Presentation: Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Edition


A quarter of a million for Porsche’s gold piece

Presentation: Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Edition-Porsche makes Panamera super racer

Gold-black racer: The Exclusive Edition of the Porsche 911 Turbo S looks as expensive as it is

Source: Porsche

Porsche is bringing the 911 Turbo S to dealers as a limited Exclusive Edition. The car impresses with its golden yellow paint, refinement by hand, more performance – and a hefty surcharge.

E.Something is still possible – especially with a 911. According to this motto, Porsche is now handing the 911 Turbo S once again and is also offering the top model of the sports car family as an Exclusive Series.

You can take the word “hand” literally. Because the small series is actually refined by hand by the factory. It is limited to 500 copies, the cars will be on sale these days.

The Exclusive Series differs from the normal Turbo-S with golden yellow paint, new attachments made of carbon and special 20-inch wheels, which are also kept in black and yellow. This color pattern also runs through the inside, the leather upholstery on the seats and the Alcantara headliner are kept in the same colors.

25 percent additional price for the exclusivity

But Porsche wouldn’t be Porsche if it weren’t for a bit more power in addition to all the luxury: The 3.8-liter six-cylinder turbo in the rear is therefore given a power kit and increases from 580 to 607 hp. The maximum torque is then 750 Newton meters, which is otherwise only achieved in overboost mode.

The driving performance, however, does not change: the “Exclusive Series” needs from zero to 100“2.9 seconds, the top speed is 330 kilometers per hour. The standard consumption is also unchanged at 9.2 liters. So much exclusivity has its price: Porsche sells a proud 25 percent for manual work and charges 259,992 euros for the special model.

Speaking of bags and cutters: As an extra, Porsche offers a custom-made luggage set. A chronograph that was specially and exclusively designed for the car by Porsche Design would also be on offer. However, these trivialities need to be also have to be paid extra – and drive the price up by a further 15,000 euros.

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  1. Porsche builds good cars. Without doubt. But how much they squeeze out, moneywise, that’s amazing. I’m curious how long this will go well. At some point this hype will also stop. And then hopefully it will be again "normal" Give prizes.
    I prefer to look elsewhere now. Now that I’ve driven a grand sport test – hey, Porsche, you have one less buyer.


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