Porsche Toycan GTS: Stromer with more than 500 km range

Porsche Toycan GTS: Stromer with more than 500 km range-porsche

In the run-up to the La Auto Show, first rumors became loud that Porsche will bring another, third body version of the Porsche Taryzan to the route. This is now happening with the Porsche Toycan GTS (Gran Turismo Sport). The second Newcomer – Tacy GTS Sport Turismo – shares the sporty silhouette together with the rear roof line with the TaryCan Cross Turismo. The TaryCan GTS presents itself as a sporty all-rounder of the brand.

Porsche Toycan GTS: Stromer with more than 500 km range-toycanPorsche

The power of the stromer is indicated up to 440 kW (598 OS), the electric range are moved to WLTP in the range of 424-504 km, depending on the pressure on the current. Speaked from 0 to 100 km / h in both GTS models in just 3.7 seconds. Where the maximum speed of 250 km / h is not exceeded. With a range of up to 504 kilometers to WLTP, the new sports model bakes the first Taryce the 500 kilometers mark.

“Since the world premiere in 2019, the model program of Taconic has grown steadily. Three body variants with up to five motorizations offer something for everyone. I am particularly pleased that there is now a Tacy with the legendary abbreviation GTS. It is positioned over the Tacy 4S and below the Tacal turbo derivatives. He represents the golden, sporty center. Tacal GTS and Tycan GTS Sport Turismo rolls in the spring 2022 to the dealers. Further motorizations for the sport Turismo will follow.”- Kevin Giek, head of the Tycan series

Porsche shares in the current message that the adaptive air suspension including Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) GTS-specific presented. This benefits the transverse dynamics. The optional rear axle steering also has an even more sporty set-up. The more hearty sound of the modified Porsche Electric Sport Sound underlines the character of the new GTS model.

Porsche Toycan GTS: Stromer with more than 500 km range-Sport Turismo shares sporty silhouettePorsche

In addition, taken care of the exterior and interior of existing TaryCan variants. Thus, the numerous black or dark details typical for a GTS are present at the exterior, such as bug trim, the feet of exterior mirrors or side window strips. Likewise, black race tex sizes in the interior underline the dynamic-noble ambience as well as the standard interior package of aluminum brushed in black anodized.

Porsche Toycan GTS: Stromer with more than 500 km range-porschePorsche

The Sport Turismo orders Porsche as a derivative, which is aimed at those who want a similarity for everyday use as at Tacal Cross Turismo, but do not want to do without the “Onroad” Performance of Taconic Sport Limousins. With the Toycan Cross Turismo, Taconic Sport Turismo shares the sporty silhouette with the rear roof line, and functional format. On off-road design elements, the Taconic Sport Turismo renounces.

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  1. The Tacyan is a success model, which calls to enlarge the model range. Only I personally hold the GTS model for relatively pointless, because it is very close to the 4S and looks against the clearly potent turbo versions silly. Quasi almost as early as the thickness in sports lessons, which wore a shiny brand tracksuit.

    The range advantage has all 22er models. But he does not play a big role because the concept of the car aims at short loading times. So here would be a next step more meaningful. That’s supposed to give it. The glass roof sounded at the push of a button, I find well, even better would be a variant that could open.


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