Price development, demand and residual value: you only burn money with electric cars?

Price development, demand and residual value

You only burn money with electric cars?

Price development, demand and residual value: you only burn money with electric cars?-price
Cash striker or shopkeeper?: Cost development in electric cars

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

BMW i3, Opel Ampera, VW e-up: The number of electric cars is growing. But what about the resale value? Despite falling prices, Stromer are still shopkeepers – but there are big differences.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More info The message was a bang for the electrical world: As part of its 2013 annual balance sheet, the Daimler Group had to grant 174 million euros in the area of the "alternative drives", after 51 million euros in the previous year. "The value adjustments were necessary because the economic success of electromobility is with high uncertainties", said CFO Bodo Uebber. The goal of one million electric cars on German roads seems to be a tough nut: The federal government steadfastly states that a seven -digit number of stromers should drive on German roads by 2020. Currently, cars with alternative drives make up only 1.5 percent of the entire fleet, including hardly any e-vehicles. In February, for example, according to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, just 481 electric cars were approved.

Price development, demand and residual value: you only burn money with electric cars?-residual

What are good for e-cars?

Our PDF guide Explain what you need to know about reach when buying an electric car and loading time.

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BMW i3 in the practical test: never again gasoline and yet full throttle?

Price development, demand and residual value: you only burn money with electric cars?-demand

Site Clickdown BMW i3: BMW i3 in the practical test: never again gasoline and still full throttle again?

The technology is not yet mature?

Of all things, Germany’s largest car manufacturer apparently still strikes the electricians massive skepticism. Volkswagen Group patriarch Ferdinand Piech tackled with a statement about Tesla: he wanted "no cars that are burning," he said, alluding to two incidents with burning batteries at the Tesla Model S . In view of the fact that the Volkswagen subsidiary Porsche just had to call back its prestige athlete GT3 for fire and 2.6 million cars of various group brands were called in the workshops the year before, this statement for a gifted engineer like Piech is quite embarrassing. After all, VW is now launching the electric golf, Tesla runs after it-and tries to win plug-in hybrid customers with the interim solution.

At least it is certain: with an electric car you actually burn something. Namely a lot of money. There is no direct purchase incentives in Germany, a four -seater Stromer like the BMW i3 costs as much as a mid -range car and in practice there is barely 100 kilometers under certain circumstances. From an economic point of view, the switch from an economical diesel car falls hard to a Stromer. The interest in alternative drives is enormous, as the huge demand for test drives in the i3 shows. But whether you actually exchanged your petrol slide for a Stromer depends not only on commercial customers on the questions: How much do I actually save in everyday life? And I get the car going again as used?

416-electric horsepower: hunting Porsche with electricity

Price development, demand and residual value: you only burn money with electric cars?-residual

Site Tesla Model S in the first video test: 416-electric horsepower: hunting Porsche with electricity

Everything about electromobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.

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14 thoughts on “Price development, demand and residual value: you only burn money with electric cars?”

  1. E-car
    The electrical promotion does not apply to the only reasonable electric car – the Twizy, the 3 … The electrical promotion does not apply to the only reasonable electric car – the Twizy, which is managed as a quad and is therefore not promoted. Otherwise I would have got a new one immediately (had a 3 years). Then stop the zoe – but no, it cost just before the funding 16.500 and as the funding came over 20 suddenly.000 € – as much more as the funding would have brought – I can falculate myself. In addition, I saw in the third year that the reach of the battery had dropped by more than 30%, only Renault said after measuring the cell tension (which does not say anything about the remaining capacity), the battery would be flawless. I would have preferred to let the manager responsible run the difference of the route that the Twizy no longer reached.

  2. Electric toy
    The battery car will not bring more than a lifestyle article. For the mass production of the battery alone, tons of rare metals and minerals are consumed (silicon, Coltan ores like Niob, Tantal, etc.) And in countries that are permanently peeing on the leg in Germany, z. B. Russia and China!. And how does the electrocarre drive in the cold winter at minus 10 degrees? An everyday e-car for Otto-Norman consumers is only available as a hybrid or with fuel cell! Oh and in the commercial vehicle sector including construction machinery there is no alternative to diesel anyway. And you know that a container ship consumes about 30 tons of diesel in an hour? An entire saddle coach load!

  3. Tesla has all the year
    No cent earned yet. On the contrary, the company burns money year after year, last year it was at 4.0 billion sales 875 million. So success looks different. In order to make money, every more than 20% more expensive would have to be sold. The company lives from the principle of hope that they will earn money at some point and then they need years to wear the loss presentation. Basic prerequisite for environmental compatibility is that the electricity is generated without the help of thermal power plants, the problem is when you do without atom, there is no solution on how to.B Solar power in the required quantities can save economically for days or even weeks. The technology for cars is the smallest problem.

  4. Federal Government Unzangerrit, bar of every expertise
    The car bosses were right not to rely on electric cars, but then let Angie be chatting. How stupid you have to be to trust a woman who has been single -handedly from pure opportunism, which has caused the best energy disposal industry in the world and caused wilky false allocations of Resoucen? First the German electricity has highly subsidized the Chinese solar industry and now we pay penalty fees for electricity surpluses that nobody wants

  5. nonsense
    When you see where Google is already standing. If the self -driving electric car launched so successfully in 5 years, then it gets really bad for the electro water and for our auto industry.

  6. Avarice is cool !
    Nowadays that is the guideline, the guideline after which everyone act. Why then represent and debate these high -priced vehicles again and again. For many many people (students at the place of residence, students over 18, older fellow citizens who only drive in the city or to the doctor in their area, people with a house and garage and a photovoltaic system on the roof who create this storm themselves and still For self-serving money from the EVU get for self-used electricity !!, Doctors and nursing staff who have to visit their customers etc. etc.) Such cheaper e-cars would be a blessing, because they don’t cost the world !! See below "Meeting point future" or "" or "Renault Twizy" etc. If you are honest: who needs expensive ones.

  7. I see no reason
    to add an electric car to me. The available models are neither visually attractive (the usual porridge in design), nor is it particularly inexpensive, nor is it particularly cheap in operation and not particularly environmentally friendly towards my diesel SUV. The electricity costs for 100 km are already higher in some models than for a comparable diesel, not to mention the acquisition costs. And by switching off the nuclear power plant, the proportion of coal current in the electricity mix increases rapidly. What the car saves CO2 comes from the chimney for the charging current in the power plant and is generated in the production of the elaborate battery. In this respect, the electric car is nothing more than a toy for people with too much money and the misconception that they could do something for the environment.

  8. Status report Nissan Leaf
    We have the Leaf for 2.5 years. 43.000 km without any problem (better than our BMW). 4.300 liters of petrol not fueled. Electricity usually comes from your own roof. According to our Nissan dealer, at least 6 Leaf with over 300 is now running in the United States.000 km on the first battery !!! Where is the problem?

  9. The problem…
    … Is in the minds of the people who have never driven an electric car. Hardly anyone can imagine how the things go off!

  10. About most ignorant comments here…
    I can only shake my head and. Behind it the mineral oil lobby suspect! The production of electricity from wind u. Sun is getting cheaper every day, a socket can be found in every Mongolian mountain village (in contrast to a petrol petrol station!) U. A Teslas with the luxury of a Maybach u. The 100km for approx. 3 € (DT. Current prices!), does not require any space -eating wearing parts such as gearbox, exhaust system, etc.! It is a mystery to me like someone who buys a vehicle in this price range, a large Mercedes O.a., this quantum leap of technology can still prefer today! But, Speaking of ignorance: When I asked Mr. Drager (Board BMW-E-Mobility) in 2013 on Lithium-Air technology, he looked like a Twingo u. Stammed what of lithium ions!

  11. Mr. Trautmann
    Everything is below. But if you have no idea about electrical engineering, then of course it will be difficult. You expect the additional consumption of energy and on top of that with the theoretically produced amount per day. But that doesn’t help the battery at all! They need electricity at the time of the cargo. If you don’t understand that, then I can’t help you either.

  12. Overtake?
    Oh, Wally, hahaha! Overtaking me in my i3… Would be the first one this year! Hahaha! Oh right! Electric cars accelerate slowly! Therefore, the manufacturers rely on electric motors at the 24 hours racing 24 hours… I hope it doesn’t mess up your worldview!


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