Porsche wants to build factory for high-performance battery cells

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Porsche wants to build factory for high-performance battery cells-porsche

Next step in the electrical offensive: Porsche invests a high double-digit million sum in the new Cellforce Group GmbH to build a battery factory together. Thus, the sports car manufacturer wants to further expand its technological leadership in electromobility. The entry into the manufacture of high-performance battery cells have announced Porsche and the joint venture partner Customcells a few days ago in the Development Center Weissach.

“The battery cell is the combustion chamber of the future. As a new Porsche subsidiary, the Cellforce Group will significantly drive research, development, production and distribution of high performance cells. With the joint venture, we position ourselves at the top of global competition around the most powerful battery cell and make them the link between the unmistakable Porsche driving experience and sustainability. So we design the future of the sports car.”- Oliver Flower, CEO of Porsche AG

The seat of the new joint venture, where Porsche holds a majority stake of 83.75 percent, is Tubingen. The university city is also in the closer selection for the location of the battery factory, which is to be located in spatial proximity to the Development Center Weissach and the headquarters of Porsche AG in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. By 2025, the workforce of 13 shared employees should grow up to 80 people. The Federal Republic of Germany and the Land Baden-Wurttemberg promote the project with around 60 million euros.

“We have founded Customcells with the aim of developing custom battery cells for the most demanding applications, and that’s what we can now realize with Porsche. The planned production plant should achieve a capacity of at least 100 MWh per year. This corresponds to high performance battery cells for 1000 vehicles.”- Torge ThOnnessen, CEO Customcells

Higher energy density than current serial batteries

The chemistry of the new high-performance cells relies on silicon as anode material. This makes it possible to significantly increase energy density compared to current serial batteries. The battery can be more compact with the same energy content. The new chemistry also reduces the internal resistance of the battery. This can record more energy in the recuperation and is at the same time more powerful at the quick loading. Another special feature of the Cellforce Battery Cell: It should be better tolerated high temperatures. All these are highly valued in motorsport. On the other hand, the racetrack does not necessarily require the battery to work even with minus grades and remains stable over many charging cycles for years – goals that the new cell technology should also ensure.

As a cell development partner for the next generation of the lithium-ion battery, the world’s leading chemistry company BASF was won. As part of the cooperation, BASF provides high-power HEDTM NCM cathode materials for high-performance cells to enable rapid loading and high energy density. In the BASF production facilities for pre-products of cathode materials in Harjavalta (Finland) and for cathode materials in Schwarzheide, Brandenburg, BASF can produce from 2022 battery materials with an industry-leading low CO2 footprint.

The way to the joint venture and the partners

The idea for a production of high-performance battery cells has arisen for an initiative of the P3 Group. The Stuttgart Corporate Consultancy has developed the concept and initiated a funding application under the European IPCEI project Eubatin (Important Project of Common European Interest – European Battery Innovation) in 2019, which has set itself a competitive European value chain for lithium Build ion batteries. This should be based on innovative and sustainable technologies. As a project partner from the automotive industry Porsche rose. This year, the P3 Group has decided to maintain neutrality and independence on the market and not to be involved directly in the joint venture. P3 acts as a technology consultation with deep technical understanding in the field of battery cells and has completed a long-term service contract with the Cellforce Group.

Customcells is one of the world’s leading companies in the development of special lithium-ion battery cells. On the company locations in Itzehoe (Schleswig-Holstein) as well as in Tubingen (Baden-Wurttemberg) develops and produces customcells application-specific battery cells from prototypes to small and medium series – Made in Germany. Since its founding 2012, Customcells has built up important know-how in the field of cell development with a variety of materials (cathodes, anodes, separators, electrolytes) and coating technologies. Customcells manufactures small series in the area of special lithium-ion battery cells, for example for the air and shipping industry and builds on flexible manufacturing concepts and state-of-the-art research and production facilities.

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