Porsche tests prototypes of the fully electric Macan public now

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Porsche tests prototypes of the fully electric Macan public now-electric

The fully electric Macan is ripe for the road: after first test drives on the testing grounds of the Porsche Development Center in Weissach, the well-camouflaged prototypes of the next generation of the compact SUV leave the factory premises for the first time. “The testing in the real environment begins and is one of the most important milestones in the development process,” says Michael Steiner, Board of Research and Development of Porsche AG. Up to the launch of the fully electric Macan in 2023, around three million test kilometers should be completed worldwide under different conditions. In the prototypes, the experience of countless trial skilometers – hazards in the virtual room, as Porsche says.

Digital development and testing not only save time and costs, it is also resource-conserving and thus sustainable. Instead of real vehicles, the engineers use digital prototypes – computing models, the properties, systems and aggregates of a vehicle with high accuracy. At Porsche, there are 20 digital prototypes for simulations in different development categories such as aerodynamics, energy management, operation or acoustics. “We regularly meet the data status of each department and build a more detailed virtual vehicle virtual vehicle,” explains Dr. Andreas Huber, Team Leader for Digital Prototypes at Porsche. Undiscovered constructive conflicts can be detected and solved so quickly.

One of the first engineers working with a digital prototype include aerodynamics specialists. “We have already started at the start of the project about four years ago with a conflation model,” reports Dr. Thomas Wiegand, Head of Aerodynamics Development. Looking at a high range is a low air resistance for the fully electric Macan elemental. Even small improvements in the flow can have great effects. For example, the engineers are currently storing detailed solutions with the aid of the simulation such as the cooling air guides. The calculations do not only take into account different arrangements of the components, but also the temperature differences occurring in reality.

Virtual tests with new display and operating system

New methods now allow a very precise simulation of aero and thermodynamics. “In the development of the fully electric Macan, the digital world is indispensable,” emphasizes aerodynamic Wiegand. The electric drive system from the battery to the engine requires a completely independent concept of cooling and tempering, which differs substantially from that of a vehicle with conventional drive. While a temperature window of 90 to 120 degrees is targeted for internal combustion engines, electric drive, power electronics and the high-voltage battery require a range between 20 and 70 degrees depending on the component. And the critical scenarios do not occur when driving, but at high performance at high outdoor temperatures. However, the Porsche developers can calculate and digitally calculate currents and temperatures.

Porsche tests prototypes of the fully electric Macan public now-porschePorsche
Virtual prototypes can be combined early with the real world. Best example: the development of a completely new display and operating concept for the next Macan generation. By using a so-called seat box, which represents the driver environment, in conjunction with the digital prototype, the display and operating concept can already be carried out in an early stage of development. “By simulation you can view, operations and changing influences while traveling from the driver’s point of travel,” explains Fabian Klausmann from the Development Area Driver Experience. “Test Driver” are not only the experts themselves, but also subject matters subjects. To the smallest detail, all interactions between driver and vehicle can be examined and specifically optimized, even before the first physical cockpit arises.

Development goal: The most sporty model in its segment

On the basis of the obtained data, the first physical prototypes of the fully electric Macan were built – partially elaborately in hand or with special tools. They are regularly adapted to virtual development.

Conversely, the findings from road testing flow directly into the digital development process. “The permanent testing on locked tests and public road under real conditions is still indispensable to secure the vehicle structure, the operating strength and reliability of hardware, software and all functions according to our high quality standards,” said Development Management Michael Steiner.

Porsche tests prototypes of the fully electric Macan public now-porschePorsche

The sophisticated test program under climatic and topographical boundary conditions includes disciplines such as the loading and conditioning of the high-voltage battery in the fully electric Macan. This must meet high demands. “The fully electric Macan with its 800 volt architecture, as well as Tacy, offer a Porsche-typical e-performance,” promises Steiner and calls as development goals, among other things, a long-distance comprehensive range, high-performance fast-loading and reproducible best-in-class driving performance values: “The fully electric Macan will be the sportiest model in its segment.”

Further new Macan with internal combustion engine

The launch for the fully electric Macan, which is founded as the first Porsche on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), is planned for 2023. For the transition to pure electromobility, Porsche is flexible. “In Europe, demand for electric vehicles is increasing continuously. However, the pace of development in the world regions with regard to electromobility is different. We therefore bring another successor to the current Macan with conventional drive in the course of the year 2021, “says Michael Steiner. The new Macan models with internal combustion engine will be offered in parallel to the fully electric Macan in the future. Until it comes to the market, but he still has millions of test kilometers to complete – real and virtual.

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