Presentation: Porsche 911 GT2 RS with 700 PS


That’s how strong the fastest 911 of all time is

Presentation: Porsche 911 GT2 RS with 700 PS-Artega Source Artega Source Artega Source

The new Porsche 911 GT2 RS with the extra equipment Weissach package: It includes, among other things, carbon fiber on the roof and hood

Source: Porsche

The legendary Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood, England, forms the perfect backdrop for the world premiere of a very special Porsche. It could also be the last of its kind.

B.ei the supercar there is apparently no upper limit. Six years ago Lamborghini caused a sensation with the 700 hp Aventador, and a little later Ferrari followed suit with the F12 and 740 hp, which in turn is being replaced by the 812 Superfast with 800 hp. In the meantime, however, twelve-cylinders are no longer required for such fabulous values: Ferrari itself has the 488 at the start (V8, 670 hp), McLaren the 720S (V8, 720 hp), and now Porsche is coming with the most powerful series 911 of all time: the new one 911 GT2 RS develops 700 hp.

Premiere at the hill climb

Whereby this power output at Porsche Particularly noteworthy is that the 700 hp are squeezed out of a 3.8-liter six-cylinder engine. The new mega-911 is “a beast”, says former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber, who is now a brand ambassador at Porsche.

We are at the Goodwood Race Circuit, and right next door on this first weekend in July 2017 is the Festival of Speed, the high fair for sports car enthusiasts that the enterprising and car-loving Lord March celebrates every year. The central point of the program is the Hill Climb, a time trial over a very short uphill stretch, and this is where the GT2 RS will also go public for the first time. It will take less than a minute.

Presentation: Porsche 911 GT2 RS with 700 PS-Source Artega Source Artega Source

The 911 GT2 RS is street legal, but its future owners will no doubt often drive it on the racetrack

Source: Porsche

Of course, the set-up runs on the Nurburgring’s Nordschleife took up more time. He wasn’t involved in that, says Webber, but he was happy to give his opinion during the final test drives. “They have such good engineers, they can do it without me. But I was hoping they would call me so I could drive and they did. "

In the last three years of his career, Webber has driven for the World Endurance Championship in a Porsche 919 Hybrid, and he has won it once. In addition, nine Grand Prix victories adorn his resume – the question is whether someone like him really still has fun in a production car. In any case, Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton once said to the “world” that “nothing is comparable to a Formula 1 car”.

At top speed at Formula 1 level

Yes, says Webber, that’s true. “A Formula 1 car or the 919 Hybrid, you can compare them to a jet fighter. But if you fly a normal business jet, it’s a great experience. And it’s fast too. ”At its absolute top speed, the new production Porsche doesn’t have to hide from a Le Mans or Formula 1 racing car: 340 km / h. And the seating position is also very close to the racing car ideal. “With many cars you have the feeling that you are sitting on them and not in them. It’s different with a Porsche, so you have a very deep line of sight, and that’s comparable to a formula car. "

Otherwise, however, Webber appreciates that the car is absolutely suitable for everyday use and that it can be equipped with a navigation system, air conditioning and other amenities. To the delight of the manufacturer, Mark Webber already owned a couple of Porsches before he signed his driver contract there, and he paid attention to sensible comfort equipment in all extreme models.

Presentation: Porsche 911 GT2 RS with 700 PS-Source Artega Source Artega Source

A huge rear wing is the hallmark of the most powerful production 911 of all time. The engine under the spoiler has an output of 700 hp

Source: Porsche

Right, these are concerns at the highest level, but at this level there are also people who have automotive needs. Or torment yourself with the question of whether you should rather drive a GT3 RS (new to be released soon) or a GT2 RS. One with a naturally aspirated engine and not quite as much power, the other with a twin turbo and everything that works – in contrast to the normal 911 Turbo, the GT2 RS manages without all-wheel drive. Both versions of the RS are monstrous in their own way, both extreme, and extremely expensive too. The new GT2 RS is not available for less than 285,420 euros.

What is missing from this information, however, is the addition that the car has already been sold out, as is often the case with special Porsches. "We are not limiting the GT2 RS, however," says Porsche boss Oliver Blume, the only natural limit is the production capacity – but he does not want to say how high that is.

Titanium exhaust and ceramic brakes

A few other dates, on the other hand, are no secret. The new GT2 RS comes with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission, titanium exhaust and ceramic brakes as standard, weighs just 1470 kilograms when fully fueled, delivers 750 Nm of torque at 2500 to 4500 rpm and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds. This is also possible because it stands on the widest wheels that a Porsche 911 has ever worn as standard: 20-inch rims with 265/35 tires are fitted at the front, 21-inch rims with 325/30 tires at the rear the wheel arches are completely made up to a few millimeters. It would be a miracle if tuners could do anything about it.

If the GT2 RS is not enough for you, you can order the Weissach package. Named after the location of the Porsche development department, this extra collection adds even more racing car details to the GT2 RS. The roof and parts of the wheel suspension are made of carbon, the wheels are made of magnesium, and this effort reduces the weight of the car by a further 30 kilograms.

Presentation: Porsche 911 GT2 RS with 700 PS-Source Artega Source Artega Source

The top 911 can reach 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds, and its forward thrust only comes to an end at 340 km / h

Source: Porsche

Anyone who spends almost 300,000 euros on a sports car also takes such at first glance inconspicuous details seriously (and everyone else tries to pick up a 30-kilo sandbag). In any case, the Weissach edition of the 918 Spyder, which has long since been sold out over-car with hybrid drive, has sold much better than the Porsche management had expected.

Incidentally, the existence of one or more RS models does not speak against Porsche‘s overall strategy, which relies heavily on electrification of the drive train. Oliver Blume sees the business of the future as being based on three pillars. “First, the puristic sports models, second, the plug-in hybrid models and third, the purely electric sports cars.” So Porsches that have the abbreviation RS in their names will never be electrified? “Nobody knows what will be in ten years,” says the boss – although of course he has an idea of ​​the near future that he does not share with everyone.

Hybrid RS not excluded

In any case, Blume’s answer can be understood to mean that nothing is ruled out at Porsche, not even a GT2 RS or GT3 RS with an electrified drive train. Although the new GT2 RS doesn’t need a lot of sales aid, one would like to call out to the wealthy among car enthusiasts: Better buy it immediately, then it really only runs on gasoline.

The trip to the presentation of the 911 GT2 RS was supported by Porsche. You can find our standards of transparency and journalistic independence at

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  1. Ok, all the outside ruffle will be necessary to drive fast. But it makes the 911 ugly like the night. It’s horrific anyway what has become of the 911 in the last two decades …

  2. I’m a fan of many PS, loud engines, a lot of cubic capacity and fuel consumption that every petrol station will be happy about, but (!) I also have to say that the GT2 RS is now too much of a good thing. In the meantime, too much emphasis is placed on gaining so much power from too little displacement. Sure, you can say: "Take a look at what today’s technology can do", but do you really need that? Isn’t a GT-R35 enough to heat the motorway at almost 300km / h? For me as a normal consumer, a small RS3 with its is enough "sweet" 340PS. You can kill yourself with just 60 HP…

  3. "What do you want on our roads with 700 hp??"
    700PS is required for very good acceleration or very high top speed, as the air resistance increases exponentially with the speed. A fraction of the power is sufficient to swim along in traffic, i.e. only to overcome the force of air resistance and rolling friction.
    700 HP is only the maximum power that the rotary piston engine can deliver in this vehicle, which does not mean that the rotary piston engine has to constantly provide 700 HP.
    If it calms you down, there are also other street legal vehicles on the market, so that every citizen can buy his dream model according to his needs.

  4. PS you can’t have enough.
    And the faster you drive over the potholes, the less time the dampers have to rebound due to the inertia.

  5. Well, not at all. One of the few cars that survived decades in the same shape, which speaks a lot for the shape and little for your taste!

  6. According to the motto: Fahr’ste queer see more. 😉
    Honestly ?
    For me, everything from 200 hp only as a 4 x 4, I’m depraved and decadent.


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