Porsche Toycan Cross Turismo: Catapult with flap – our impressions

Porsche Toycan Cross Turismo: Catapult with flap - our impressions-turismo

What you imagine in the sign of the Roessle under “Performance” shows already the commercial. In this movie genre likes to be a bit exaggerated, but what Porsche has set for his newest car in scene is much more than just a clip.

The act turns around the drift. From all angles. On loose sand in the rub-al-chali desert at plus 30 degrees – and at 30 minus deep snowy Finland. In rapid change filmed by a high-tech drone, whose pictures let a computer animation believe – and they are not a bit artificial. From the raging Porsche through the Beduinzelt by cut behind the polar circle and back again. And then the flying eye chases the cross driver like a bullet back through the open side windows … very big cinema.

Porsche Toycan Cross Turismo: Catapult with flap - our impressions-porscheWolfgang Plank

And yes – also big flap. After all, the latest Taryce is a kind of electric fast transporter. Ie Cross, because he also comes over sticks and stones – and Turismo, because they probably only twist in Zuffenhausen only with “three-cylinder” the eyes even if they hear the word “combi”.

Finally, Porsche customers should not have flower earths and color chubs in mind, but fleets of driving pleasure – paired with the comfort of a truck. Therefore, there is now much more headroom – on the legs it will not be greater than in the coupe despite “Foot garage”. But that would be moan at a high level.

The plus of everyday use is bought with a minimum of renunciation. Until Tempo 100 just passes a tenthsehood more than in the respective coupe – and the propulsion ends ten kilns earlier earlier. Values that can not be approximately describe anyway, which actually does when you step down to this pedal, which is not one of the gas anymore. Who should still believe in driving electrically do not fun, should rethink lightning fast. Despite 2.3 tons, you have to imagine the acceleration as sitting in a catapult and back someone solves the hook. If you do not have the inner tranquility of a Piedmontese winegrower, is fast in pace-noise.

Porsche Toycan Cross Turismo: Catapult with flap - our impressions-catapultWolfgang Plank

To get down, you have to have a decent slice. For the top versions Cleverly made of ceramics. The front measures just under 17 inches, the back barely less. Advantage of the Cross Turismo: The five-meter Sauser already has in the 476 hp basic model via four-wheel, air suspension and the performance battery plus with 93.4 kWh (net: 83.7). And so you do not realize that you get in front of neat storage space. A maximum of 446 liters are with full seating, folded up to 1.2 cubic meters of space – the three times what the normal Taryce contains.

Either like it is perched. In well-contoured seats, surrounded by fine interior and in the midst of displays and touchscreens. In mind: A horizontal stressed cockpit with hints at the first 911. In the middle of the tacho. Around the word of the word of a “PowerMeter”. The tachometer centered over decades, it does not need it anymore.

An opulent command level for the trip to no man’s land of driving physics. There you believe yourself when the Cross Turismo may show what he really can. Less than a blinkess, the electronics need to bring all-wheel drive, attenuation and response to the optimum – on request even the rear axle rotates. Where nine of ten drivers already act on the limit, Tacal does not do it for a long time.

Porsche Toycan Cross Turismo: Catapult with flap - our impressions-crossWolfgang Plank

Such stress is good in the long run? It looks quite like this. Even 20 fast rounds on the 2.8-kilometer handling course at the Hockenheimring bring the Cross Turismo – whether 476 hp or 761 – at least not a bit in distress. Despite 17 faster curves and tempo 200 at the end of the start-target straight. No heat thaw, no warning, no emergency mode – always propelled. If necessary, the consumption rises over normal ..

But they did not want to build an e-car in Zuffenhausen, on the Porsche, but a Porsche with electric drive. Bring the soul of the brand into a new age, said series Driver Dr. Stefan weckbach once. This obliged: to a northern grinding time of well below eight minutes – and up to 450 kilometers range. Not in direct combination, sees itself.

Whether you are resting or travels – at some point the battery empty. And there you promise at Porsche a good five minutes charging time for 100 kilometers. From five to 80 percent capacity offenses 22.5 minutes. Most of the energy, however, gets the Tacal from recuperation. He can feed up to 265 kilowatts. You do not leave a watt, it says. What causes such uncompromising? For the first time in the history of Porsche, there is a maintenance interval of six years for the brake. The coverings could otherwise be too old ..

Porsche Toycan Cross Turismo: Catapult with flap - our impressions-toycanWolfgang Plank

For the new model year, you have optimized the battery again in all models. More “charderbustness”, as it is said, but above all about the 20 kilometers more range (without new homology), because the front axle remains completely de-energized during uncoupling. In addition, there is now Android car, and who likes, park from outside – via app. Pretty surprise for enthusiasts: The Tacy can now be treated in “Sternrubin” and a few other cult colors of former classics.

A downside remains: under 187.764 euros is the top model “Turbo S” not to have. Even if there is pretty much on board, what the heart desires. Small comfort: Cross Turismo also goes for half. In the entry-level model one gets just five digits.

Large flap you have to stop ..

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  1. A great Bev what Porsche has put on the legs, which looks a bit of his collective collars, kerniger and more beautiful than the Taryce.
    Unfortunately, the price / performance ratio is porchetypical, but now the competition in this segment of sports limousines, which simply offer only 1/3 costs, and more performance, z.B. Hyundai, Kia, Tesla, which are lighter and faster, with smaller batteries also continue.
    Porsche should bring here more than just his jumping Gaul on the bonnet, Z.B. a best time on the Nordschleife and much more range.

  2. But they did not want to build an e-car in Zuffenhausen, on the Porsche, but a Porsche with electric drive.

    The most important aspect at the complete vehicle and also representative of the complete German premium manufacturers. That should be the objective.


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