Post Sold Streetscooter – Ex-BMW Manager becomes CEO

Post Sold Streetscooter - Ex-BMW Manager becomes CEO-post

The rumors from October 2021 have confirmed. The electric transporter manufacturer Streetscooter has found a buyer. Already in advance, it was reported that the Luxembourg company Odin Automotive, which was founded in mid-September, all shares in the post-daughter Streetscooter Engineering based in Aachen Wool. This seems to be the case. Chef at the manufacturer in Aachen will be the former BMW financial boss Stefan Krause in the future.

Sold is a large part of the electric transporter of Streetscooter to the International Corporate Consortium Odin Automotive in Luxembourg. As is known, the sale includes intellectual property for vehicle models D17 and D20 as well as the two wholly owned subsidiaries in Switzerland and Japan. The Deutsche Post DHL Group is at the same time minority owner of Odin and thus remains a bit far from Streetscooter.

The main shareholder of Odin is known in the industry: It is the manager Stefan Krause, who once was the board at BMW and the Deutsche Bank and now deposited mainly in the e-mobile start-up scene. Already in mid-September, the manager magazine had reported that Krause had expressed interest and allegedly called 100 million euros as a purchase price. Krause was involved in leading positions in the e-mobility companies CANOO, Fisker and Faraday Future and became a good half a year deputy board officer in the Canadian raw material company Rock Tech Lithium.

Further shareholders of Odin are the world of the Singapore Financial Expert Djamal Attamimi from the Indonesian coalemon series Toba Bara as well as the manager and entrepreneur Matthew Paul Richards of the Indonesian telecommunications company Trikomsel Oke. Odin Automotive wants to act as a manufacturer of electric transporters with the acquisition of Streetscooter Engineering GmbH as a manufacturer of electric transporters and continue to build both existing Streetscooter models.

By contrast, Streetscooter GmbH remains in the Post Group. This will continue with its 300 employees as suppliers of vehicle parts and batteries for the extension of the fleet planned by the Group to 21.500 Streetscooter act. After the sale, this company should focus exclusively on the maintenance and care of the stock fleet.

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  1. Hopefully the production remains in Aachen. There is a creative environment for emotobility and short distances to possible markets (Benelux, France).


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