Presentation of the first electric toyota: The design is awesome news

With the BZ4X, Toyota has now introduced its first purely battery-electric vehicle-so far he only had plug-in hybrids in his portfolio such as the RAV4 in the test video. The Japanese car manufacturer promises an extremely durable battery and a solar roof for his electric SUV, which is up to 1.Should extend 800 kilometers per year.

Toyota officially introduced the BZ4X, the Group’s first pure electric car. The BZ4X forms the starting signal for Toyota’s electric models, which are to be built under the abbreviation BZ (Beyond Zero) based on the E-TNGA electrical platform. The SUV should come with modern security systems, but thanks to an optional all -wheel drive, it is also possible to offer corresponding off -road capability.

Technical details and performance

In the version with front-wheel drive, the electric SUV has a 150 kW/204 hp electric motor that enables up to 265 Nm torque. For the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h, the BZ4X takes 8.4 seconds, the top speed is 160 km/h.

In the design with all -wheel drive, the maximum performance is 160 kW/217 hp, with a torque of 336 Nm. With 7.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, the all -wheel drive variant is just under a second faster, but here, too. Toyota promises on his website "One-pedal driving" With recuperation when braking and downhill driving.

There are no official range of range yet. According to Toyota, the battery should enable ranges of 450 to 500 kilometers with a capacity of 71.4 kWh. With an optional solar module on the roof, the E-SUV should be able to load range while driving or parking. Toyota goes from about 1.800 kilometers of additional range per year by the solar module. The charging power of 150 kW should be sufficient to charge the battery to around 80 percent in half an hour in half an hour. There is an 11 kW board loader for home or work, which should be available from the end of 2022. For the beginning, the charging power should be limited to 6.6 kW with alternating current.

Presentation of the first electric toyota: The design is awesome news-presentation
Toyota Motors Presentation of the first electric toyota: The design is awesome

Security, infotainment and price

The Toyota BZ4X is 4.96 meters long, the battery integrated in the chassis under the vehicle floor should enable a spacious interior and a good weight distribution. Toyota Safety Sense, the company’s own security system, gives the Stromer a collision warning system and one "Emergency stop assistant". The 12-inch touchscreen in the cockpit "advanced speech recognition" such as "seamless smartphone integration". With over-the-air updates, security and infotainment technology should always be kept up to date.

The price has not yet been public. The European premiere of the BZ4X is for the 2. Planned December, then online reservations should also be possible. However, there is still no starting data for delivery.

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  1. @KOpnick the financial expert?
    SOSO, the manufacturer saves 3000 €! They apparently know each other! What the manufacturer of … Pays electric cars to manufacturer bonus, there is less discount! example? According to "my car" updated daily, ID3 Max. Discount 12%, Golf VIII Max. 22%. ID3 entry -level price list 35460 €, 10% less maxilmal discount compared to Golf VIII make € 3546 less for the customer. The customer pays the environmental bonus through significantly less estate to the price. Well then, Mr. Habeck did not understand the system of commuting flat rate, thought she arrives in full with the commuter. Environmental industry and financial system are a little more different!

  2. Yes, KOpnick the financial expert
    … well informed. With the discounts, the granted, it is Ha n d l e r discounts. Perhaps you will find out about their way of working on the company homepage. Applies i.u. Also for comparable portals such as discount Her steep thesis of the "survival drug environmental bonus", which Tesla keeps alive, is & remains crap, bird crap.

  3. First (first (!) E-car from Toyota 2021!
    The message sounds like an oath of revelation. Toyota, for decades in the head-to-head race with VW around number 1 in the world, is very far back 10 years after the market entry of the electric car. Want only until 2030 – it’s almost 10 years. – bring 15 purely electric car models onto the market. After all, the focus was recognized as a wrong way to the hydrogen fuel cell drive at least for the next decades. But the catch -up is not easy. The famous Toyota-Devise really makes sense: “Say it is impossible, try it!“The relegation Toyotas is reflected I.u. also in the company value. For a long time, the authors’ author’s most valuable car brand was in the world. Toyota is currently less than a quarter of the car start-up Tesla. More so -called i net.

  4. Oh bird
    The "survival drug subsidy", which they seal Tesla, is actually a loss of profit of 3.000 € per model 3 & y, which Tesla has to be given as a manufacturer bonus so that the customer – not Tesla – 6.000 € state bonus gets. VW & Toyota save on every combustion engine 3.000 € customer environment bonus.

  5. Why SUV?
    Acelectric drive and SUV do not get along very well because the electricity consumption is simply too high. The difference between limousines and SUVs is larger in the E-area than with combustion. That makes things particularly bad. With limousines (S. Z. B. Model 3, Ionic Electric) you drive cheaper and get on. Nevertheless, the high design also seems to be enforced in electric cars. At Toyota you have no other choice (initially). It is time to introduce a special tax for all SUVs (also electrically).


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