrier from which a lot of experience will certainly also be leaked into more guest vehicles. Respect for the engineering performance and in my opinion well -deserved. These are the innovations we need in Germany

  3. sure, of course
    The Porsche is also a real everyday car for everyone. Cheap to buy and of course family -oriented. The space available and the trunk are also fantastic. Nowadays, less attention should be paid to acceleration, PS driving dynamics and the top speed. Instead, the price, family suitability and everyday suitability should be in the foreground. The Taycan does not cut even well in any discipline. If I had the choice, I would take the Taycan to sell it right away and buy a practical car. A Dacia Logan is better invested money. I would live well for the remaining money for a while.

  4. At least no SUV
    He is electrically, not a SUV and also suitable for everyday use. With the new Taycan, Mr. Papa (of course also Mrs. Mama or Uncle/Aunt Diverse) should also be able to bring the children to Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion or Red Flora. An elegant, powerful appearance of the modern sense of responsibility at the same time demonstrates. Not bad…

  5. German Car of the Year – Typical German
    An e-Porsche. A sports car. The right vehicle for the future of the German auto industry. Normal vehicles for everyday use are also uninteresting. They are pressed towards the citizen with state funding and laws. But foreign companies occupy this market.

  6. A Porsche battery…
    gets a price? That can only be the one "be a silver lemon". I don’t even take this environmentally harmful battery powered electronic grotto. Too bad about the beautiful electric motors.

  7. It is ….
    ….But as always, to see that it apparently can only make expensive cars, so no mass models, on the upper podium, in this competition.


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