Presentation of the BMW X3: the new generation is coming in November


Progress is only hinted at in the BMW X3

Presentation of the BMW X3: the new generation is coming in November-Source Thomas Geiger Source Thomas

The next generation of the X3 looks a bit more muscular, but continues the basic shape of its predecessor

Source: BMW

The next generation of BMW’s SUVs will get a lot of technology that was previously reserved for the larger models. In terms of propulsion, revolutions are hinted at, but not yet carried out.

E.For an automaker, success can be both a blessing and a curse. Because the more successful a model is, the more difficult it is for decision-makers to deal with serious changes and the more predictable and therefore more boring the generation changes become.

That was with the Audi Q5 like that, and that’s with the BMW X3 no different. Because the Bavarians did not want to offend 1.5 million buyers from two generations, they only touched the bestseller with kid gloves. When the third edition of the compact off-roader goes to the start in November at an estimated price of 45,000 euros, there will be no major change in style.

Unlike Audi with the Q5, BMW at least works out the character of the X3 a little better and emphasizes the S in the sport utility vehicle with more muscles. The new generation looks more athletic with largely unchanged format and is also 55 kilos lighter than the current model.

The biggest technical innovations, on the other hand, are first of all promises for the future: The upcoming X3 could be an electric drive as the first non-i model get, a plug-in hybrid variant would also be conceivable. In addition, BMW promises a significantly sportier driving experience for the upcoming X3, and there will also be one, maybe even two M versions of the SUV for the first time. First an X3 M40i with 360 hp, which should make it to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds and accelerate to just under 250 kilometers per hour. And allegedly a real M-X3 should also be firmly planned, which should produce well over 400 hp.

Lots of technology from fives and sevens

At the start, in addition to the M40i, only one other conventional gasoline engine will be installed, a two-liter four-cylinder in the X3 30i with 252 hp. There are also two diesels on offer: the 20d with four cylinders and 195 hp and the 30d with six pots and 265 hp.

Another four-cylinder petrol engine will follow in spring 2018, coming as the X3 20i with 184 hp. The variants without the M logo achieve top speeds between 213 and 240 km / h, the smallest diesel is supposed to consume five liters per 100 kilometers according to the standard.

Presentation of the BMW X3: the new generation is coming in November-coming

The M40i will be the first M version of an X3

Source: BMW

While BMW has developed the lines of its predecessor more evolutionarily in terms of design and offers nothing new under the hood, at least progress is making its way into the interior: the X3 generously takes over features from the five and sevens and therefore starts with an animated cockpit and the large one Touchscreen including gesture control.

The Bavarians have also adopted the so-called display key, which is reminiscent of a smartphone. To this end, new assistance systems are finding their way into the X3. Like Funfer and Co., the new generation should drive almost autonomously in heavy traffic on the autobahn and, for the first time, even automatically change lanes. There is no information about the prices yet. The BMW X3 is currently available from 43,800 euros.

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9 thoughts on “Presentation of the BMW X3: the new generation is coming in November”

  1. More athletic? In my eyes, this new edition has once again gained quite a bit of visual hip gold. The design of the brand is otherwise at an absolute standstill and the technology in the volume area is even more in decline. "Sexy" and "Driving pleasure" was yesterday or starts at BMW nowadays only from the very high catalog numbers, if not even from the M variants.

  2. Real progress would be if the PS did not exceed the IQ. No, I’m not jealous. I only find such cars embarrassing for the owner, even if he sees it differently.

  3. Could there be a special SUV tax? Excessive road use, increased consumption, more emissions. You can also use the bus lane for this. GGfs also a supplement for the driver’s license or the driving test. Many of the SUV drivers seem hopelessly overwhelmed, especially when maneuvering in and out of parking spaces or when assessing where their lane ends.

  4. Sorry BMW, you are still far behind Audi and especially Mercedes in terms of registrations in Germany and you have to sell off your SUVs with discounts of up to 23%. That’s nothing more than a facelift without the want-to-have-news-effect.

  5. I just don’t understand why this small car – and insanely pimped up on top of that – finds so many buyers: it is incredibly ugly, far too expensive and, as usual at BMW, very poorly made and extremely cheap to look at. Shaking the head. For this money there are 2-3 year old used cars that BMW can’t hold a candle to …. Seems to be important to have this key with the 3 letters in your pocket….

  6. "For this money there are 2-3 year old used cars that BMW can’t hold a candle to…."
    Isn’t it logical that the cars in this segment were 50-60% expensive 2-3 years ago, have to be better processed and use higher quality materials.
    You have to compare in the same price range. The buyers of this car do that, they’re not all stupid.

    By the way, design is a matter of taste.


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