Premiere at Lexus: NX 450H + is first plug-in hybrid

Premiere at Lexus: NX 450H + is first plug-in hybrid-hybrid

The interplay of piston and winding do you already operate at Lexus. With the second generation of the NX, however, Toyota’s nobotic daughter celebrates a plug-in version premiere. And: For the first time, according to Lexus, professional racing driver for fine cut in terms of driving dynamics. Compared to first generation, the NX has increased by two centimeters to 4.66 meters. From November he should be with the dealers.

The top model of the series, the NX 450H +, has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder and a lithium-ion battery with 18.1 kWh – according to Lexus the highest capacity in this class. An additional electric motor on the rear axle ensures four-wheel drive. The plug-in system produces a total output of 306 hp and accelerates the NX 450h + in a good six seconds at speed 100. Purly electric are 63 kilometers possible, the maximum speed is then 135 km / h.

Premiere at Lexus: NX 450H + is first plug-in hybrid-lexusToyota / Lexus

According to manufacturer’s instructions, the NX 450H + also preserves its high efficiency when the battery is empty. In contrast to many competitors then take over a self-charging full-hybrid system. The practicality is not limited by the new technology, it means. The trunk owns like the normal 242 hp hybrid model 350h a charging volume of 500 liters. Under the trunk floor there is therefore a 21-liter compartment in which the charging cable can be stored. The tank volume of 55 liters remains unchanged.

The characteristic grille is upright and emphasizes the long bonnet, it says. Short overhangs, a wider track, exhibited wheel arches and up to 20 inch wheels are intended to reinforce the powerful impression. At the tailgate the emblem was replaced by the lettering “Lexus”. For improved aerodynamics, particularly designed sidebars as well as a new lower motor cover provide. Their surface is reminiscent of a golf ball and produces micro-air vortex under the vehicle that should improve the high speed straight line.
Premiere at Lexus: NX 450H + is first plug-in hybrid-firstToyota / Lexus

The new NX is the first Lexus model, which is equipped with an electromechanical door opening. Instead of with classic interior handles, the doors are unlocked with a key that is located in the door panel next to the armrest. Additional comforts offer the functions for remote control via app. Owners of the new NX can thus remotely lock and unlock the doors from afar or preheat the interior before driving forward or cooling.

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