Practical test Volvo V60 Plug-in R-Design: Should you scrap your diesel audi? This Volvo can (almost) everything

Practical test Volvo V60 plug-in R-design

Should you scrap your diesel audi? This Volvo can (almost) everything

Practical test Volvo V60 Plug-in R-Design: Should you scrap your diesel audi? This Volvo can (almost) everything-r-design

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Oko meets power: diesel with plug: Volvos plug-in-hybrid V60

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

A car that can drive electrically, is long-distance and offers power for the highway-sounds too beautiful to be true. Can the Volvo V60 plug-in drive the diesel competition of Audi and BMW to the ground?

"Hybrid? It’s not worth it!“This reaction is carved in stone, especially among diesel drivers. In fact, the part-time streamers are still in the blatant minority. They are simply too expensive than that the consumption advantage could be put back in realistic periods.

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The price is not hot

The Volvo V60 AWD plug-in is no different. At least 56.You have to put 200 euros on the table for the 280 hp Sweden combination-almost 15.000 euros more than for the top diesel 2.4 D5 (215 hp), around 10.000 euros more than for an Audi A4 Avant 3.0 TDI Quattro (245 hp) and 7000 euros more than for a BMW 3 Series Touring 330d XDrive (258 hp). You have to drive very, very wide so that the lush hybrid surcharge should expect.

Remaining value forecast Volvo V60 plug-in

Practical test Volvo V60 Plug-in R-Design: Should you scrap your diesel audi? This Volvo can (almost) everything-test
Bahr & Fess Forecasts The residual value experts from Bahr & Fess Forecasts do not give the Volvo hybrid a good residual value forecast

But there is something that makes the Volvo special: it is not a fun-free reason like the Toyota Prius, not an inconspicuous journeyman like the electric golf and not an unreachable expensive battery cruiser like the Tesla Model S. Once you leave out the price aspect: what can the Volvo do in practice-and what not? Site puts the Swedish eco-edel combination to the test.Electric car database-all electric cars and plug-in hybrids in the test

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10 thoughts on “Practical test Volvo V60 Plug-in R-Design: Should you scrap your diesel audi? This Volvo can (almost) everything”

  1. Volvo V60
    A diesel remains a diesel. A diesel remains a dirty slingshot. As alternative … A diesel remains a diesel. A diesel remains a dirty slingshot. As an alternative, you can import a Toyota Camry Hybrid directly from the USA.

  2. Vewrotten?
    Because of a Volvo and a tinted individual opinion, probably a huge mistake. That "Miracle car" V60 does not make any economic sense at all. He is like the highly praised Prius, who only does not sell himself even after several generations.

  3. Already yesterday’s technology
    When will the auto industry finally spare us with this overpriced murks? Plug-in does not bring because there are a) too few charging stations, b) that the shop takes too long, c) the electricity after the umpteenth energy transition is anything but OKO, d) take the manufacturers insolent prices. If the pricing were moderate, you could think about a full hybrid. The electricity is produced itself, so you are free of charging stations. Unfortunately, the manufacturers overdo it completely with the prices and let the "progress" pay expensive of the few end consumers. The recovery to the comparable vehicles with combustion engine are 50%+ prohibitive. Pure electromobility is already yesterday before she even had a future.

  4. Too much money for too little driving fun
    No thanks, that’s nothing for me three times! "There are still countless white spots in Germany when it comes to charging stations for e-mobile." Numerous white spots? Pust cake, the whole area is white with a few green dots. I have to fill up, but I don’t find a charging station forever, great! And how is that in other European countries? The same and then they also had other plugs there, dazzling. The consumption "fuel" is awesome, but only the first 100 km – and then it goes up! Then prefer a normal economical diesel before I am stripping around with something like that. And the car is overpriced anyway. I prefer to wait 25 years, then maybe get it in line with how it works.

  5. I would one for the money
    Get beautiful E-Class. Modern diesel need between 5-7 liters. You don’t need this hybrid tin.

  6. Auto tester from the day before yesterday!
    In 1985 the transition period for the application of the new international (Si-) units ended. Since then there is no longer PS but only KW! After almost 30 years that should have got around. The fact that – as here – the combustion engineer is given in PS, the electric drive in KW is a joke. I know now it says right away that the driver cannot switch to KW. But with the torque it was very quick. Apparently the changeover of MKP (meter kilopond) to NM (Newton meter) was easier. Or was it simply because the range of services in KW results in only about 3/4 of the PS, but almost ten times the torque ? By the way: In practical driving, 50 kW corresponds to 100 hp, because of the high torque in the lower area.

  7. not completely correct
    There is no KW with the 7-SI units. You can derive it and say 1W = 1n*m/s. The old PS unit was 75kg, which in 1SEK. Must be lifted 1m, defined. These are all units. Of course, PS makes more because there is a larger number- that’s why you still take it today.

  8. Saab 60
    This car is nothing more than today’s average and will unfortunately have a modest resale value ! For me this vehicle has no advantages.

  9. Electrical operation in winter
    How big is the range in electrical operation in winter. Far lower capacity and many consumers. You don’t read anything about this. Only the ideal conditions are described. What does it look like after 4 years in winter? Then the battery is clearly aged.

  10. A question to site!
    If this price comparison is adjusted because the accessories list lists from BMW and Audi approx. 3 x as many positions as the comparable Volvo!


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