Preview: These are the new cars for 2010


These are the new cars for 2010

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-these

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The Audi A1 should compete with the BMW Mini in the coming year. The A1 Sportback Concept study provides a glimpse.

Source: Audi

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-2010

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‘Giulietta’ instead of ‘Milano’: the compact Alfa is called like a classic of the brand, instead of being named after its hometown. He will compete in the golf class in spring 2010.

Source: Alfa Romeo

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-These best cars 2012 year

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Audi is consistently pursuing the path of differentiating its range of products. Based on this concept car, the A7, as a coupe variant of the A6, will appeal to design-oriented buyersturn.

Source: Audi

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-cars

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Without chief designer Chris Bangle, BMW is again building cars for mass tastes. So the new 5 Series is much more classic in the spring than before.

Source: BMW

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-2010

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The classic British look is a thing of the past at Jaguar: The luxury XJ sedan lets the focus on design dynamics.

Source: Jaguar

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-These best cars 2012 year

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The new Volvo S60 says goodbye to the typical box design. The limousine relies on flowing lines. Market opening: spring.

Source: Volvo

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-these

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Saab’s future is still uncertain, but the upper middle class 9-5 is already in the starting blocks.

Source: Saab

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-these

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With two versions – a short and a long one – the Ford C-Max competes in the competitive compact van segment.

Source: Ford

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-2010

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The highlight of the new Opel Meriva are the rear-hinged doors that already adorn the study shown here.

Source: Opel

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-These best cars 2012 year

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VW is already carrying out the first tests of the hybrid drive under the sheet metal cover of the current Touareg generation. The savings drive can only be bought with the new model.

Source: VW

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-preview

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The Audi A8 finally wants to overtake its long-term competitor BMW 7 Series and catch up with the bestselling Mercedes S-Class from spring onwards. Above all, the chic design should help.

Source: Audi

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-preview

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The finest materials, a beefy V8 engine and a body partly made of aluminum characterize the Bentley Mulsanne. It follows the Arnage, who is still based on Rolls-Royce technology based.

Source: Bentley

Preview: These are the new cars for 2010-These best cars 2012 year

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The Aston Martin Rapide will compete against competitors such as the Porsche Panamera from autumn 2010.

Source: Aston Martin

Numerous new models across all car classes should inspire German drivers in the first year after the scrapping bonus. Domestic manufacturers in particular fueled the competition in 2010. WELT ONLINE presents the most important innovations from small cars to luxury limousines.

A.breaking was yesterday. In spite of this, or perhaps precisely because of this, the manufacturers are rolling up their sleeves in 2010 and bringing plenty of new cars. The coming year promises a lot of exciting things from small cars to luxury limousines, especially from Germany.

When it comes to small cars, Audi’s return to the city car class will cause a stir. From the middle of next year, the small Audi A1 wants to be in the Mini’s territory poaching from BMW. This should succeed with revamped technology from its sister model, the Polo, as well as a design in the dynamic style of the brand. An economic flop like the long-discontinued model A2, which was technically outstanding but took some getting used to visually, should not be repeated.

But also competitor Mini does not remain idle. In summer, the SUV version Colorado complements the range of the small lifestyle car family. The hallmarks are a raised body and add-on parts in an off-road look. All-wheel drive, on the other hand, is not part of the standard equipment, but all engine versions are also available with front-wheel drive.

A second batch of new small car models will arrive at dealerships towards the end of 2010: the new generations of Fiat Panda and Toyota Yaris as well as the Lancia Deltina, which will replace the current model Ypsilon, are expected. VW is also bringing the notchback version of the Polo onto the market, but traditionally there is little demand for it in Germany.

In the compact class comes the Ford Focus after VW Golf and Opel Astra also the third in the league of big sales in the new generation on the market. The model developed for the global market will make its debut at the auto show in Detroit, USA, at the beginning of the year, but it will not be available from German dealers until the fall.

After the premiere of the five-door Astra, the station wagon version is just around the corner at Opel. This trades instead of "Caravan" in future as "Sports Tourer", what a designer station wagon that is not primarily interested in maximum loading volume can expect.

Starting in spring, the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta will target the special taste more than the average consumer. The successor to the Alfa 147 relies on Italian chic with round headlights and retro elements on the body. The economical and powerful multi-air engine with variable valve control should also attract buyers.

At around the same time, VW is completing its compact family, which has been renewed in recent months, with the Jetta notchback sedan. The new Citroen C4 is also expected for the middle of the year.

There are numerous innovations in the middle class of automobiles. The all-new bestseller VW Passat will hit the market this summer. With the dimensions almost unchanged, the chassis and noise insulation in particular are said to have been improved. The design of the middle graders is adapted to the new brand face known from golf. Market opening is in summer.

The new BMW 5 Series is already a class higher at dealerships in spring: the notchback model turns away from the polarizing design of its predecessor and appears as a well-proportioned sedan with a long bonnet and calm lines. Shortly after the market launch, he meets one of his main competitors, the new Audi A6, which will be available as a classic sedan and station wagon. As a harbinger of the Ingolstadt business class, the Coupe A7 will be launched in spring, which offers a particularly sporty look on the same technical basis.

In autumn the competition starts in the form of the new edition of the great father of all four-door coupes: Mercedes CLS. In general: Coupe elements are also becoming more and more popular in representative sedans, as the new Jaguar XJ and the Aston Martin Rapide will show.

The new vans and SUVs are aimed more at families than at bosses and sales travelers. With the next generation of the VW Sharan, one of the classics among the large family carriages is coming in spring. Significantly increased dimensions and side sliding doors are intended to increase the space and utility again. Shortly after the Wolfsburg, the sister model Seat Alhambra vies for customers.

Ford holds against it in the spring with the Grand C-Max, a seven-seater long version of the compact van C-Max, which is expected at the same time. Opel competes in the space glider class with the Meriva mini-van, which has rear doors that open in opposite directions and is supposed to offer a new type of seating concept.

Even if the boom in compact off-road vehicles has subsided slightly in the year that is drawing to a close, two particularly successful models are celebrating their new edition in 2010. The Porsche Cayenne and its sister model VW Touareg. The hybrid drive, which is being offered for the first time, will then ensure lower consumption in the luxury all-wheel drive. The new generation of the BMW X3 will also be launched at the end of the year, and above all it should have a more balanced chassis.

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