Porsche Taycan: This is how it looks

Porsche Taycan

World premiere of the electric racer: This is how the Porsche Taycan really looks

Porsche Taycan: This is how it looks-this

Press inform / Porsche
Porsche Taycan: Attacke mode

With the Taycan, Porsche now ventures from cover and presents its first pure electric car. The investments in the future project are immense, but the expectations are also. Site shows all information, pictures and data on the electrical Porsche.

The fact that your cars don’t really need a person is something with which you like to go to Porsche to go to Porsche. Nobody needs, but everyone wants. The motto is quite old, but still pulls, especially if there is a particularly high-PS and at the same time not so much everyday super sports car to apply.

Taycan’s world premiere on three continents

The Taycan may beat a bit out of the way. On Wednesday, the first pure electric model from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen celebrates at the same time in three continents world premiere. From the end of the year it will be delivered, the USA will start. The expectations are great.Porsche, like the industry as a whole, is criticized for diesel scandal and the debate about driving bans and is frightened skeptically. The group itself has made sustainability and electromobility into top issues using billions of bills and even proclaimed the beginning of a new era – and must now deliver.

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In this respect, especially the VW subsidiary itself now needs the Taycan. And whether everyone really wants it – and if you want it – you have to show up first. Porsche is not different from all other car manufacturers who start jumping into the electrical age.

Porsche Taycan: This is how it looks-looks
Porsche Livestream Porsche Taycan

If he is therefore nervous, CEO Oliver Blume does not show that at least not. "The entry into new technologies is never without risk," he says. But without the courage to do so, there is nothing to get in the future. And Porsche set off early: "We set the course towards electromobility even before the discussions about the future of the diesel engine and climate protection came up," emphasizes the 51-year-old.

Porsche Taycan: The technology

The Taycan should be 300 km/h fast. Ultimately, it became 260 km/h. It is not due to the performance. The top version Turbo S has up to 460 kW / 625 hp in normal operation and a maximum of 560 kW / 761 hp, If the overboost comes into play for the Launch Control, the maximum torque is also 1.050 Newton meters. With electromobility, the range is a very crucial lever: with filled batteries, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S between 388 and 412 kilometers (WLTP) comes wide. The somewhat powerful turbo (maximum 500 kW / 680 hp and 3.2 seconds from zero to 100 km / h) creates up to 450 kilometers and has a maximum torque of "only" 850 Nm.

Porsche Taycan: This is how it looks-looks
Press inform / Porsche Due to the system voltage of 800 volts, the batteries with the maximum charging power of 270 kilowatts are filled within 22.5 minutes from five to 80 percent

The battery has a capacity of 93.4 kilowatt hours. Due to the system voltage of 800 volts, the batteries with the maximum charging power of 270 kilowatts are filled within 22.5 minutes from five to 80 percent. After a good five minutes on a speed of direct current, you can get around 100 kilometers with Taycan. At home on an eleven kw change power wall, the five to 80 percent around 6 hours last. According to Porsche, the consumption is 26.9 kWh/100 km (Turbo 26.0 kW/h). For comparison: Tesla specifies in his model S 189 Wh/km (that would be 18.9 kW/h). If the Model S runs in the "Ludicrous Performance" mode, the electricity thirst increases according to the Americans to 200 Wh/km, i.e. 20 kW/h. The Taycan can recuerate up to 265 kW, and it works up to delays of up to 3.8 m/s2.

Drives the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla in the motorway test

Porsche Taycan: This is how it looks-this

Site Drives the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla in the motorway test

"Sustainer" inner space

In the interior, it is completely sustainable on request. Porsche offers a completely leather -free equipment variant for the first time in the Taycan, instead recycling materials are used. The batteries in the underbody remain without any side effects. So -called "foot garages" – these are recesses in the battery in the rear footwell – should ensure seating comfort in the rear. Speaking of garages: Two trunk is available: the front luggage compartment holds 81 liters, the rear 366 liters. Digitization and connectivity in Taycan are trump card. This can be seen from the digital cockpit in which the voice control is started with "Hey Porsche". Updates are played wirelessly into the car. However, a head-up display is still missing. That should come onto the market together with the "basic model" at the end of 2020. This also explains the unfortunate type names "Turbo" and "Turbo S". If you stay in the Porsche nomenclature, the models located underneath could be called "Taycan 4" and "Taycan 4S". The Porsche Taycan Turbo S and Porsche Taycan Turbo can now be ordered and cost 185.456 euros or 152.136 euros.

Six billion investments by 2022

The group will take six billion euros in hand by 2022 to get big in the business with electromobility. The complete work at the headquarters in Zuffenhausen has been removed for the Taycan in recent months. The workforce waived money so that production would be settled there and not elsewhere where it would have been cheaper and would have given more space.

In the fastest plug-in hybrid in the world you feel like in a roller coaster

Porsche Taycan: This is how it looks-porsche

Site In the fastest plug-in hybrid in the world you feel like in a roller coaster

Flower is convinced that the money is well invested and the risk can be controlled – and the Taycan as the first electric model is the right car. "With the Taycan, we deliberately chose a segment in which our brand has not yet been represented," he says. If you look at the sales figures, the SUV segment at the start may have been offered by Porsche – than the safer variant, so to speak,. The Taycan, on the other hand, can be located somewhere between the classic 911 and the four -door Panamera. The current top seller, the small SUV Macan, should also exist as a pure e -variant – but only in 2022.

Porsche Taycan: This is how it looks-porsche
Press inform / Porsche The aerodynamics of the Porsche Taycan is sophisticated

"In a way, this is a risk," says Stefan Reindl, the director of the Institute for Automobile Economy in Geislingen. But ultimately it is also marketing. Porsche now live from building remarkable cars. "And you want to show that electromobility does not mean without," explains Reindl. And of course you want to differ from others.It is clear that at least at the beginning of the profitability. "But that doesn’t just affect Porsche," says Reindl. With about 10.The group expects 000 euros higher material costs to the start of every electric vehicle compared to a combustion model. In order to be able to keep the 15 percent return, which is not exactly modest in view of the weak car monitor, Blume has set up a "result program". By 2025, this should bring in six billion euros and from then on two billion – over savings, but also with new sources of sales.

In whisper mode against Lamborghini-Poser: i8 Roadster in the video test

Porsche Taycan: This is how it looks-taycan

Site In whisper mode against Lamborghini-Poser: i8 Roadster in the video test

You come from the "Electrical number" out again?

The question of whether the group would get out of the electrical number again if necessary, if it doesn’t work, does not arise, says Blume. "I am firmly convinced that electromobility will be a success story for Porsche," he says. The CEO can build on the fact that thousands of people worldwide have bought a cat in the sack in the past few months. Porsche has accepted pre -orders for the Taycan for 2500 euros each, so far hardly anyone knows what it looks like in the series version and how it drives himself. Flower is therefore not tired of emphasizing that an e-Porsche is of course a real Porsche.

Porsche Taycan: This is how it looks-looks
Press inform / Porsche The rear is successful

Officially, more than 20 has been for months.000 interested parties who have already made a deposit. Production leader Albrecht Reimold has recently had more than 30.000 spoken. At least 20.000 Taycan per year wants to build Porsche. Capacity is up to 40.000 was already to be read. Even Blume does not want to commit itself before the car is officially on the market. Expert Reindl considers it possible that completely new layers of buyers can be opened up with the Taycan. However, it is very important for Porsche, he says that the individual segments do not cannibalize themselves.

Porsche Taycan: This is how it looks-this
Press inform / Porsche So the production of the Porsche Taycan looks

The 911 continues with gasoline

In order to be able to comply with the different climate protection requirements worldwide, the group is planning to elect around half of all vehicles in 2025 or to sell them with pure electric drive. With the Panamera, this can be done, the majority is delivered as a hybrid version.Porsche, on the other hand, leaves his fingers from his icon. The 911 with an electric motor is out of the question. Porsche also wants to develop the combustion engineers. In principle, the boss can imagine a hybrid version of the 911, it would also be possible, but it has not yet been planned specifically. The 911 is a fixture in the product range. "He will be traveling with a combustion engine for a long time," says Blume.

Everything about electromobility

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You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.

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  1. The exact looking vehicle…
    actually doesn’t play a big role. It is important that it is immediately a real Porsche and … actually doesn’t play a big role. It is important that it must be identifiable immediately as a real Porsche and that has succeeded. Because only if such a vehicle is also accepted by the potential customers, will it be a success. It has to be a success because otherwise Porsche will go under at the upcoming mobility turn. The Taycan is roughly as important for Porsche as the Golf at the time as a replacement for the beetle at VW.

  2. wrong direction
    By the end of this year, over 100 hydrogen filling stations will be in operation in Germany, and the trend will continue to increase. Today it was reported that the worldwide electrolysis system with an output of 100 megawatts is to be built in Hamburg. 22,000 cubic meters of hydrogen will produce. The future lies in the hydrogen. Why some manufacturers still do tesla in the production of battery cars is difficult to understand.

  3. old hat.
    It was often calculated that, compared to battery -electrical vehicle, hydrogen from generation to transport to implementation into electrical energy at least the 2.5 times the energy required. This is then reflected in the final user costs. In addition, the enormous cars are also very expensive, complex and incidental.

  4. Autonomous driving
    Since the Porsche Taycan is always a comparison with the Tesla Model S, what about autonomous driving in the first place? Nothing could be taken from the article.

  5. You buy a Porsche because you
    wants to drive and not chauffeur as a passenger. Autonomous driving is actually obsolete on a sort car.

  6. You have to go to the Taycan…
    Really not to do without anything, not even on the high consumption. As was now published, the CW value of the vehicle is 0.22. Nevertheless, the consumption is considerably higher than it of the Tesla Model S (CW value 0.24). Porsche must have done anything wrong here because the relatively poor efficiency absolutely does not fit such a flexible vehicle. It should probably be due to the engines and/or their software coordination. Too bad for this mistake, because the vehicle is otherwise completely successful.

  7. @ Peter Lauer
    The consumption of the Taycan is not on the highway, but according to WLTP standard (i.e. on a comparable basis) than that of the Tesla. The Tesla is not noticeably worse in the torque and the top speed. Only the permanent performance of the Porsche is better (but only "in the race" something constitutes). If you had driven a Tesla, your comment would have been different

  8. Respekt!
    Porsche has reached Tesla level and the sales opportunities for the vehicle are good. Compared to the Model S – the electricity consumption is still too high, the range only at the level of a Model 3 Standard Plus, even if it accelerates faster (which should be overwhelmed by many buyers). I get more than 3 model 3 SR for the purchase price+.

  9. What kind of weeds, can the way?
    The name culture at Porsche alone causes trimming and then this funny design, looks like Goofy’s car.

  10. Here was once
    The talk of 80-90t € now it has become twice as much. Have fun with it. The i8 was therefore also with completely raised prices and then they were shy off the things for € 800 in leasing. Completely overpriced e cars and the clouds of the recession at the back. Have fun with sales here. VW is now fuelting its Arteon for less than € 200 in leasing. Wait they will give away their diesel.

  11. Great car
    But most have not understood it yet, the ecos do not want to see such a vehicle on the street either. We should all be the same according to the GDR model, preferably all of them equally stupid and equally poor, except the party leader, of course.

  12. I don’t need a Porsche anymore
    and will take care of my current up to my end. Anyone can tinker with such an electric fictitious bum, there is nothing more Porsche.

  13. Elektro-description
    Unfortunately, the electric motor is also in the car that "Everyone tinker" can superior to the combustion engineer, the demonstration objects can already be bought for this. The sports car farmers have no choice but to offer electrovorians, and on the first markets, roaring athletes could soon be considered embarrassing. Then you would have a sales problem.

  14. Autonomous driving
    Since autonomous driving for the Porsche Taycan also stood in the developer on the specifications, I am excited about the first comparison tests between this and the Tesla Model S. Note: With the range you are quite optimistic. With a battery of 93.4 kWh and one "consumption" Of 26.9 kWh/100km, however, around 347 km come out as a range, so not quite those mentioned in the article "Between 388 and 412 kilometers", And then the battery is completely exhausted.


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