Post automatically balances CO2 emissions in letter transport

Post automatically balances CO2 emissions in letter transport-emissions

For ten years, DHL has been promoting all private customer packages climate-friendly as a so-called. “Gogreen broadcasts”. From now on, Deutsche Post automatically compensates for all CO2 emissions incurred during the transport of letters. The customers do not pay a surcharge for the more sustainable shipping. So far, the “Gogreen shipping option” was chargeable and only for business customers with a shipping volume of at least 50.000 shipments per year available. Even for private customers, the letter shipment is climate-friendly.

From now on, Deutsche Post is equalizing the currently unavoidably incurred CO2 emissions by investing in internationally recognized and certified climate protection projects. At around 6.5 billion letters, which in the Briefkommunikation business unit alone, would be a compensation of more than 300.000 tonnes correspond to CO2 emissions. For national commercials and press products, the separately to be assigned “Gogrreen shipping option” is still available.

“Climate protection is a central concern for Deutsche Post. We are already concerned with the farest fleet of electric transporters, electrically operated loading wheels and bicycles for the climate-friendly letter and parcel delivery of the industry. And from our package customers we get big encouragement that we have already carried climate-friendly all private customer packages for many years. Now we also enlarge the product side in the letter sector and make the entire letter transport green. Thus, we also help our business customers to make their letter correspondence with their end customers more environmentally friendly.”- Ole Nordhoff, Head of Marketing German Post

These can now use “GOGREEN” as a sign of your own commitment to climate protection and z.B. By imprinting the logo on envelopes visible. Active climate protection not only benefits the environment, but it will also be recognizable for the mail recipients.

Since 2007, Deutsche Post and DHL with the Service Gogreen have been able to compensate for the CO2 emissions arising from the shipment through certified climate protection projects. For ten years, every private customer package within Germany is also promoted as a “gogreen broadcast”. The measure, now also all letters automatically transport CO2 compensated, is part of the sustainability program, with which Deutsche Post DHL Group wants to achieve the goal of zero emission logistics by 2050.

Even today, Deutsche Post DHL in more than 50 percent of the delivery districts and packages CO2-free admits and is thus according to its own statement of climate-friendly logistics providers in Germany. The Post & Package Deutschland division also sets a further expansion of its electric fleet and invests in the construction of CO2 neutral facilities as well as the retrofitting of existing buildings. Also, the proportion of packages that are transported on the more environmentally friendly rail and bio-gas-operated trucks are to be increased continuously. In addition, it is planned to extend the GOGREEN product portfolio in 2022 to enhance products where customers can actively participate in the CO2 avoidance in Germany.

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