Porsche wants “Electric cars with the best performance”

Porsche wants

Porsche technical board Michael Steiner has many construction sites currently. First of all the perfection of the electric drive. In an interview with the trade-in-sheet Edison, Steiner also spoke about the planning of other electrical models, as preceded in cell production and why E-Fuels are a topic.

One of the sensational vehicles of the past months of Porsche was the Mission R, an innovative technology carrier in the format of the compact sportsman 718. “By car we want to show what is technologically possible,” says Steiner. The sports car is designed for a fully electric racing series, so Porsches technical board. A race series, which does not exist yet. Steiner could imagine a cup format, such as the Carrera Cup, or a kind of GT championship with several brands. “Electric motorsport must first develop,” he admits. And Porsche wanted to actively participate in this development.

Apart from that, the mission r is not the first concept vehicle from which we derive things for series cars “. The car is an incentive to develop other technologies – also for the street. Specifically, some elements of Mission R will be recalled in the coming 718, which deprives 2024 and to provide more than 500 kilometers range. About details about this model, however, steiner unfortunately.

Because priority has the first electric SUV from Porsche, the new Macan. The model is Porsches worldwide bestseller and is intended to be “the second pillar” of the E-Auto Offer of the Zuffenhausen as the coming e version from the year 2023. “Only then will we deal intensively with other electrifications,” says Steiner.

Already now Porsche works in the joint venture Cellforce on its own high-performance battery cells. Currently there is intensive conversation with several communities in southwest Germany, where the planned small series production could be built. It is clear, “that we put on the location Germany – in Baden-Wurttemberg.”First of all, it is planned to produce battery cells for up to 1000 vehicles per year. These are intended for use in particularly sporty models: “We want the electric cars with the best performance. This requires cells with a high power density and high energy density “.

Here Porsche see a lot of potential to differentiate from his competitors. “That’s why we invest in one’s own production.”A decision in which vehicle model should these cells be used, however, is not yet.

Also on E-Fuels works Porsche, after all, the manufacturer wants to be CO2-neutral from 2030 Bilanziell. “That’s why we have to think about the vehicles, which will not drive electrically,”. The sports car icon 911, for example, will also be after 2030 as a burner, there are a series of plug-in hybrids that will also be found in the portfolio. “And the fuel plays the crucial role”. With green E-Fuels, there is the possibility to make burners “almost co2-neutral. This is technically possible and also industrially scalable.”Porsche is convinced that” that this will be an important contribution to climate protection – in traffic, but also in whole other industries.”

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2 thoughts on “Porsche wants “Electric cars with the best performance””

  1. I am absolute fan of the electric Porsche and drive the Tacyan as a Daily Driver. He is the best car I’ve ever dangered. I also understand that Porsche appeals to the emotion and therefore takes electric racing in the focus.

    But this e-fuel story makes me bad mood. I find the latest idea of Porsche, exhaust pipes and sound for electric cars to forc. This has not been reported here, but other sources show this development. I can not tell how glad I am that I do not have that in my vehicle, I have tried the sound plenty and just find it superfluous.

    I think this clientele, who still lives in the burner yesterday, has to rethink. She has to be easily weaned. Spare drugs and lazy compromises like hybrids and e-fuels will not help.

  2. At Bevs, a complete PS madness is inflamed. Kias with 585ps and 0-100 in 3.5s, fast as a 1993 McLaren F1. In a few years then with each 2. Half rigid as used cars in the garage. You can not let the engine howl anymore, so you have to give full throttle. With the thought that every third-class Chinacracher is in front of 1000ps, I will be bad. That’s no more normal, it needs a performance restriction in public road traffic. After speed restrictions on highways screaming, but compact cars are okay who are inherent in an eye-catching inner-city to the uncontrollable storey – that’s schizophrenic ..


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